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The GPS (Ghost Planet Spaceship) Absolution Mk. II was the second Toonami broadcasting vessel that was first introduced during the Toonami broadcast on March 17, 2003. The backstory of the ship was explained in the Toonami online comic, Toonami: Endgame. After the original Absolution was destroyed by the space pirate Orcelot Rex, in an attempt to capture SARA, a second ship was built. It was dubbed the Absolution Mk. II by TOM 3 and SARA. It was used in much the same way as the original Absolution until its retirement on March 17, 2007.



With the help of underground robot prisoners, the Dronomeks, TOM was rebuilt into a bigger, stronger being, and he saved SARA and the prisoners from Orcelot Rex. The freed robots awarded TOM and SARA a new larger space vessel, dubbed the Absolution Mk. II in honor of the original vessel that had been a part of their lives.

In comparison to the original Absolution, this model was far smaller and bore a less alien appearance, with a gunmetal grey and black color scheme. Exposed weaponry was on the ventral side of the nose, and the bridge nearby on the dorsal. Various spots on the ship glowed with blue, orange, and red lights of some kind, and the engines, while still on downward sloping wing structures, were smaller and more rectangular, with pointed bits (likely weapons) extending forwards.

Up until March 17, 2007, the Absolution Mk. II continued to transmit broadcasts and serve as the transfer station of the new generation of Clydes, who were scouring alien planets for information. After the change to TOM 4 it is unknown what became of the Absolution Mk. II or SARA, as the broadcasting location changed to a base called Flowus 3 on an unknown jungle planet. The jungle planet base continued to broadcast Toonami until its shutdown on September 20, 2008, with the Absolution Mk. II never being seen again on the block during its original run. The ship was brought back for one night only during the Toonami April Fools Stunt on April 1, 2012.


Ship systems[]

The Absolution Mk. II was the primary mobile broadcasting station for Toonami from March 17, 2003 to March 17, 2007. The ship also housed the onboard A.I. matrix (SARA) which could pilot the ship on its own. The ship had multiple decks which were accessible by an elevator going throughout the Absolution. Most of the ship and the broadcasting could be controlled by TOM or SARA on the bridge via the main computer (the main location shown on the Toonami block). The ship also had one or multiple hangars which stored smaller vessels. During the Toonami open used in 2003, TOM races past a small room with monitors that display scenes from the current shows in the lineup.

Equipment on board[]

  • Recon Vessel - a small fighter-like vessel, equipped with lasers, used by TOM during the intro in 2003.
  • Clyde 53s
  • Clyde 51s