Alpaca Alien: Pacalien is a 4-part Japanese short film created by animator, Toshiko Hata, in cooperation with Production IG USA. The film uses stop motion puppet animation with voice-over provided by actor Takumi Saitoh. Alpaca Alien: PACALIEN is a short version of the film PACALIEN, also created by Hata, that premiered at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2017 and was also showcased in the cinema TEC! program at Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA 2017, winning the Spotlight Award.[3][4]

The 4-part short film premiered on Adult Swim's Toonami block on May 19, 2018, during commercial breaks.[1] The film also aired on Toonami on one other occasion: June 2, 2018, during commercial breaks.[2]


Part 1Edit

Romeros is an alien investigator who looks like an alpaca. When he lands on Earth, he finds his spaceship damaged and becomes disconnected with his planet. He arrives on a mountain where a person wearing a weird mask is waiting for him.

Part 2Edit

Romeros is being held prisoner by the masked man, who is preparing to make Romeros into a meal. Romeros steals the key to his restraints and escapes from the masked man, but not before adding a "special ingredient" to the masked man's cooking pot.

Part 3Edit

Romeros is corned on a cliff by the masked man so he uses his secret weapon, a pill that makes his muscles grow exponentially. The masked man is intimidated to the point that he drops his knife, until it begins to rain and Romeros shrinks back to his normal size. After which, the masked man easily tosses Romeros through a rock face.

Part 4Edit

Romeros is being chased through a forest by the masked man and two bats, but he has to stop to pee. His pursuers sneak up on him as he urinates, causing him to spray one of the bats out of surprise, melting it. The masked man then lunges at Romeros with two machetes, but slips in the pee, landing face first in the puddle. The masked man writhes in agony as his face is melted off by the urine.


Toonami Broadcast HistoryEdit

  • May 19, 2018[1]
  • June 2, 2018[2]


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