Clyde 51


Hosting Period

Jun. 9, 2003[1] - Apr. 16, 2004



Preceded by

Clyde 50s

Succeeded by

Clyde 53s

Clyde 51 was the third model of Clyde to appear on Toonami, after its predecessor, Clyde 50. The Clyde 51's were designed to have slightly more personality than their predecessors as they have digital faces that resemble emoticons. Although they were able to display their moods and react to various situations, they were not artificially intelligent beings. They were merely robots that carried out the same tasks as the previous Clydes.

It is possible that, like the GPS Absolution Mk. II, the Clyde 51's were built by the Dronomeks trapped in the underbelly of Orcelot Rex's ship from the Endgame comic. However, the Clydes did not appear in that comic and their exact origin has never been explained.

These Clydes were not introduced at the same time as TOM 3 (March 17, 2003), they were introduced a few months later on June 9, 2003.[1] These Clydes were phased out and replaced with Clyde 53s when Toonami switched to Saturday nights on April 17, 2004.

However, after the Toonami block was cancelled and before it was revived on Adult Swim, the Clyde 51s appeared in the Cartoon Network MMORPG FusionFall alongside TOM 3 as NPCs.



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