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Death Beat(s) (2020)


Episode Title

Toonami Airdate

English Airdate

01 "Asus4" November 7, 2020
All-sinner and sportsman Makasu has recently died, but his death is causing the afterlives to converge and the universe is collapsing! Can the finger being Dr. Legs convince Makasu to befriend his Piano Frog and save existence?
02 "A# Minor" November 7, 2020
The jazz battle between Makasu and the Egyptian goddess Maat is deadlocked until the River Styx shoves Charon down her throat. Will the afterlife convergence cause two different religions to merge their Musical Battle Robots?
03 "B7+5" November 14, 2020
Making their way through the Mesopotamian underworld of Kur, Dr. Legs and Makasu run into a formidable foe. Can a vengeful spirit who has a bone to pick with Makasu be more dangerous than god?
04 "C Major" November 14, 2020
Josie has been seething with rage towards Makasu ever since his own death. But is holding on to anger just a waste of time? Will their musical battle rip the afterlife of Kur apart?
05 "Db6" November 21, 2020
To reach the Center of All Death, our heroes board a ferry that's attempting to navigate multiple mythological rivers. Who is more dangerous, some of the dead passengers, or the enigmatic Finnish psychopomp boat captain, Tytti?
06 "D7#9" November 21, 2020
The ferry has crashed into the Inuit frozen underworld of Adlivun- but the Hindu death god Yama is waiting for them! Can Makasu escape the religious entities trying to judge his soul?
07 "EBMAJ7" December 5, 2020
Tytti's boat docks in Diyu, the Chinese Mythological Hell. It appears abandoned and godless, populated only by roaming bicycle riding spirits who committed suicide. How dangerous is a hell with no management?
08 "E9" December 5, 2020
Makasu totally misconstrues all the friendship advice Dr. Legs has been giving him during his redemption arc. With our hero out of commission, do drastic measures have to be taken to save the universe.
09 "FDIM" December 12, 2020
Religions begin colliding and merging in the ground zero that is the ruins of Suicide Town. How does Makasu deal with jealousy when someone Perfect comes to save them.
10 "F#MIN7" December 12, 2020
Locked in their own illusory nightmares, our heroes must find a way out of The Perfect Human's torment. But how do you taunt a man who already hates himself half the time?
11 "G13" January 2, 2021 December 20, 2020
12 "AB7#11" January 2, 2021 December 20, 2020
13 "Play to D.C. Al Coda" January 9, 2021 December 20, 2020
14 "Al Fine" January 9, 2021 December 20, 2020
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