Co-Host of Toonami


March 17, 2007 - September 20, 2008


Dave Wittenberg

Flash was a co-host of Toonami during the TOM 4 era of the block, who appeared in bumpers and also did game reviews on occasion.


In contrast to D, Flash was more upbeat.


Flash was a robot with a cone shaped body that ends with a point, where his legs would be, which somehow allows him to hover slightly off the ground. He has a long, swept-back head, painted in an orange-and-blue fiery "hot-rod" design, similar to the Grunts in the Halo series. He was voiced by veteran voice actor Dave Wittenberg.


On March 17, 2007, the base Flowus 3, on an unnamed jungle planet, was introduced as the new broadcasting station of the Toonami block. With the new location also came Flash and D, a pair of new co-hosts to TOM. On September 20, 2008, Flash, D, and TOM 4 shut down the broadcast station which shut Toonami down. For several years, it was unknown exactly what became of D and Flash after Toonami's cancellation, as they were simply seen initiating the permanent shutdown sequence and then walking (or rolling and flying, respectively) away in the final broadcast.

His whereabouts, and fate was revealed in the Intruder II companion comic, it was revealed that D, TOM and Flash had a run in with the Intruder at some point in between the cancelation of Toonami in 2008 and its rebirth in 2012. At the end of the comic it was implied that the crew escaped the intruder, after Flash reluctantly fired the rocket at the intruder, believing he killed him once and for all. However, in The Intruder II, it was implied that they were destroyed by the Intruder.


  • He, along with D, served the least amount of time co-hosting the block.
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