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The "Big Heavy Giveaway" Sweepstakes was a sweepstakes held by Cartoon Network's Toonami block, beginning on Monday, May 26, 1997 and ending on Friday, August 22, 1997. Throughout the sweepstakes, viewers could watch the daily Toonami broadcast, from 4:00-6:00 PM, and look for the toll-free phone number given by Moltar. Each day of the sweepstakes, 50 callers were chosen at random and given one of several different prizes. These prizes consisted of items branded with the Toonami logo, such as: T-shirts, hats, and jackets.[1]


The following are the prizes presented in the Toonami promos.


  • The "Big Heavy Giveaway" was Toonami's first sweepstakes/giveaway.
  • The "Big Heavy Giveaway" was held only 2 months after Toonami's inception (March 17, 1997).
  • With a length of 65 days, this was by far the longest running sweepstakes in Toonami's history.
  • The toll-free phone number given during this sweepstakes was 1-800-413-3000.
  • One of the promos for the sweepstakes claimed that 3250 items had been made for the "Big Heavy Giveaway". 50 prizes a day x 65 days = 3250 total prizes.
  • This same promo ends with a clip of the Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies characters, the Goofy Gophers, saying, "isn't television just wonderful?"



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