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Blue Falcon and Dynomutt is a 4-part Toonami flash comic that was released on in 2000. The comic features the classic Hanna-Barbera superhero, Blue Falcon, and his robotic dog sidekick, Dynomutt in a new original story. Parts 2 and 3 can still be viewed using the Wayback Machine, however, parts 1 and 4 are unavailable.


A villain named Hijinx comes up with a plot to turn Dynomutt against his master, Blue Falcon. He constructs a robotic bear that when activated, goes on a rampage on a populated city. Dynomutt destroys the robot, but in the process, is himself killed. Blue Falcon lays his fallen comrade to rest but Hijinx steals the dog wonder's corpse and brings the robotic canine back to life, reprogramming him to be loyal to Hijinx. Blue Falcon is shocked to discover what has become of his robot canine companion, now renamed "Deadlymutt." Hijinx orders Deadlymutt to kill Blue Falcon, and he nearly succeeds. However, Blue Falcon is aided by two new robotic companions, a cat named Gearcat and a falcon named Jetbeak. The trio subdues the reprogrammed Dynomutt and restores his primary programming, reuniting the two heroes who capture Hijinx and put a stop to his evil schemes.

  • Part 1: Death of a Dog Wonder
  • Part 2: The Dark Falcon Returns
  • Part 3: One Dog Knight
  • Part 4: Housebroken


  • Written by - Ruben Diaz
  • Storyboard art by - Juvaun J. Kirby
  • Type graphics by - Dave Sharpe
  • Digital coloring by - Illusion Art Studio
  • Cover design by - Mario Piedra
  • Producer - Shayna Nickel
  • Executives in charge of production for Cartoon Network - Sam Register and Pola Shannon
  • Produced by - Christina Vann
  • Animation and Production design by - Sean Murray
  • Sound design by - Kevin Scott
  • Creative director - Sean