Clyde 55

Clyde 55 (Front View)

Hosting Period

November 23, 2013


TOM 5, SARA v3

Preceded by

Clyde 53s

Succeeded by

Clyde 56s

Clyde 55 was the sixth model of Clyde to appear on Toonami but the first created for the Adult Swim version of the block. The Clyde 55s made their first and only appearance in a Toonami bumper, racing down a hallway of the GPS Absolution Mk. III on November 23, 2013. The bumper ended with the blue Clyde 55 crashing and breaking into pieces.

The Clyde 55s resemble floating heads with two big glowing blue eyes. There appear to only be 3 Clyde 55s, and each one appears to have a different color scheme. They all have a white base but the secondary color differs between black, blue and yellow. They appear to have limited artificial intelligence like most of the previous Clyde incarnations and it's unknown what tasks they do on the ship.

Although not featured in The Intruder II, it was confirmed by Toonami co-creator Jason DeMarco that the Clyde 55s were destroyed along with the Absolution.[1]



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