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Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 20 September 9, 1967 January 20, 1968

Season 1 (1967-1968)[edit | edit source]


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1 "Galaxy Trio And The Cavemen of Primevia" September 9, 1967
Disguised as people from Primevia, the Galaxy Trio defeat aliens from Vapor Man's home planet, Vaporus, who had enslaved them and forced them to mine their planet for its precious metals. In his showdown with Vapor Man, Vapon, the leader of the aliens, falls into the Pit of the Winds, there to remain forever.
2 "Computron Lives" September 16, 1967
Computron refuses to obey the soldiers who've reactivated him in their hopes of controlling Orbus 4; he heads for the abandoned planet Z-10 where he reactivates war machines. In their battle with Computron, the Galaxy Trio hit him with a ray which brings him to life, and makes him repent his ways.
3 "Drackmore The Despo" September 23, 1967
The Trio head into the unexplored Tranquility Belt to find some missing explorers. After letting themselves get captured, they find themselves face to face with Drackmore, self-styled ruler, and master of the planet. The Galaxy Trio defeat Drakmore and set his slaves and prisoners free.
4 "Galaxy Trio Versus Growliath" September 30, 1967
Using all their powers together the Galaxy Trio conquer the insects of the planet Nova, which have suddenly grown as big as buildings. Then they give Growliath, the evil scientist behind this, an overdose of the antidote, shrinking gas, which makes him very small and much less a problem.
5 "Galaxy Trio Versus The Moltens Of Meteorus" October 7, 1967
Moltens, creatures who live beneath the surface of Meteor Man's home planet, Meteorus, are driving the inhabitants off the planet with underground explosions and molten lava. To make peace, Meteor Man helps them find an empty planet where they too can live above the surface.
6 "Gralik Of Gravitas" October 14, 1967
Gravity Girl's father, the King of Gravitas, asks the Galaxy Trio to help him defeat Gralike, whose ultra-gravitizer can destroy things from thousands of miles away. Although they find him on Moonoid-49, their space ship can't break through his energy field so they displace their molecules onto the planet. When Gralike threatens to blow them all up, the Galaxy Trio turn his ray on him, and sends him a million miles into space.
7 "Invasion Of The Sporoids" October 21, 1967
The Galaxy Trio rescue the last ranger on outpost A-15 from a nearly indestructible spore monster which gives off a mysterious sleeping gas. Combining their super-powers, they defeat the monster without knowing who sent it or for what purpose.
8 "Galaxy Trio And The Peril Of The Prison Planet" October 28, 1967
The Galaxy Trio's vacation is cut short when they are called to a prison planet where the inmates have taken over. The three criminals try to escape in the Galaxy Trio's rocket ship, but it's been so long, they've forgotten how to operate one.
9 "Plateaus The Pirate Planet" November 4, 1967
Hovering above them on Plastus, his rubber planetoid, Plastron threatens to freeze Planet Z-11 by blocking out the sun if the inhabitants don't meet his demands. The Galaxy Trio displace themselves to Plastus but sink in the rubber. When Gravity Girl's density meter reveals that the planetoid is like a gas-filled balloon, they blast a hole in it with Condor 1's retro-rockets to save Planet Z-11.
10 "Return To Aqueous" November 11, 1967
When the Galaxy Trio respond to an S.O.S. from the planet Aqueous which is being attacked by a monster, Gravity Girl brings along her analyzer-X camera which reveals that the monster is artificial, with Lotar at the controls. Turning himself to vapor, Vapor Man gets inside, defeats the monster and, with the rest of the Trio, stops Lotar's plot to regain the throne from his brother.
11 "Revolt Of The Robots" November 18, 1967
The Galaxy Trio, responding to an S.O.S. from Orbus 4, where the servant robots led by Computron have revolted against the people, help Kalex, their ruler, get at the power centers of the robots to render them harmless. After Gravity Girl makes Computron too light to pull the switch which would destroy them all, Kalex keeps it in mind that only people should rule people.
12 "Space Fugitives" November 25, 1967
Disguised as the Galaxy Trio, the last survivors of the planet Magnetron rob other planets of their precious elements to build themselves an army of exploding androids. While the Galaxy Trio seek out the imposters they are pursued by robot drones from the prison planet. Luckily, the drones mistake the Magnetrons for the Galaxy Trio and carry them off to the planet Pententious.
13 "Space Slaves" December 2, 1967
When Gravity Girl suddenly disappears, Vapor Man and Meteor Man trace her displaced molecules to the Crimson Zone on the fringes of unexplored space, she is enslaved by Elraf who needs her to devise a quick method of mining psycho-sodium, the active ingredient in the ankle bands which he plans to enslave whole planets. Gravity Girl traps her friends, but when they take off her ankle bands she helps put them on Elraf. When they order him to destroy his evil machines, Elraf's molecules suddenly displace to another part of the universe.
14 "The Battle Of The Aquatrons" December 9, 1967
Lotar, who has taken over the planet Aques, directs powerful heat rays at Earth to melt the ice caps and cover the planet with water so he can start a new colony. The Galaxy Trio restore his brother, Neptar, to the throne by showing the people that Lotar cares only for power and nothing about them.
15 "The Demon Raiders" December 16, 1967
Zakor and his raiders sack the treasury planet, Centauri Three, while the inhabitants stand by in a deep trance. When the Galaxy Trio try to stop him, Zakor blasts them into space in the drop pods to orbit forever. Vapor Man changes himself into a vapor and escapes through a crack in his pod then frees the others so they can defeat Zakor's ultimate weapon, the Multi-Seeker.
16 "The Duplitrons" December 23, 1967
The Galaxy Trio rush to Earth, usually one of the most peaceful planets, to stop the three world leaders from declaring war on each other. Vapor Man and Gravity Girl discover that the leaders are really Duplitrons and so is Meteor Man. They reprogram him to take them to Spectre's hideout where they defeat Spectre and find the real leaders and Meteor Man sleeping peacefully.
17 "The Eye Of Time" December 30, 1967
A cosmic storm above Earth is a time tornado which throws the Galaxy Trio back fifteen hundred years to Scandinavia, then being attacked by Romans. Remembering from their history books that Rome never invaded Scandinavia, the Galaxy Trio defeat the Romans before returning to the future.
18 "Galaxy Trio And The Sleeping Planet" January 6, 1968
When the Galaxy Trio go to Planet K-7, which doesn't answer its radio call, they find all of the inhabitants in a deep trance while machines go about stealing their valuables. Kragg, the space pirate who has masterminded this, escapes, but not without telling the Galaxy Trio where they can find the antidote to save the planet's people.
19 "The Rock Men" January 13, 1968
While looking for rock samples on an unexplored planet in Vector V-16, the geologist Ekon is captured by a huge rock monster controlled by Braton, an escaped convict. After fighting off the monsters, the Galaxy Trio convince Ekon to leave the rock samples and get out of there.
20 "Titan, The Titanium Man" January 20, 1968
Titan, who made himself invincible in his plot to conquer the universe, lures the Galaxy Trio to his off-limits planet with fake distress signals. Although the Galaxy Trio defeats his army of super-cybernoids, Titan escapes in a rocket ship, free to menace the universe once more.
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