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The "Search for the Seventh Toa on Cartoon Network" Sweepstakes was a sweepstakes held by Cartoon Network's Toonami block that began on Friday, September 26, 2003 and ended on Friday, October 17, 2003. To enter, participants were instructed to watch the Toonami broadcast, from 5:00-7:00 PM, on two successive Fridays (October 10th and October 17th) and call the toll-free number given during commercial breaks. Each week 250 2nd prize winners were selected at random from the pool of entrants and received a LEGO First Wave Rahkshi toy. On October 17th, 1 grand prize winner was also chosen at random from the pool of entrants and received a Platinum Mask of Light, among other prizes.[1]


  • 1 grand prize winner received:
    • 1 Platinum Mask of Light
    • 1 Magnavox 36" television
    • 1 Magnavox Progressive Scan DVD player
    • 1 LEGO® prize pack, which included: 6 Rahkshi toys, 1 Makuta action figure, 1 Takanuva action figure, 1 Takua and Pewku action figure, 1 Jaller & Guuko action figure, 6 Toa Nuva toys, 6 Bohrock KAL toys, 6 Matoran toys, 1 Kraata package
    • 1 BIONICLE prize pack, which included: 1 BIONICLE DVD, 1 BIONICLE PlayStation 2 game, 3 BIONICLE books, 1 pair of Nike BIONICLE athletic shoes, 1 BIONICLE watch, 1 BIONICLE clock, 1 BIONICLE toothbrush, 1 BIONICLE board game, 6 BIONICLE pens
  • 500 2nd prize winners (250 per week) received 1 LEGO First Wave Rahkshi toy.


  • This sweepstakes was sponsored by LEGO.[1]
  • This sweepstakes was open to all legal residents of the United States, over the age of 7, except residents of Florida.[1]
  • The approximate market value (AMV) of the grand prize was $8,230.26.[1]
  • An 11-year-old Santa Rosa, California boy, Chase Koches, was the grand prize winner of the sweepstakes.[2]
    • In 2014, the mask was sold on eBay for $15,000.[2]
  • A year before this sweepstakes a similar CN sweepstakes (non-Toonami) titled the "BIONICLE Toa Nuva" Sweepstakes offered a solid gold Kanohi mask and other assorted Bionicle merchandise as the grand prize.[3]



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