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Season 1 (1986)[edit | edit source]


Episode Title

01 "The Robot Stegosaur"
02 "The Blast at the Bottom of the Sea"
03 "The Strange White Shadow"
04 "The Giant Centipoid"
05 "The Phantom Fleet"
06 "The Micro-Robots"
07 "The Bad Blue Baron"
08 "The Secret of the Reef"
09 "The Sting of the Scorpion"
10 "The Antoid Army"
11 "The Mighty Blue Hawk"
12 "The Locustoid"
13 "The Deadly Red Sand"
14 "The Rainbow Ray"
15 "The Giant Jellyfish Lens"
16 "The Regenerating Robot"
17 "The Beetle Booster"
18 "The Whale Submarine"
19 "The Racing Inferno"
20 "The Mightiest Mole"
21 "Race of the Cyborgs"
22 "The Fiery Dragon"
23 "The Mammoth Iron Ball"
24 "The Neon Giant"
25 "The Rock Robot"
26 "The Secret Sting Ray"
27 "The ANIrobot"
28 "Invisible Enemy"
29 "The Project Called 'Rock-E-X'"
30 "The Attack of the Mantis"
31 "The Sinister STAR-ONE"
32 "The Giant Squid"
33 "In The Tentacles' Grip"
34 "Operation Aurora"
35 "The Sun-Bird"
36 "The Deadly Sea"
37 "The Particle Beam"
38 "The Dinosaur Man"
39 "The Monster Plants"
40 "Those Fatal Flowers"
41 "Killer Music"
42 "Swan Song Prison"
43 "Human Robots"
44 "The Shock Waves"
45 "The Case of the Kalanite"
46 "The Deadly Valley"
47 "The Super-z-20"
48 "The Camera Weapon"
49 "The Mechanical Fang"
50 "The Skeleton Curse"
51 "Wheel of Destruction"
52 "The Secret Red Impulse"
53 "The Van Allen Vector"
54 "The Vengeance"
55 "The Micro-Submarine"
56 "The Bird Missile"
57 "Battle of the North Pole"
58 "The Super-Lazer"
59 "Mystery of the Haunted Island"
60 "G-Force Agent 6"
61 "Dream of Danger"
62 "The Snow Devil"
63 "The Strange Strike-Out"
64 "A Deadly Gift"
65 "The Iron Beast"
66 "When Fashion Was Fatal"
67 "The Proto Monster"
68 "Radioactive Island"
69 "The Devil's Graveyard"
70 "Mummy Mania"
71 "The Abominable Snowman Cometh"
72 "Plague of Robots"
73 "The Mammothodon"
74 "Secret of the Power"
75 "The Crab Robot"
76 "The Reverser Ray"
77 "Shock Waves"
78 "Battle on the Ocean Bottom"
79 "Stolen Identity"
80 "The Mind-Control Machine"
81 "Force of the Mega-Robots"
82 "The Flame Zone"
83 "Web of Danger"
84 "The Secret of G-4"
85 "Galactor's Deadly Trap"
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