Clyde 49

Clyde 49

Hosting Period

March 17, 1997 - July 10, 1999



Succeeded by

Clyde 50s

Before Toonami even hit the airwaves, promos for the upcoming block featured a strange little satellite flying into the Earth's atmosphere. Launched via cannon by Moltar, from Ghost Planet Industries, the satellite known as Clyde 49 acted as Moltar's eyes and ears throughout the galaxy. His primary mission was to collect and transmit action animation back to mission control at Ghost Planet Industries, Moltar's home base, where it would then be broadcast to the viewers.

Clyde was the mascot of the Toonami block in the first two years, with his image prominently displayed in a test pattern that was flashed on the screen at the end of most bumpers, promos, etc. during this time. He was also an icon used heavily by the first generation of Toonami fan sites, including CNX. When TOM and the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution was introduced in July 1999, Clyde 49 was phased out along with Moltar.

A graffiti version of his icon variant appeared doodled on the wall in the Crossover Nexus special of OK KO: Let's Be Heroes (which made references to much of Cartoon Network history, including other previous blocks).