Gideon Alpha-12

Gideon Alpha 12

Only Appearance

Toonami Swarm


LARS, Beta-Droids

Gideon Alpha-12 is a location from the Toonami flash comic Toonami Swarm. Gideon Alpha-12 is an Automaton Construction Platform located in the Colonial Freespace Territory that functions as a maintenance plant, distribution facility, and testing ground for multiple droid models. The platform is under the control of the Operations Administration Robot (OAR) LARS. The platform houses 2743 robotic occupants and 0 organic lifeforms. The platform is also notable for producing the Beta-Droid TOM, the host of Toonami.

In Toonami Swarm, the platform is attacked by Nebula Rays and is saved by TOM with help from a starship, the Absolution, that received his distress signal.

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