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Series Overview

Color Season Episodes U.S. Season Premiere U.S. Season Finale
1 52 February 24, 2008 February 28, 2009

Season 1 (2007-2008)


Episode Title

Japanese Airdate

English Airdate

01 "Bakugan: The Battle Begins" April 5, 2007 February 24, 2008
The Bakugan, Dragonoid, who will soon become Dan's closest ally, begins to explain the origins of Bakugan and the Dimension of Vestroia. His quest is to find Naga who holds the key to power in the two parallel universes, Earth and Vestroia. Drago must eliminate Naga if he hopes to restore order. But Naga has absorbed incredible amounts of energy and may be too powerful to defeat!
02 "Masquerade Ball" April 11, 2007 February 24, 2008
It seems a very gifted and mysterious Bakugan player named Masquerade has been stealing Bakugans from kids all around the world. When Dan hears about this through his friends on the web, he decides to put an end to it and challenges Masquerade to a battle. The two meet up and the fight is on! But Masquerade has a secret weapon called a Doom Card, which sends its opponent to its final demise. Dan loses twice and if he loses again, his Bakugan, Dragonoid will be lost forever!
03 "A Feud Between Friends" April 18, 2007 March 7, 2008
Masquerade teams up with a young Bakugan player named Rikimaru by offering him a very special Bakugan. Across town Dan begins training for his rematch with Masquerade. Drago is still unsure of Dan's motives but decides to team up with him in the hope that he can help save Vestroia, the home of the Bakugans. On the verge of defeat with Rikimaru, Drago decides to ignore Dan's orders and uses a dangerous technique to save himself and win the battle. Insulted and angry, Dan curses the day he ever met Drago and throws him into the river!
04 "Dan and Drago" April 25, 2007 March 15, 2008
Dan is having a hard time without Drago around. He causes a school friend named Ryo to drop his computer, and runs off guiltily, leaving Ryo feeling hurt. Later, Masquerade takes advantage of Ryo's hurt feelings and convinces him to battle Dan. Ryo challenges Dan to a brawl and wins! Dan finds Drago, they make peace with each other and Dan attempts to reconcile with Ryo. But he is still under Masquerade's influence, and a second battle is on! Dan is able to beat Ryo, but not easily. In the end Dan breaks Masquerade's influence over Ryo. But we haven't seen the last of Masquerade!
05 "Runo Rules" May 3, 2007 March 22, 2008
Dan and Runo meet for the first time other than on the Bakugan website and are surprised that they actually live in the same town! Dan accidentally drops his wrist computer, and after he is gone, Runo notices it and picks it up. She sees that Dan has been challenged to a battle by Masquerade down by the river. She decides to go in his place, but ends up dueling against a boy named Tatsuya.
06 "A Combination Battle" May 10, 2007 March 29, 2008
While at an amusement park Dan and Runo are invited on stage to assist two brothers performing a magic act. Dan is offered to pick a card and things go from bad to worse when his choice is revealed to be a Doom Card! It just so happens that the brothers are working with the mysterious Masquerade and they trick Dan and Runo into a battle.
07 "Bakugan Idol" May 17, 2007 April 5, 2008
Marucho reveals that he has secretly moved into Dan's neighbourhood and throws an elaborate welcoming bash. Elsewhere, the famous pop band duo, Jenny and Jewls are approached by Masquerade who makes them a business offer they can't refuse. The pair crash Marucho's welcoming party and face off against the Bakugan Brawlers.
08 "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" May 24, 2007 April 12, 2008
Dan and Marucho are pitted against the two pop star princesses, Jenny and Jewls, who have been recruited by Masquerade to help destroy every Bakugan that exists. After a narrow victory, Drago tells the Brawlers the tale of how the Bakugans came to earth and reveals that a human has crossed over to the Bakugan dimension of Vestroia.
09 "Fight or Flight!" May 31, 2007 April 19, 2008
Masquerade manipulates two boys, Kosuke and Takashi, into using his Doom cards against the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He promises to reunite their friend Ai with her brother if they help him. Wanting to help their friend, they take the bait and soon run into Runo and Marucho who are at the airport to pick up their Website pal Alice. Luckily Alice is skilled in the finer points of combination battle, and coaches her friends to victory. But Alice is fighting her own battle she has a dark secret that will affect the future of her friends!
10 "A Perfect Match" June 7, 2007 April 26, 2008
Julie and her childhood friend Billy go toe-to-toe in a Bakugan Battle. Although Julie is defeated by Billy, she is impressed with his skill level and his Bakugan Cycloid. They make a great team and Julie desperately wishes that she could also befriend a talking Bakugan. Later, when Julie really admits to herself how lonely she is, the Bakugan Gorem appears to her. The two seem destined to be together!
11 "Grandpa's Got a Brand New Bakugan" June 14, 2007 May 3, 2008
Marucho and Runo realize that the combined strength of the Battle Brawlers doesn't match up to Masquerade's power. Without Dan's knowledge, they visit Shun to try and convince him to join the team. Shun's Grandpa tries to send them away but Shun challenges them to a Brawl. If Marucho and Runo beat him, then he'll join. If not, he walks away.
12 "Bakugan Stall" June 21, 2007 May 10, 2008
Alice realizes that she may have a connection to the mysterious Hal-G, but can't get up the courage to tell the rest of the Brawlers. Meanwhile Dan recalls the last battle that he had with Shun and we discover why Shun decided to leave the game for good. Shuns' mother gives him a very special Bakugan Skyress, to watch over him.
13 "Just for the Shun of it" June 28, 2007 May 17, 2008
Masquerade has been destroying kids' Bakugans all over the world and the Brawlers need to put a stop to it. Reluctantly, Dan joins Runo and Marucho in another attempt to recruit Shun. When they arrive at Shun's home, Masquerade is already there! They can't believe that Shun is on Masquerade's side. Dan accepts the challenge of a battle and together with his Bakugan Drago, goes up against Shun and Masquerade. Will Shun send Drago to the doom dimension or will his old friendship with Dan convince him to turn on Masquerade?
14 "The Story of Vestroia" July 5, 2007 May 24, 2008
Lured by an invitation to celebrate their world class rankings, five of the top ten Bakugan players gather at a mysterious mansion. There they meet Masquerade and the evil Bakugan Naga. They are put under a spell to take Dan and the other Battle Brawlers out of the picture. Meanwhile, Alice confesses that she believes her grandfather Michael had something to do with the destruction of Vestroia. The brawlers decide to visit Dr. Michael's lab and find evidence of what happened to him. But there are still many unanswered questions.
15 "A Duel in the Desert" July 12, 2007 May 31, 2008
Dan and his friends head off to the middle of nowhere to visit Julie who lives near the Bakugan Valley. Rumor has it that this is the place where the Infinity Core is. Our heroes want to find it and figure out what they can do to stop the Core from spreading it's evil power around the world. In essence, shut down Hal-G and Masquerade and ultimately Naga. After a short trek, they find it, but before they can continue their investigation, they meet up with Julie's friends Billy and Komba. These two challenge the Brawlers to a battle. The twist is, both Billy and Komba are aligned with Masquerade and they want to send the Brawlers' Bakugan to the Doom Dimenison. The battle heats up as Shun and Julie enter the battle. Both Billy and Komba are ace Bakugan players with incredible gaming skills and it looks like they're about to take the victory, when, Shun sacrifies his Fairy Bakugan to save Julie's Golem and win the battle.
16 "No Guts - No Glory" July 19, 2007 June 7, 2008
While the Bakugan Battle Brawlers desperately try to search for the Infinity Core in BakuganValley they can't help but feel sorry for their team mate Julie. She discovered that her childhood friend Billy had joined up with Masquerade and the news devastates her. However, Shun has other things on his mind. He believes that someone close to the brawlers may be a spy and they are feeding information to Masquerade. So he sets a trap to test his theory and he lures Chan Lee, one of Masquerade's gang out into the open. Chan Lee is the third best Bakugan player in the world and she challenges Dan to a battle. They fight a fierce match but in the end Dan and Drago are victorious. The team is elated over Dan's win but Shun realizes he was right about a spy being in their camp all along. It turns out he's a mysterious figure who runs the brawlers website who goes by the name of Webmaster Joe.
17 "B.F.F. - Best Friends Forever" July 26, 2007 June 14, 2008
We briefly meet Klaus Von Herzon, the number two world ranked Bakugan player. He collects Bakugan, and obviously has his eye on Marucho's Bakugan, Preyus. Meanwhile, our heroes are exhausted from searching for the Infinity Core and are disheartened by their lack of success. Marucho and Preyus whip up a quick meal, which picks up everyone's spirits. Dan suggests asking for info on the Infinity Core on their website, despite the risk. Everyone eventually agrees, and soon they have a lead! They all fly to Germany and wind up in a huge castle, which belongs to none other than Klaus Von Herzon! Klaus challenges Marucho and Preyus to a Brawl, holding the Infinity Core for ransom. It turns out Klaus is working for Masquerade, and a long Battle culminates in Preyus being sent to the Doom dimension! Marucho is shattered at the loss of his friend and we are left seeing Preyus floating in the void of the Doom Dimension.
18 "Evolution Revolution!" August 2, 2007 June 21, 2008
Runo and Marucho were chasing Klaus through the castle when they mysteriously found themselves in a strange wing. After searching around, they discover a computer in the dungeon that takes them to a strange hi-tech control room. All over the walls are digital displays of rankings of all Bakugan players throughout the world. And then...poof! Without warning, Runo and Marucho are facing off against Masquerade's muscleman Julio in battle! Dan realizes that Runo isn't strong enough to take on Masquerade's minion by herself, so he joins the battle. It rages on with Julio easily outpowering them. The situation is desperate and it isn't until Drago starts his 'evolution process' that they tie the score and eventually win. Now the Brawlers are on a quest to evolve one of their Bakugan before Masquerade finds the Infinity Core or it's all over!!
19 "Julie Plays Hard Brawl" August 9, 2007 June 28, 2008
Dan, restless for action, loses his cool at a brunch meeting when he tries to grill a distraught Marucho about Masquerade's secret hideout location. Runo tries chilling the situation but her jealousy over Julie ends up getting in the way, isolating herself and forcing Dan and Julie to go it alone to find Billy a childhood friend of Julie's who's under Masquerade's control. The trail leads to Germany where Julie insists on battling Billy solo, much to Dan's disapproval. But Dan eases off when he sees Julie's mad skills appears to be giving her the upper hand. But of course, killer looks are deceiving and it turns out to be a dirty set up, one that nearly sends Julie into the Doom Dimension. Luckily Julie has her own game plan, proving that winning isn't everything when loosing a friend is at stake.
20 "A Little Help from my Friends!" August 16, 2007 July 12, 2008
Dan and his pals are flying into the Bakugan Valley to continue their quest for the Infinity Core when Dan pushes his weight around a little too much and everyone gets upset with him...especially Runo and Shun. In fact, Shun has had enough of Dan and decides to leave, believing he's better off as a lone gun in his attempt to seek out and destroy Masquerade. As Shun ventures away from our heroes, Alice catches up to him. She's worried. But before she can convince him to return to the others, Shun is confronted by Komba, a cocky little kid who's been recruited by Masquerade. Komba challenges Shun to a battle. At first, Shun is simply annoyed, but then decides to take the wanna-be Brawler on. In no time Shun beats him soundly and just as the battle ends, Dan shows up to apologize to Shun for being such a hot head. In the end, Shun and Dan both learn a valuable lesson about friendship!
21 "My Good Friend!" August 23, 2007 July 19, 2008
Komba, one of Masquerade's former minions has crossed over to the Brawlers side. On their way to Komba's hometown of Nairobi, Kenya the gang learns that Masquerade uses a teleporting device to travel anywhere at anytime in the world. After saying goodbye to Komba, the Brawlers are suddenly ambushed by the remaining three of Masquerade's gang. A triple battle ensues and to the shock of Marucho his old Bakugan, Preyas is under the control of the bad guys. As the battles ensues Dan and Runo come up with a plan to get back Preyas back on their side. Their scheme works and Marucho is happily reunited with Preyas. There's just one problem. They still have to finish the battle against Masquerade's three top Bakugan players!
22 "Drago's on Fire!" August 30, 2007 July 26, 2008
Dan, Marucho and Runo are in a battle against Klaus, Chan and Julio. The Brawlers feel that their opponents are a stepping stone to finding the whereabouts of Masquerade. They figure if they win, maybe they'll give up some information about the masked maniac. The battle heats up and Marucho is fighting to save his Preyas from entering the Doom Dimension again. After several Ability Cards are thrown down, it's up to our heroes to finish this battle. And it ends in style with Drago evolving as a Bakugan! The Brawlers take the victory and after it's over, they enquire about where Masquerade might be hiding. They claim they don't know but they do know a kid named Joe (the Webmaster of the Brawlers site) and soon all jump to the conclusion that Joe is really working for Masquerade. Shun even goes one step further and rumors that Joe might even be Masquerade!
23 "Say it Ain't So Joe" September 6, 2007 August 2, 2008
The Brawlers have reason to suspect a webmaster by the name of Joe is divulging their secrets to Masquerade. In other words- spying!! So, in order to find out, they head to a small far away town where Joe lives. Turns out Joe's in the hospital and when Dan finally finds him, he confronts Joe about his relationship with Masquerade. Joe is coy and says he'll answer his question only if Dan promises to battle him. Dan agrees and the brawl is on! As the battle begins, Dan quickly realizes that Joe is a rookie, in fact, he's never battled anyone before! The first round is quickly won by Dan, while Joe, through mostly luck, wins the second. Then Dan wins the third battle, but when the fourth battle begins, Joe faints and the fight is quickly forgotten. Joe recovers and reveals to the Brawlers (through a video) he has nothing to do with Masquerade. In fact, he warns other players to steer clear of him. That makes everyone happy and Joe joins the Brawlers in their quest to stop a Masquerade!
24 "The Secret of Success" September 13, 2007 August 9, 2008
Alice has left her job working with Runo to go on an errand when she runs into a young boy name Christopher. Christopher is at a crossroads- he loves Bakugan but always loses so he's on the verge of throwing away his Bakugan. That's when Alice spots him and tells him he shouldn't give up. She tells him Bakugan is more just about skill and power, it's about confidence. Christopher isn't overly convinced and reluctantly gives in. Finally, he decides to try out Alice's advice in a battle against an older kid Travis who's actually a bully and enjoys beating Christopher. But here's the rub, this time Christopher has Alice in his camp and she tells him to battle using confidence. And it works! Not only does he pick the right Ability Cards to use, but summoning up his confidence, he in turn imparts it to his Bakugan (Juggernoid) who feeds off of it, becomes stronger and defeats Travis!
25 "Trust Me" September 20, 2007 August 16, 2008
Runo suspects Alice is secretly spying on the Brawlers and giving information to Masquerade, however, Julie suspects Shun is the real mole on the team. All this distrust puts a strain on everyone and it begins to affect their judgment and their battles. Things come to a head when Dan and Runo face off against Nene, Akira and Shuji, three very skilled but annoying Bakugan players. It's only when Alice steps in as playmaker for Dan and Runo that they realize they should be looking outside the team and not blaming each other. Meanwhile across town, Marucho has made a startling discovery. Someone has been hacking into the Brawlers website and stealing information and it's not Webmaster Joe or a member of the team as he originally suspected. So, if all the usual suspects are innocent then who is spying for Masquerade?
26 "Doom Dimension or Bust" September 27, 2007 August 23, 2008
Masquerade is on a mission to send all his minions' Bakugan to the Doom Dimension. He begins with Chan, then moves on to Komba, each time winning handily. From there he defeats Billy and his Cycloid and in the final battle of the episode, he takes care of Klaus in no time flat. Meanwhile, Runo is having second thoughts about ever playing Bakugan again. Mostly she's feeling sorry for herself, but her friends and her Tigrerra are concerned. Not so much that she wants to quit, but the reason behind it. In the end, Runo thinks her retirement through and decides she's back in the game because the Brawlers need her. And speaking of the Brawlers, Masquerade makes a solemn vow that they are next in line for the Doom Dimension!!
27 "Showdown" October 4, 2007 August 30, 2008
Julie and Marucho run across Dan shopping for jewelry of all things, and they speculate about who it might be for. Meanwhile, Joe comes to visit the Brawlers and informs them that Masquerade has systematically discarded his henchmen and their Bakugan. He also informs them that Hydra has likely evolved! Dan has a dream in which Masquerade challenges him to a brawl, only to discover that it was no dream! The Brawlers meet Masquerade at the appointed time and place, and a fierce brawl ensues between Dan and Masquerade. Just when it looks like our hero has vanquished his foe, the tables turn, and Drago is sent to the Doom Dimension! What's more, Dan - overcome by grief - decides to go with Drago! The Brawlers are shocked and saddened by the turn of events.
28 "The Brawlers' Last Stand!" October 11, 2007 September 6, 2008
Drago was sent to the Doom Dimension by Masquerade and Dan decided he must follow his Bakugan there. Problem is, there's no escape! Now it's up to the rest of Brawlers to figure a way of bringing them back to the real world. But first, Masquerade decides to continue his evil plan of sending everyone's Bakugan to the Doom Dimension. Next on his list is Shun. So he sends him a note to meet him at a deserted factory. The rest of the Brawlers are saddened by the fact they are helpless in trying to find Dan. Then Shun's Bakugan Skyress divulges that Shun received a note from Masquerade to battle. At first the others are upset with Shun for not being a team player, but then they formulate a plan. So to carry out their scheme, they all meet up with Masquerade. Then, in the blink of an eye, Masquerade sends them all to the Doom Dimension much to the dismay of Dan's mom!!
29 "Nightmare in Doomsville!" October 18, 2007 September 13, 2008
After Masquerade had sent Drago to the Doom Dimension and with Dan chasing him there, the rest of the Bakugan Brawlers decide to team up and voluntarily allow themselves be sent to the Doom Dimension to save their pal. In no time they find Dan and Drago, but here's the rub- how do they back home? Suddenly, a group six Bakugan appear. They are the Legendary Six Soldiers who at one time, many millenniums ago saved Vestroia from total destruction. Now they have found our heroes, they are keenly interested to see if they can save Vestroia a second time. First they must see if the Brawlers are worthy. The Legendary Six decide they must put them through a series of tests. First up is Julie who is being tested by Clayf. The test takes place in a bizarre, dreamlike sit-com where Julie's big sister Daisy shows up and Julie goes against her in a brawl. Julie is confident going into battle that she'll win, but right off she loses the first two rounds. In time, Julie learns a hard lesson that in order to be a winner, you must first believe in yourself. When she does this, Julie passes her test with flying colors by defeating Clayf who entered the battle...and as a bonus, her Bakugan Gorem has evolved!!
30 "I Am Marucho! Hear Me Roar!" October 25, 2007 September 20, 2008
Marucho and Preyus are dropped somewhere in the World Of Trials, and they wander aimlessly trying to find the other Brawlers. They encounter a dehydrated old frog-man who sends them on a quest to bring him water. Marucho agrees, and after a lot of hardship, they succeed. This strange thirsty creature reveals himself to be Frosch, the ancient Aquos soldier. He explains that Marucho's test is about to begin, and presents Marucho's opponent... himself! Or more accurately, the Marucho that once was. During the course of the ensuing Brawl, Marucho must come to terms with the self that he despises. And Preyus must come to terms with the agony he finds himself in... which turns out to be labor pains! Preyus gives birth to Angelo and Diablo, who collectively (along with Preyus) represent the evolved Preyus.
31 "A Place Far From Home!" November 1, 2007 September 27, 2008
Shun and Skyress have been sent to the world of tests by the six legendary soldiers of Vestroia. They wake up in a deserted run down city where they meet a little girl who claims to have been waiting for them. Shun is suspicious but agrees to play a number of games with the little girl until his test begins. It is only when she pulls out a Bakugan that he realizes she will be his opponent in the test. To make matters worse, the little girl reminds him so much of his mother that he can't concentrate because he's convinced she is his mother in a younger form. Shun tries to battle but he's distracted and dazed and when the little girl unleashes one of the Vestroia soldiers called Oberus on to the Bakugan field things really go bad. Skyress decides to take command and goes head to head with Oberus but ends up crashing and burning. It is then that Shun realizes the error of his ways and his grief brings Skyress back in a new form as Storm Skyress. Shun regains his focus and with the help of Storm Skyress they defeat Oberus and pass their test. Before Oberus sends them back to real world, Shun and Storm Skyress see the devastation of Vestroia. There they are warned that all the Brawlers have many more battles ahead of them in their quest to save Vestroia and the earth from utter destruction.
32 "Play Nice, Runo!" November 8, 2007 October 4, 2008
The six Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia has put three of the Brawlers through different tests to see if they're worthy of helping them save Vestroia and earth. In this episode, Runo and Tigrerra are up. In the blink of an eye they are whisked to an enchanted forest where they meet up with one of the Legendary Soldiers, Lar Lion, who conjures up a Young Dan to battle Runo. After a series of flashbacks to her childhood, Runo quickly realizes how rude Dan was to her back then and she decides she has to beat him good. But there's a problem. Because of her stubbornness, Runo races into battle without thinking or taking advice from Tigrerra. Result- she quickly loses two rounds. But things turn around quickly once she recognizes her fault, and when she does, Tigrerra evolves into Blade Tigrerra and she wins the battle against Young Dan!!
33 "You're Going Down, Clown!" November 15, 2007 October 11, 2008
While in the Doom Dimension, all of the Brawlers have passed their respective tests given by the Six Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia. That is, all except Dan. Now it's his turn to be tested by the most powerful Dragonoid, Apollonir. His test is to simply defeat his clown minion and upon his defeat, all of the Brawlers would be sent back to their world. Meanwhile, Webmaster Joe has moved into the Brawlers' neighborhood where Wavern hooks up with him. She explains she has chosen him to help her protect the Infinity Core. Just as she tells him this, Masquerade shows up and challenges Joe to a battle. While this is going on, Dan is wrapping up his battle with Bozo, defeating him handily. But there's a problem- after the victory, Drago didn't evolve! Why not!? Turns out, Dan and Drago have one more test to pass!
34 "Home Sweet Home!" November 22, 2007 October 18, 2008
The legendary soldiers of Vestroia have sent the Brawlers back to their own world. They all successfully passed their tests except Dan. His test may prove to be the hardest of them all. He must defeat his friends in a Bakugan brawl. Masquerade faces off against Joe in the hopes of taking the Infinity Core from Wavern. Luckily Masquerade doesn't have an Ultimate Bakugan and even when he uses the Dual Hydra he still can't beat Wavern. Defeated, he leaves Joe and Wavern but vows to come back with an Ultimate Bakugan and take the Infinity Core. The rest of the Brawlers return to their families and prepare for their next battle. Dan tells his mother of Vestroia and the Bakugan, and to his surprise she believes him and gives him and Drago her blessing to save Vestroia. Meanwhile deep inside his mansion, Masquerade has a secret meeting with Hal-G and discusses his plan to use the Dimension Transporter to steal the Infinity Core.
35 "Dan's Last Stand!" November 29, 2007 October 25, 2008
The Six Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia have made an offer that if Dan can beat his Brawlers friends one by one in battle, then his Drago will begin to evolve just like the others have. Dan accepts the challenge and the battles begins. First up is Julie and her Gorem. Julie is confident, even cocky and literally rides her Bakugan into battle not allowing Dan a clear shot at defeating Gorem without hurting her. But after Julie continues her verbal jabs, Dan decides he has had enough and let's Drago finish the fight. In the next battle, it's Marucho and his Preyas Bakugan against Dan and Drago. It's an intense battle and even a few on the sidelines say it's the best battle they're ever witnessed. Marucho starts off strong and comes out with a tie in the first round, but in the second battle, it's Dan who wins again. Now it's Shun turn, but he puts the battle off until the next day. Meanwhile, in the Doom Dimension, Masquerade appears and challenges the Six Soldiers to a battle. They willingly comply and offer up their first combatant who turns out to be...Alice!!
36 "Show Me What You've Got!" December 6, 2007 November 1, 2008
Dan's test given to him by the legendary soldiers of Vestroia continues. He's already battled his friends Marucho and Julie and now he must face Shun. When he goes to visit Runo she tells him that Alice has gone missing and they decide to go look for her. With Alice nowhere to be found, Dan makes his way to his battle in the park and leaves Runo to continue the search. Meanwhile in the Doom Dimension, Masquerade faces his own test given to him to by the Vestroia soldier known as Exedra. His test is to defeat Alice in a Bakugan Brawl, a test he scoffs at because he knows he can easily defeat her. Before his big battle in the park, Drago goes off on his own and meets with Wavern where they discuss the trouble state of Vestroia and Naga's evil plan to get the Silent Core and the Infintiy Core. Back at the park, Tigrerra intercepts Drago and asks him if he will battle him first instead of Skyress. Drago agrees when Dan gives his blessing and Runo and Tigrerra engage them in a furious battle.
37 "You Say You Want an Evolution!" December 13, 2007 November 8, 2008
In order for Drago to begin evolving into the Ultimate Bakugan, Dan has to win one more battle against his chief rival on the Brawlers, Shun. And this will be his biggest test yet! Even his fellow Bakuganers can't figure out who to bet on. The battle begins and it's quite obvious from the outset that Shun's Skyress has the upper hand. In fact, in no time at all, Skyress makes a direct hit and Drago, as well as Dan, go down for the count. It looks like it's over... Meanwhile, Masquerade is in a heated battle of his own against Alice in a dimension far, far away. Masquerade is intent on stealing the Darkus powers from Alice's Exedra and as the battle rages on, Masquerade wins allowing his Hydranoid to evolve to the next level. But back to the battle between Shun and Dan which has progressed to the second round. Both Dan and Drago decide it's now or never, and in a brilliant rally, Dan takes the victory allowing Drago to begin his evolution!
38 "Behind the Mask of Masquerade" December 20, 2007 November 15, 2008
The episode begins with Alice wandering aimlessly across a field when Runo discovers her and takes her back to her house. For some reason, Alice has been in a fog of late, and even she doesn't understand what's going on. Meanwhile, the Brawlers are trying to figure out their next move when Joe gets a message on his Baku-Pod from Masquerade challenging him to a battle. But Dan decides it should be him who takes this one because he feels he has the best shot of winning because of Drago's recent evolution. So it's Dan against Masquerade and it's billed as the battle of the century as the number one ranked player, Masquerade takes on number two, Dan. The fight starts off fast and furious with Masquerade throwing down his Hydranoid for a quick strike, however Drago survives and it ends in a draw. The second battle begins and ends with the same result! Now the third battle, and after a fierce fight between Drago and the three-headed Hydranoid, it's Dan and Drago who emerge as the winners. But wait! In the end, Masquerade is unmasked and you'll have to watch to find out who it is!!
39 "Masquerade Unmasked" December 27, 2007 November 22, 2008
Masquerade's true identity has been revealed. To the surprise of all the Brawlers, it turns out that Masquerade is actually Alice. Alice unwittingly walked in on one of her grandfather's experiments as a Super Dimensional Nova was occurring on Vestroia. That resulted in her turning into Masquerade and her grandfather Michael becoming the evil Hal-G. Now Hal-G has taken Alice away and Naga is attempting to cross over into the human world and steal the Infinity Core from his sister Wavern. Only the Brawlers can stop him now. When a giant hole opens up between Vestroia and the human world the Brawlers decide to head Naga off at the pass before he can complete his evil plan. Now they must face their greatest battle yet. If they fail it will be the end of Vestroia, the Bakugan, and the end of planet earth.
40 "Alice Gets Schooled" Unaired December 6, 2008
Alice wakes up in a groggy fog at her Aunt and Uncle's house, who send Alice on a small errand. When she's gone, Alice notices a castle near a lake and checks it out. It's Klaus' place and before the pleasantries are over, Klaus has challenged her (or is it Masquerade?) to a battle. Alice is hesitant. She knows she could win in Masquerade mode, but she has vowed to herself not to ever go back to that evil side of her again. So she reluctantly puts up a defense. Actually you couldn't even call it that! Alice continues to stall through the battle until Klaus has had enough and wins the first round. Alice is still caught in her dilemma when Klaus takes a second victory and the battle using his Sirenoid to take Alice down. But was it all a plan to teach Alice a valuable lesson about the earth? There's only one way to find out!
41 "A Fish Called Tayghen" January 10, 2008 December 13, 2008
As the Brawlers journey to find Naga, they end up in a strange world where they run into two Bakugan named Tayghen and Hairadee. Turns out they want to battle, but our heroes have to leave this place real quick because the only exit, a small worm-hole, is beginning to close! Too late. The fight begins and the Brawlers decide to follow Shun's lead. He wants to take these two Bakugan out of their element and battle them there so they won't be as strong. Oh oh, the plan backfires when they realize the universe is in so much chaos, Bakugan now have the ability to take on other Attributes. It looks like game over for our heroes and they'll miss their chance to escape as the worm-hole quickly closes. Shun decides to send Julie, Dan and Runo out while he stays back and rescues Marucho who was battling underwater. Dan protests, but Shun sends them out anyway. Now it's up to Shun to save Marucho and get out of this world of water and wind!
42 "The Race to Vestroia" January 10, 2008 December 20, 2008
On their way to Vestroia, the Brawlers pass through into another world known as the World of Light and Earth. There they discover two very unusual Bakugan sisters named Rabeeder and Tricloid who are desperate to play games with them. Eager to complete their mission, the Brawlers carry on their way only to be stopped again and again by the persistent sisters. It turns out they are the gatekeepers of this world and they want to keep the Brawlers in their world forever. This doesn't sit well with the team but Dan accepts a challenge and the Brawlers must beat the sisters in a race to gain access to the next world. It's a close race but Dan and Drago are victorious and are allowed to move on to the next world to fulfill their destiny and face the evil Naga. Were RABEEDER and TRICLOID just two bored Bakugan or were they part of a much more sinister plan that was created by Naga?
43 "Next Stop Naga-Ville!" January 17, 2008 December 27, 2008
Dan and Drago have passed into another world as they make their way toward Naga. But once again, they're up against a couple of fierce Bakugan Gatekeepers who won't let our heroes pass without a fight. But just as Dan and Drago get nailed, the oldest and wisest Bakugan, Nobilion, shows up to protect them. He explains how Naga came to being and how the Bakugan and the human dimensions overlapped causing the chaos that's all around them. Nobilion tells Dan and Drago to follow him and he'll lead them to Naga himself, but just as their journey begins, Centorrior and Druman (the two nasty Bakugan in this dimension) show up and block their path! Without breaking a sweat they push back Drago and destroy Nobilion! Now our injuried heroes are all alone and on the verge of failure. They need help!? But will it come in time to save them!?
44 "It's a Long Shot!" January 24, 2008 January 3, 2009
Dan and Drago are left weak and beaten by their battle with Centorrior and Druman... they need help! And help arrives in the form of Masquerade and Hydranoid. A fierce battle ensues, and the team of Masquerade and Hydranoid are seemingly beaten! Dan runs off with Centorrior in hot pursuit. Finally, when Dan is seemingly exhausted and is about to be beaten, Masquerade and Hydranoid come to the rescue! It turns out this was all an elaborate plan cooked up by Masquerade and Dan. Centorrior and Druman are taken out, and Masquerade says a final farewell to Dan... and to Julie!
45 "Ground Control to Major Dan!" January 31, 2008 January 10, 2009
The Brawlers have finally made it to Vestroia where they hope to confront Naga and retrieve the Silent Core and save the universe. But when they get there, they realize Naga is no where to be found. Turns out, he's headed for planet earth where all of his henchmen Bakugan have started popping up and attacking. The world is in a complete state of chaos and the evil Bakugan attempt to seek out Wavern who holds the Infinity Core, the final piece Naga needs to become supreme ruler. Suddenly, an urgent transmission is heard over Dan's Bakugan! It's from Joe who explains the situation on planet earth. Joe is begging his fellow Brawlers to return to earth to battle Naga's evil Bakugan. But how can they return to their home? And is there enough time!? Suddenly, Wavern and the light from the Infinity Core appear in Vestroia ready to guide our heroes home to hopefully save the day!
46 "The One Hit Wonders" February 7, 2008 January 17, 2009
The Brawlers are back on earth but Naga is not far behind. He's turning up the heat on his sister Wavern and she's really feeling it. He's after the Infinity Core that Wavern possesses and he's using all the evil Bakugan he can to get to it. In fact he's launched a sneak attack on the Brawlers in an attempt to catch them off guard. This causes much panic and confusion all over the world and leads to most cities being evacuated, including Wardington, the city that the Brawlers are in. Luckily Wavern is able to use the Infinity Core to create a force field around the city. But when the heat from the Infinity Core overwhelms her, the force field collapses. This allows the evil Bakugan Tayghen to go on the attack. Across town, Jenny and Jewls, of the pop group JJ Lips prepare to perform to sold out crowd. Unfortunately the crowd has left the city, leaving them standing in an empty stadium. This doesn't sit well with the two singing sensations and they join Marucho by the seaside to stop Tayghen. Using their own Bakugan they battle Tayghen only to discover they are in way over their heads. Their love of publicity proves to be they're undoing and although they have thousands of devoted fans cheering them on they are no match for Tayghen. It is only when Marucho convinces them to combine their Bakugan with his are they able to defeat Tayghen. However there are more evil Bakugan on the way and more battles that the Brawlers must be prepared to fight.
47 "Here's Mud in Your Eye!" February 14, 2008 January 24, 2009
The entire world is in a state of chaos as Naga's evil Bakugan invade neighborhood after neighborhood. It's now up to the Brawlers to stop them. Their plan was to split up and each Brawler would take up a small area and defend it. Julie and Gorem have found their spot to protect and as they arrive, Billy and Cycloid show up to help. Julie explains she's expecting Tricloid to arrive and when Tricloid does, it turns out she's fallen under Naga's evil spell and now wants to destroy the Brawlers! Meanwhile, young Nene, who claims she's the 'World's Greatest Bakugan Player' comes along. Nene basically says what she thinks and tells Billy and Julie that they should stop fooling themselves and finally admit their a couple. Nene leaves with her brothers leaving Billy and Julie to fight Tricloid. But Tricloid is too much for them. In the end, Nene shows up again and with Billy's new plan, they defeat Tricloid who pops out Naga's spell. Oh, and yes, Julie finally falls for Billy!
48 "R is for Revenge" February 21, 2008 January 31, 2009
Alice and Christopher come face to face with Rabeeder, who is on the hunt for the Infinity Core on Naga's behalf. She brawls with our two heroes, and proves to be a worthy opponent. Meanwhile, Wyvern confesses to Drago her concern that she may not be able to keep Naga from getting at the Infinity Core. She even goes so far as to ask Drago to process the Infinity Core inside her before Naga is able to. Drago refuses, however. Rabeeder finds out that Julie has defeated Tricloid, and becomes bent on revenge. The battle kicks up to the next level, when suddenly Klaus arrives to help out! Alice learns the value of faith, and even manages to convince Rabeeder and Tricloid to abandon Naga's cause and return to Vestroia. Out of the blue, Alice spies her grandfather! What does this mean? Find out on the next Bakugan Battle Brawlers!
49 "Showdown in Wardington" February 28, 2008 February 7, 2009
Komba shows up in Wardington where he meets up with Shun, when, out of nowhere Hairadee appears seeking revenge for his loss against Skyress. Hairadee has come prepared for battle and no matter what Shun or Komba throw at him, he counters their attacks. Quickly he sends both Shun and Komba into a deserted castle away from the battle. With them out of the way, Hairadee quickly brings down Skyress and Harpy. This looks like the end...when... Shun and Komba fight their way out of the castle destroying several 'mini'-Hairadees along the way. But when they spot their Bakugan, it looks like it's over. Both Skyress and Harpus are down for the count. Suddenly, Julio appears out of nowhere and fires his Gamma Ray which frees our heroes and gives them enough time to power up and continue the fight against Hairadee. In no time, Shun and his gang destroy Hairadee leaving our heroes to battle another day to save planet earth!
50 "The Good, the Bad & the Bakugan" March 6, 2008 February 14, 2009
The Brawlers are in trouble. Wavern and the Infinity Core are hiding at the top of Wardington Tower but Naga and his forces are nearby. Suddenly two evil Bakugan named Centorrior and Druman arrive on the scene. Dan and Drago have fought them before in Vestroia but they've come back to claim the Infinity Core for Naga. Meanwhile across town, Alice searches for her Grandfather unaware that he is actually under the control of the evil Hal-G. In the form of Dr. Michael, Hal-G convinces Alice to take him to Wardington Tower so that he can get close to Wavern and the Infinity Core. Drago and Tigrerra battle Centorrior and Druman but the powers of the two evil Bakugan appear to be too much for our heroes. Back at Wardington Tower, Hal-G makes his move and unleashes Naga on a weak and tired Wavern. Naga has Wavern right where he wants her but that's when Shun shows up on the back of Storm Skyress. Storm Skyress battles Naga but he is too powerful and with the other Brawlers trapped by Centorrior and Druman it looks like Naga will finally get his claws on the Infinity Core after all.
51 "The Final Brawl!" March 13, 2008 February 21, 2009
While most of the Brawlers are trapped fighting against Druman and Centorrior, Naga is pretty much free to go after Wavern and the Infinity Core. But Dan leads his team to defeat the two evil henchmen and races off with Drago to face off against Naga himself. But it's too late! Naga has trapped Wavern and it looks like she has no choice but to surrender the Infinity Core to her wicked brother. That's when Drago arrives and Wavern sends the Infinity Core into him while Drago blasts his beloved Wavern into Vestoria. Now the battle is between Naga and Drago. The fight is intense and Naga takes the upper hand as Drago loses power. But Drago's rage builds to a new high and he is instantly transformed into the Ultimate Bakugan... able to use any Ability in battle whenever he wants! But Hal-G steps up to the plate unleashing a new army of battle. The real battle for the universe has just begun!
52 "Game Over!" March 20, 2008 February 28, 2009
The final battle has been set. Naga is squaring off against Drago in pursuit of the Silent Core and once he possesses that, Naga will rule the universe. And it looks like Naga is about to win as Drago is down for the count. That's when the Brawlers step forward and launch their Bakugan into the battle. It takes hardly anytime for our heroes to win and send Naga to the Doom Dimension once and for all. And in so doing, Drago now has both the Infinity Core and Silent Core inside of him. With the battle over, it's time for the Brawlers to say good-bye to their Bakugan who have to return home to their dimension to restore Vestroia to it's original form. It's a sad time, but after all is said, Drago leads the Bakugan back home where he meets up with his long-time love Wavern. And what about the Brawlers? They return home and Dan even gets a date with Runo!
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One Punch Man Ring.png JoJos Ring.png Dragon Ball Super Ring.png Gundam RE96 Ring.png Sand Whale Ring.png Tokyo Ghoul Ring.png Lupin the Third IV Ring.png Outlaw Star Ring.png Black Clover Ring.png
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