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Series Overview

Color Season Episodes Toonami Premiere Toonami Finale
1 26 June 6, 1997 August 18, 1997
2 26 March 17, 1997 April 23, 1997

Season 1 (1996)

# Episode Title Original Airdate Toonami Airdate
01 "The Darkest Fathoms" August 26, 1996 August 14, 1997
In Bermuda, ghost pirates are disrupting an oil expedition and people believe it is the work of the legendary pirate Black Jack Lee, who commanded the galleon - The Ivory Web as it sank centuries ago.
02 "Escape to Questworld" August 27, 1996 August 15, 1997
Race is hired to contain a nerve gas leak in Chicago, the legacy of a botched raid on Dr. Jeremiah Surd years earlier. When he and Dr. Quest are trapped, it's up to Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji to find the renegade scientist.
03 "In the Realm of the Condor" August 28, 1996 August 18, 1997
The Quest team follows Estella Scheele to find her missing ornithologist grandfather, and end up finding the lost golden city of El Dorado.
04 "Rage's Burning Wheel" August 29, 1996 June 6, 1997
When Ezekiel Rage hijacks a space shuttle commanded by Dr. Quest and Hadji, Jonny and Jessie must stop Rage's minions who have taken over Mission Control.
05 "Ndovu's Last Journey" August 30, 1996 June 9, 1997
Jonny, Jessie and Hadji track an elephant, Ndovu, as it returns to the elephants' graveyard. On the way, they run into poachers who aren't willing to wait for Ndovu to die naturally.
06 "Manhattan Maneater" September 2, 1996 June 10, 1997
New York City lives under the threat of a deadly slayer during a trip by Dr. Quest, Hadji and Jonny. They learn that the killer is from a different type of jungle, and become embroiled in a citywide race to eliminate the culprit.
07 "East of Zanzibar" September 3, 1996 June 11, 1997
The Quest Team enjoys a trip to the Republic of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean to discover if the mysterious wrecks of whaling vessels and the loss of a submarine are the work of Sea Monsters.
08 "Assault on Questworld" September 4, 1996 June 12, 1997
With Dr. Quest and Race in the Himalayas for a phenomenology conference, Jonny and Jessie are forced to impersonate their fathers in Questworld when Jeremiah Surd launches a two-pronged attack on the Quest compound and Hadji's mind.
09 "Ezekiel Rage" September 5, 1996 June 13, 1997
His plea for help turned down, a compromised spy and his family are presumably killed on duty. But when Dr. Quest visits a cave in New Mexico, he finds that Ezekiel Rage, and his anger towards the government, is still very much alive.
10 "Alien in Washington" September 6, 1996 June 16, 1997
Extraterrestrial transmissions turn out to be warnings to stop a series of space experiments, and the Vice President turns out to be an alien.
11 "Return of the Anasazi" September 9, 1996 June 17, 1997
Holding an Anasazi beacon capable of calling the alien fathers of current technology, Alice Starseer is pursued by men in black and asks Dr. Quest for help, whose capture provokes a cross-country rescue by Jonny and Jessie.
12 "The Alchemist" September 10, 1996 June 18, 1997
Dr. Quest is commissioned to find the Philosopher's Stone, which is reputed to be able to turn dross into gold. When he succeeds and donates the stone to a museum, it is stolen by Quest's partner, who wants to try it out for himself.
13 "Trouble on the Colorado" September 11, 1996 June 19, 1997
Alice Starseer is returning to Earth to lay her grandfather to rest, and Dr. Quest has been invited to attend the ceremony, but old enemies lurk among the rapids of the Colorado river, the route to the meeting site.
14 "In the Wake of the Mary Celeste" September 12, 1996 June 20, 1997
A century ago, the cargo ship "Mary Celeste" sank under mysterious circumstances. While on an expedition to find the "Mary Celeste's" remains, Dr Quest discovers what look like crop circles at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea – and a graveyard of ships in an area barren of marine life.
15 "AMOK" September 13, 1996 June 23, 1997
On an archaeological expedition in Borneo, the Quest team runs into a giant creature, reputed to savagely attack from all directions at the same time. Then they find out that man can be the greater beast.
16 "Besieged in Paradise" September 14, 1996 June 24, 1997
Jeremiah Surd taps into, and gains control of, the cetacean communications bandwidth, prodding cetaceans worldwide into savage attacks. The Quest team enlists the help of Captain Havell to track down Surd.
17 "The Spectre of the Pine Barrens" September 17, 1996 June 25, 1997
Dr. Quest, Jonny and Hadji head to New Jersey to investigate the Jersey Devil. Then they run into a two-hundred-year-old feud between descendants of the Redcoats and the Minutemen over the original copy of the Declaration of Independence.
18 "Heroes" September 18, 1996 June 26, 1997
Despite the breaking of its head, the recovery of a statue of Apollo from Greece by Quest Enterprises heralds an important archaeological find sure to catch the attention of Jeremiah Surd, who has his own plans for the monument.
19 "The Ballad of Belle Bonnet" September 19, 1996 June 27, 1997
Jonny discovers a ghost guarding a wagonload of gold, and realizes the woman was a thief that stole gold to help an Indian school, but was lost in the vast caverns under the desert centuries ago.
20 "In the Darkness of the Moon" September 23, 1996 July 1, 1997
A werewolf attack in northern Canada brings the Quest team to investigate. Race finds romance with an attractive outback doctor who turns out to be the last female descendant of a werewolf family.
21 "The Secret of the Moai" September 24, 1996 July 2, 1997
A missing link is found in an alien spaceship that landed on Easter Island, but when Dr. Quest and Race enter Questworld to investigate what they've found, they run into Jeremiah Surd - who wants use them as guinea pigs in his own experiment with human de-evolution.
22 "Expedition to Khumbu" September 25, 1996 July 3, 1997
Betrayed by a colleague who wants sole credit for proving the existence of the yeti, Dr. Quest is all but lost in an avalanche in the mountains of Nepal. When his family begins searching, they are threatened by a similar fate.
23 "Ice Will Burn" September 26, 1996 June 30, 1997
On a delivery mission for Dr. Quest in Siberia, Jessie Bannon and the Quest Jet fall to the earth and break through the ice to land in a massive underworld, where she is hailed by the inhabitants as the one who will restore a volcano's heat.
24 "Future Rage" October 29, 1996 July 4, 1997
Ezekiel Rage steals a compact thermonuclear device and plans to melt the polar ice caps. The team set out in the Questsled to foil his plan, unaware that the Aurora Borealis in the sky above shall prove their greatest weapon.
25 "Alligators and Okeechobee Vikings" September 1, 1996 July 8, 1997
Thought to be eco-terrorists, Vikings in alligator suits assault a drilling rig in the Florida Everglades and prompt an inquiry from Dr. Quest. After Jonny and Hadji are lost in an air boat incident, he finds that the Vikings are the least of his problems.
26 "To Bardo and Back" January 2, 1997 July 7, 1997
The Quest team employs QuestWorld to try and revive Race, who has been rendered comatose in a rodeo accident caused by Jeremiah Surd -- who in turn exploits the opportunity to attack Race at his most vulnerable.

Season 2 (1996-1997)

# Episode Title Original Airdate Toonami Airdate
27 "The Mummies of Malenque" December 11, 1996 March 25, 1997
Race and the team travel to Colombia to pick up Jessie from a vacation with her mother, Estella. She's been studying the extinct Malenque civilization—whose mummies hold a dark and perilous secret.
28 "Rock of Rages" December 12, 1996 March 19, 1997
The Quest team journeys to the Czech Republic to help translate an artifact that's supposed to be the key to controlling a Golem. They run afoul of an ex-KGB operative who's determined to reactivate the Golem to overthrow the government.
29 "Bloodlines" December 13, 1996 March 27, 1997
Following clues of disturbing childhood memories, Hadji, Race, Jonny and Jessie fly to Calcutta to find Pasha Peddler. They discover that his shop has been trashed by Thugs, and the resulting pursuit reveals the truth about Hadji's lineage.
30 "Race Against Danger" December 16, 1996 March 28, 1997
Race Bannon and the team visit Intelligence One training grounds to survey new cloaking mask technology. But when an old enemy shows up, Jonny and Race must run the obstacle course to fight for their lives.
31 "The Dark Mountain" December 17, 1996 March 31, 1997
Is Bigfoot on the loose in the Quest compound? More importantly, why is he stealing electronic components? The Quest team has to find the answers before a couple of big-game hunters bag themselves an exotic trophy.
32 "Cyberswitch" December 18, 1996 April 2, 1997
While driving his smart car, Race and Jonny are captured and taken to Jeremiah Surd, whose insidious new invention allows him to assume control of Race's body. Can Dr. Quest be warned in time, let alone reverse the process?
33 "Undersea Urgency" December 19, 1996 April 3, 1997
A seaquake releases a horde of murderous amphibians on a nearly-completed underwater research facility.
34 "Nemesis" December 20, 1996 April 4, 1997
Dr. Zin returns and subverts Dr. Benton Quest's satellite design to hold the world for ransom.
35 "DNA Doomsday" December 23, 1996 April 7, 1997
During a simulation to test out a military installation's defences, a bio-computer goes out of control.
36 "Ghost Quest" December 25, 1996 April 8, 1997
En route to Nova Scotia in the new "Questor II", Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji discover a mysterious island enshrouded in fog with a strange caretaker, supernatural phenomena, and a tragic past.
37 "Nuclear Netherworld" December 26, 1996 April 9, 1997
While visiting Jonny's Grandpa Doug on his ranch, Jonny and Hadji find out that a nearby biodome experiment is actually a cover for a plant making weapons-grade uranium.
38 "Eclipse" December 27, 1996 April 10, 1997
The team lands in New Orleans to watch the lunar eclipse. Plans change when a mysterious woman pursued by strangers armed with silver bullets charms Hadji and proposes to move the viewing party to her mansion.
39 "Without a Trace" December 30, 1996 April 11, 1997
Air Force One has been hijacked, and the government has arrested Dr. Quest as the prime suspect. Jonny and the gang struggle to find the plane and challenge Surd, armed with his infamous nerve gas and Questworld tricks.
40 "Village of the Doomed" December 31, 1996 March 20, 1997
While driving in England on a fly-fishing trip, Jonny and Dr. Quest are assaulted by a crazed man with a microchip in his neck. They recuperate in the quiet town of Wychford under the watchful eye of a chip manufacturer.
41 "Dark Sentinel" February 10, 1997 March 21, 1997
In Cameroon, Dr. Quest hopes to learn more about a restorative tree sap threatened by loggers. All parties are put in danger when a researcher's son goes unconscious and an ancient tribe's guardian appears.
42 "Other Space" February 11, 1997 March 24, 1997
With the help of Dr. Quest's theories, professor Diana Cruz has opened a portal to another dimension. When the team arrive to evaluate the findings, otherworldly interlopers appear to stake their claim on Earth.
43 "Digital Doublecross" February 12, 1997 April 17, 1997
Hot off the heels of a Hoverboard race, Jonny and Jessie load up the Questworld game "Mega Quest" to settle the score. But when a sleeper virus implanted by Surd warps the game, more than bragging rights are on the line.
44 "Thoughtscape" February 13, 1997 April 18, 1997
Intercepted by Surd on a return trip from the movies, Jessie goes on a rampage at the Quest Compound before passing out. Can Jonny and Dr. Quest undo the subconscious brainwashing, or will Surd finally have his revenge?
45 "The Bangalore Falcon" February 14, 1997 April 21, 1997
Visiting Hadji, the team are taken for a ride in Pasha's new helicopter when they spot a rare falcon thought to be extinct. A burglary at the palace proves they're not the only ones interested in the bird or its mystical homeland.
46 "Diamonds and Jade" March 14, 1997 April 23, 1997
A famous Indonesian gem goes missing and three jewel buyers turn up dead. Race, Jonny, and Jessie hit the streets of Djakarta with Jezebel Jade to recover the prize; their opponents are not the thieves, but the shadow they cast.
47 "The Edge of Yesterday" March 17, 1997
Ezekiel Rage dooms the world to destruction when he plants a thermonuclear bomb two miles within the Earth's crust. With the apocalypse nearing, Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji resort to Dr. Quest's last-ditch program, "Rachel"—a time portal.
48 "The Haunted Sonata" March 18, 1997
Jonny and Jessie attend a recital of Franz Duncek's work in Prague, where a possessed piano crashes through the audience. A lost sonata is found in the palace's catacombs soon after, but those halls hold a much darker secret.
49 "General Winter" March 26, 1997
Communist visionary General Vostok returns, seeking to harness the power of winter itself. With the power of ice, he forces Dr. Quest to build the perfect weapon; can Jonny infiltrate his base and escape Vostok's chilling grip?
50 "Night of the Zinja" April 14, 1997
Upon his deathbed, Dr. Zin commands his daughters to carry out his dream and eliminate the Quest family. The operation begins with an android assault on Race and the team while in Tokyo to recover Dr. Quest's movement prototypes.
51 "The Robot Spies" April 15, 1997
Dr. Zin revives his Robot Spies and ravages the Quest Compound, abducting Jonny, Jessie, and her mother Estella in the process. Dr. Quest and Race team up with Jade to infiltrate his lair, but their arrival is well anticipated.
52 "More Than Zero" April 16, 1997
Race, Dr. Quest, Jonny and Hadji travel to a Venetian mansion to authenticate the claims and machinery of paranormal scientists. The situation turns dire when the machine accidentally empowers a malevolent entity.
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