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Series Overview

Color Season Episodes Toonami Reactor Premiere Toonami Reactor Finale
1 06 November 14, 2001 April 2002

Season 1 (1999)

No. Episode Title Release Date Toonami Reactor Date
01 "The Rhein Gold, Part 1" January 25, 1999 November 14, 2001
A space patrol cruiser discovers that the merchant city-state asteroid of Aclucion is suddenly devoid of life. Then they are boarded by two space pirates, Tochiro and Emeraldas, who force them to blow a hole in the asteroid so they can enter and search for the ancient sorceress Meeme, the former navigator of captain Harlock's ship. She reveals that bandits massacred Aclucion in order to find the Rhein Gold, the gold at the center of the universe. Now the bandits head for planet Rhein, where Meeme and three priestesses protect the gold.
02 "The Rhein Gold, Part 2" March 25, 1999 December 2001
The bandits are closing in on the late Dr. Daiba's son, Tadashi, in order to force him to make a ring from the Rhein gold. However, Captain Harlock and his reunited crew pursue the bandits to Earth aboard the Arcadia. After Tadashi forges the ring he is left for dead. However he survives and is recruited to join Harlock's crew, just as his father had years ago. Back on the ship, Meeme explains that the man who seeks to rule the universe using the ring made of Rhein gold is actually her brother Alberich. His plan is to conquer the planet of the gods, Valhalla, at the center of the universe.
03 "The Rhein Gold, Part 3" May 25, 1999 January 2002
Lord Wotan, god of gods that reigns over Valhalla, is informed of the theft of the Rhein gold and the forging of the ring and also that time has started flowing on Valhalla, ceasing their immortality. After being ambushed, the Arcadia pursues the assailant ship to a dark planet. Tochiro goes to the planet surface and discovers the enemy ship was unmanned. He then enters a pit that leads to the center of the planet where he discovers what appears to be another planet. However, Meeme explains that this is Wotan's planet-type spaceship which her and her brother stole hundreds of millions of years ago. She then warns the crew that if they fail to stop the war between Alberich and the gods, the universe will be destroyed.
04 "The Rhein Gold, Part 4" July 25, 1999 February 2002
Lord Wotan summons Meeme, along with the Arcadia to Valhalla to try to stop Alberich and preserve their immortality. However, Elda, the prophet of Valhalla warns Wotan not to underestimate Meeme or the humans she travels with as they could be his downfall. Wotan becomes concerned and attempts to hasten the completion of his impregnable fortress, offering up Freya to the builders as incentive. The Arcadia crash-lands on Valhalla and Tochiro is separated from the others. Meanwhile, Alberich has amassed a vast fleet and is fast approaching Valhalla.
05 "The Rhein Gold, Part 5" September 25, 1999 March 2002
Tochiro is lost on the planet Valhalla until he meets Freya, who looks exactly like Meeme. She explains Meeme and her grew up together on Valhalla and then Meeme appears, reuniting the two "performers of time". As the three talk, they are attacked by Wotan's assassin robot. However, it is quickly crushed by the Arcadia. Meanwhile, Alberich has finally entered Valhalla's orbit and after activating the power of the ring quickly destroys Wotan's defense satellites.
06 "The Rhein Gold, Part 6" November 25, 1999 April 2002
Wotan orders the builders of his fortress to destroy the Arcadia. However, they are hesitant because their beloved Freya is now onboard. They instead signal the Arcadia to board the fortress. Once onboard Harlock tells Wotan that he will stop Alberich, not for the gods but for every life form in the universe. When Alberich refuses Meeme's pleas for him to give up the ring, the battle begins. Using the power of the fortress, Alberich's ship and the Arcadia are sucked into a neutral zone within the fortress that neutralizes the ring's power. With the crisis now averted the builders of the fortress reveal that it's unlikely anyone will make it out of the neutral zone. So in order to save his crew and retrieve the ring Harlock enters the zone with Daiba.
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