Clyde 50

Clyde 50

Hosting Period

Sep. 18, 2000 - Mar. 14, 2003



Preceded by

Clyde 49

Succeeded by

Clyde 51s

Clyde 50 was the second model of Clyde to appear on Toonami, after its predecessor, Clyde 49. A close relative of the original clyde, the Clyde 50's were designed to have slightly less personality flaws. They are not artificially intelligent beings, they are merely robots. TOM designed them to be floating camera/toolboxes, with a wide range of functions, but not much in the way of consciousness.[1]

The Clyde 50's run on anti-gravity power cells, which allow minimal propulsion but great maneuverability. The full extent of the Clyde 50's powers are only known by TOM. However, the Clydes all come with at least 4 telephoto lenses, range unknown and ultraviolet and infrared spectrum imaging capabilities.[1]

The Clyde 50's were introduced on September 18, 2000, during The Intruder. When the initial damage to the Absolution was discovered, TOM immediately launched the Clydes to investigate. The Clydes proved to be worthless in combat and were immediately consumed by the Intruder. TOM and SARA then decided to deploy the DOKs, a more combat-ready robot unit.

It can be assumed that almost all Clyde 50 models were lost when the original Absolution was destroyed during the Endgame comic.



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