Clyde 53

Clyde-53 thumb

Hosting Period

April 17, 2004 - March 10, 2007 (TOM 3 era)
May 26, 2012 - April 20, 2013 (TOM 3.5 era)


TOM 3, SARA, TOM 3.5

Preceded by

Clyde 51s (TOM 3 era)
Clyde 54 (TOM 3.5 era)

Succeeded by

Clyde 54 (TOM 3 era)
Clyde 55s (TOM 3.5 era)

Clyde 53 was the fourth model of Clyde to appear on Toonami, after its predecessor, Clyde 51. Like the early versions of the Clydes, the Clyde 53s were less emotive than the Clyde 51s. They were not artificially intelligent beings, they were merely robots that carried out tasks such as being sent to a planet's surface and testing the soil to see if the planet had the proper fuel to help power Toonami, TOM and the GPS Absolution Mk. II.[1] There appear to have been a great number of Clyde 53s as evidenced by the Toonami opening used during the Saturday night era where a large number of them are seen being sent out of the Absolution to explore.

The Clyde 53s resemble beetles with four arms, a pair of wings and a jet propulsion system located in their rear that gives them the ability to fly. Each of its four arms has a hand, with 3 fingers each, allowing it to grip and carry things. In several bumpers they are shown doing things to facilitate the Toonami broadcast such as turning knobs, working on computer monitors and changing tapes. They also have a laser on their heads which they use to drill into the soil of the planet they've been sent to test. They are blue and gray with yellow eyes and a circular, yellow plate on their heads. The ends of their wings are also painted yellow.

The Clyde 53s were introduced during the TOM 3 era, when Toonami moved to Saturday nights on April 17, 2004, and were replaced by Clyde 54 on March 17, 2007. However, several years after Toonami's cancellation in 2008, Toonami was revived on Adult Swim and an HD version of the Clyde 53s retuned along with TOM 3.5 on May 26, 2012. Clyde 53s remained in bumpers through April 20, 2013, after which the Toonami block received a look overhaul and they were phased out. It is unknown what became of them after they were phased out in 2007 or after they were more recently phased out in 2013.


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