Clyde 54

TOM 4 Front

Hosting Period

Mar. 17, 2007 - Sep. 20, 2008


TOM 4, Flash, D

Preceded by

Clyde 53s

Succeeded by

Clyde 53s

Clyde 54 was the fifth model of Clyde and the final model to be introduced during the Cartoon Network era of Toonami. It was introduced as part of the total look overhaul of the block that occurred on March 17, 2007. However, It only appeared briefly in the Toonami opening of the TOM 4 era and it is unknown what became of it after Toonami's cancelation on September 20, 2008. It was implied in the Intruder II comic that TOM 4, Flash and D were destroyed by the Intruder; however, Clyde 54 did not appear in the comic.

Clyde 54 resembles its distant predecessor, the Clyde 50, but with an animated face similar to TOM 4. It resided within the Toonami broadcasting station, Flowus 3, located on an unnamed planet.