GPS Absolution Mk. II.5


First Appearance

May 26, 2012

Final Appearance

April 20, 2013


TOM 3.5

The GPS (Ghost Planet Spaceship) Absolution Mk. II.5 (HD version of Mk. II), was introduced on May 26, 2012 and was used up to April 20, 2013. Due to the low budget of the Toonami block at the time, the ship is nearly identical to the original Absolution Mk. II, except it has been re-skinned, re-lighted, and re-textured for HD. It was piloted by TOM 3.5 and continued to transmit broadcasts of Toonami by using the Clyde 53s, just as the original Absolution Mk. II did. The Absolution Mk. II.5 was replaced with a new Absolution, the Absolution Mk. III, on April 27, 2013.

Media ChamberEdit


TOM using the Media Chamber to review Borderlands 2.

The Media Chamber debuted on October 28th, 2012. Toonami purchased it after an endorsement with Disney, to promote their video game Fix-It Felix Jr for their hit movie Wreck It Ralph. It was later reused for the Halo 4 review which was also an endorsed review, this time endorsed by Microsoft.

It appears as a large screen with a board of controls in front of it, which TOM uses for media purposes, such as playing video games.