Flowus 3

Flowus 3


Unnamed Planet

First Appearance

March 17, 2007

Final Appearance

September 20, 2008


TOM 4, Flash, D

Flowus 3 was a Toonami broadcasting station operated from the surface of an unnamed planet by TOM 4 and his assistants Flash, D and Clyde 54. It was introduced on March 17, 2007.

The station was shaped like a cylinder and was held in the ground by support beams jutting out from the structure. The only part of the inside of the station that was shown was a circular main control room. The main control room had two stations for Flash and D to control the Toonami transmission and a large window curving around the structure which also acted as a monitor.

Flowus 3 functioned as a broadcasting station for Toonami, exactly as the Absolution had before it. No explanation for the station's existence or TOM and the others' presence there was ever given. Flowus 3 was shut down on September 20, 2008, the final broadcast of Toonami.