Blue submarine

Blue Submarine No. 6Edit


Episode Title

Japanese Airdate

English Airdate

1 "Blues" October 25, 1998 November 6, 2000
Tokyo, flooded from a premature melting of the polar ice caps, harbors what's left of an international navy set on fighting back the hordes of genetic mutants organized by the recluse Professor Zorndyke. The grizzled captain of Blue Submarine No. 6, the under-manned flagship of a submariner fleet, sends a young, impulsive Mayumi Kino to enlist the services of a surly ex-naval pilot, Tetsu Hayami. The fatalistic Hayami refuses, which drives an infuriated Kino storming into the waterlogged streets of Tokyo just as a Zorndyke strike begins. Struggling to get back to No. 6, an unflappable Kino gets stranded on a dock and trapped by a massive, arachnid-shaped mecha. Hayami, either caving in to an innate sense of duty or hungry for a little action, arrives in a motorboat, rescues Kino and shuttles them both to No. 6 which is in the midst of developing a strategy to combat the onslaught of Zorndyke's forces. With tortured maverick flare, Hayami leaps into a battle pod with Kino as his gunner and chases down an enemy craft only to be struck with an overwhelming sense of compassion when confronted with the frail face of his foe.
2 "Pilots" February 25, 1999 November 7, 2000
Having murdered the attacking musuca, a whale-like biological amalgam developed by Zorndyke featured in the closing scene of "Blues," the Blue forces face the Phantom Ship at the opening of "Pilots." Zorndyke's flagship proves too much for the whole fleet, driving Blue 6 out of the battle that eventually destroys Tokyo. It's home decimated; the Blue 6 crew regroups with the Pacific Fleet at an elaborate underwater stronghold where world leaders strategize a way to strike at Zorndyke directly. But a briefing of the plan is interrupted by a message from Zorndyke, a haggard, woeful man, admonishing this military clan that attempts to stop the course of events he has set in motion will come to naught. Zorndyke's complacency only inspires a more rooted determinism within Blue Fleet. However, Hayami reads deeper into Zorndyke's reasoning. His utter detestation for Blue Fleet's bellicose plans, undermined only by his involvement in those plans, seeps into the narrative and, again, hints at Hayami's enlightenment.
3 "Hearts" August 25, 1999 November 8, 2000
Pulled out of the ocean onto some floating debris of the destroyed Blue Fleet base, Hayami once again encounters the amphibious woman who now offers him food and companionship. But it doesn't take long for her sisters and other assembled Zorndyke creatures to track them down. The marine amalgams, though, don't attack but rather surround the star-crossed duo in anxious anticipation. Still submerged and trying to piece together any semblance of a strike unit, Blue 6 and crew seek out a mammoth nuclear torpedo in the hopes that its strength will be enough to stop Zorndyke in Antarctica. Surface side, a musuca approaches Hayami, now stripped of everything he cares about, with the offer to take him back to Blue 6. Taken aback not only by the musuca's ability to speak but also by its kinship with the amphibious woman, whom the titan creature calls Mutio, Hayami renews his sense of diplomacy and is determined to confront Zorndyke personally for answers to the old man's motives. However, Hayami first has to pacify a Blue Fleet that's out for blood.
4 "Minasoko" March 25, 2000 November 9, 2000
For involving herself with the fate of a human, Mutio faces Verg's wrath while back on Blue Submarine #6 Hayami decides to take the fate of the world into his own hands. Both cling tenaciously to the idea that embittered battling will only lead to mutual annihilation. Winding through Blue 6's deserted chambers after freeing Katsuma from his life-support sarcophagus, Hayami carries his mutated friend along on his secret mission only to be stopped by Iga, who promptly lets him pass after officially admonishing the rogue pilot. Iga, too, hopes that Hayami's journey to Zorndyke will yield a diplomatic, rather than a nuclear, end to the conflict. Kino waits for him in the hanger, another accomplice in Hayami's illegal jaunt to Antarctica, more suspicious of Zorndyke's intentions but still willing to follow Hayami. Once released into the open water, Katsuma arranges safe transit through the hostile waters around Zorndyke's compound, putting as much faith in Hayami to reach a resolution with the alleged madman as Iga, Kino ... and probably even Zorndyke himself when the two finally meet face to face at a transformed south pole.