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Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 26 October 1, 1996 March 24, 1997
Movie 01

Season 1 (1996-1997)


Episode Title

Original Airdate

1 "To Go Like a Man" October 1, 1996
It's the late 22nd century, in the battle against the Jovian Lizards, Nergal launches its battleship ND-001 Nadesico. The crew however are a bit troublesome, in particular Captain Yurika Misumaru. She bumps into her childhood love, Akito Tenkawa, who begins work on the ship as a cook, but he is soon forced to fight.
2 "Leave the Blue Earth to Me" October 8, 1996
Not liking the idea of a powerful battleship in the hands of civilians, the United Earth military sends Admiral Misumaru's fleet to take control of the Nadesico. Will Yurika be able to protect her ship from her own father? And will Akito ever find out the truth about his parents' deaths?
3 "A Goodbye That Came Too Soon" October 15, 1996
The Nadesico's next destination is Mars, but in order to get there, it has to pass through the Earth's various lines of defense, including the "Big Barrier". Can the Nadesico convince the United Earth forces to take down the barrier, or will they just have to defy Earth and punch their way through?
4 "Charmed by Aqua Space" October 22, 1996
The Nadesico heads out to the L2 colony to pick up some new Aestivalis pilots, but end up on a rescue and retrieval mission of a more urgent nature after the colony is destroyed in a surprise attack.
5 "Ruri's Navigation Logs" October 29, 1996
Yurika is forced to conduct a wide range of funerals after the Nadesico's previous battle. Things are made worse when Chief Science Officer Ruri tells her that the main job of the captain is to act as a figurehead, and she has no real power.
6 "Sort of Like a Fateful Decision" November 5, 1996
Having made it to Mars, the Nadesico fends off an attack and locates an underground colony of survivors. But rather than being grateful to be rescued, the survivors have no intention of leaving their home, because they believe the Nadesico will be destroyed before it gets back to Earth! Can Yurika prove that the Nadesico is up to the task, or is the colonists' dire prediction all too accurate?
7 "The Song That You Will Sing One Day" November 12, 1996
Whilst Yurika and Inez put together a "Get to Know the Nadesico" broadcast to explain the Nadesico's recent adventures on Mars, the crew's thoughts turn towards finding a way to repair their ship enough to leave Mars and head home. Meanwhile, Akito has issues of his own to work through when he learns that it was Admiral Fukube's fault the Jovian chulip destroyed his home on Mars.
8 "The Luke Warm 'Cold Equation'" November 19, 1996
The Nadesico returns to Earth via the chulip on Mars, only to find that 8 months have passed while they were inside, and that Nergal has built a second battleship. Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Akito discovers that his paralysing fear has returned, making him a vulnerable target for the Jovians.
9 "The Miracle Operator of the Kiss?" November 26, 1996
Whilst Admiral Munetake sends the Nadesico to rescue a goodwill ambassador from a glacier, Megumi decides to use her free time to get closer to Akito in a virtual reality simulation of a high school fantasy. But can Akito commit to Megumi when his childhood memories of Yurika keep interfering?
10 "The Dangers of Femininity" December 3, 1996
Despite being ordered to investigate a giant chulip on a tropical island, the crew decide to first enjoy some swimsuit time at the beach. Meanwhile, having slipped away from his admirers and their nightmarish attempts at cooking, Akito runs into a girl who seems to embody his idea of the perfect woman. Can reality ever match up to fantasy, or is Akito in for a crazy disappointment?
11 "Finding Yourself in a 'Routine Plot'" December 10, 1996
The Nadesico finds itself in trouble when they are taken down by a micro black hole from a new land-based Jovian cannon called the "walking stick". Now it is up to the Aestivalis pilots to reach the walking stick and destroy it before it recharges, but Akito fears that unless his colleagues can figure out the meaning of teamwork, they cannot succeed.
12 "Those Unforgettable Days" December 17, 1996
When the Nadesico's computer system malfunctions and starts attacking United Earth forces vessels, Admiral Munetake decides that the ship's memory banks should be wiped and reinstalled. Unwilling to see Omoikane (the ship's AI) and all its valuable data erased, Ruri enlists Akito's aid on a virtual reality mission to save Omoikane and keep its memory.
13 "There is No Single Truth" December 24, 1996
It's Christmas on board the Nadesico, but behind the veneer of festivities, more serious events are moving forward. With the Nadesico set to join the military, the crew faces being drafted into the UEAF- all except Akito, that is, who is set to be replaced by a trained pilot. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Erina asks Akito to help further her research into organic boson jumping (teleportation).
14 "Let's Go with Hot-Blooded Anime" December 31, 1996
In a reversal of perspective, the Gekigangar crew settle down to watch the latest adventures of the Nadesico. Unfortunately, with no time to put together new footage, the Nadesico crew instead present a clip show, including information on the ship, the crew, and all their adventures to date.
15 "The Significant Other from a Star Far Away" January 7, 1997
Whilst the Nadesico heads to the Moon to pick up Akito, Munetake suspects that the pilots of the Jovian robot they recovered from Earth may be hiding somewhere on the ship. Uribatake is ordered to track down the intruder, but will anybody on board be prepared for the consequences of discovering the true nature of the Jovians?
16 "The Beginning of Nadesico's War" January 14, 1997
Whilst the Nadesico docks at the moon to await the launching of its sister ship the Shakuyaku, Megumi and Minato are taken aboard the Jovian starship, crewed by the "Superior Male" Gekigangar fanboys. But there are revelations for everyone as the crew learns the truth about the origin of the Jovians, not to mention the realisation that there were those who already knew the whole story, and chose to keep it quiet.
17 "A Reunion That Came Too Late" January 21, 1997
When Nergal finds out that Uribatake has been embezzling funds and spending a lot of time with Hikaru, Yurika drags Akito along on a special investigation to find out just exactly what the chief engineer has been getting up to. Meanwhile, when Munetake discovers that he may be demoted, he desperately searches for a way to get back into the military's good graces.
18 "Echoes of Self, Echoes of Water" January 28, 1997
Ruri discovers who her genetic parents are, and with the help of Akito begins to learn her own history. This leads to worries that she will leave the Nadesico behind.
19 "You're the Next Captain of the Nadesico" February 4, 1997
Nergal decides that the Nadesico crew needs to be kept happy with a bright and beautiful new captain- and what better way to select one than with a talent contest? Believing the contest is just to raise morale, Yurika readily agrees, and all the crew gets excited about showing off. All, that is, except Ryoko, who wonders whether she has any other talents than fighting and killing.
20 "Run Silent, Run Deep" February 11, 1997
Yurika must use all her tactical skills to save the ship from the Jovian's "leap cannon"- a weapon capable of teleporting warheads right inside the Nadesico. Can Yurika prove that she's more than just a ditz by taking down this new threat?
21 "The Meadows We Once Ran Across" February 18, 1997
The Nadesico has been tasked with defending the moon using its new phase transition cannon, but when something goes wrong with the Y Unit, the weapon becomes inoperable. With only an hour to fix it, the ship's pilots are sent down to traverse the now hazardous corridors leading down to the Y Unit and find out what has happened, a task made all the more difficult by the fact that their minds have become linked together into an illusory "memory mahjongg" game, whilst repressed portions of their personalities take control of their bodies.
22 "Protect the Visitor?" February 25, 1997
The Jovians have sent a peace emissary over to the Nadesico- Yukina Shiratori, younger sister of Tsukumo. However, peace is the last thing on Yukina's mind- she plans to assassinate Minato, the "savage Earth woman" who "corrupted" her brother! And with the Nadesico about to arrive back on Earth, how will Nergal and the UEAF react to there being a Jovian aboard the ship?
23 "A Place We Call Home" March 3, 1997
Having left the ship, the Nadesico crew attempt to settle back into their old lives on Earth, despite the fact that Nergal is keeping a close eye on them. But the longer they stay on Earth, the more the crewmembers begin to realise how important it is to finish what they started on the Nadesico
24 "Ubiquitous Righteousness" March 10, 1997
Truth, peace, and justice- these are the ideals that the Nadesico wants both warring sides to appreciate, and what could embody them better than the century-old Gekigangar anime? Whilst Tsukumo Shiratori arrives on board to act as an ambassador, Yurika organizes a ship wide "Geki-Fest", hoping that the themes of the show will help both Earthlings and Jovians understand how to achieve peace.
25 "Being Myself, Being Yourself" March 17, 1997
The ancient ruins on Mars and the control they offer over boson jumping have become the prize that everyone wants to claim- none more than Akatsuki and Nergal. As the Jovians gear up for a final offensive, the Nadesico crew find themselves working with sister ship the Kakitsubata to make sure Nergal comes out on top.
26 "For the Lady We Will Meet Someday" March 24, 1997
It's down to the Nadesico to keep the ancient Martian ruins out of enemy hands, but with the Jovian fleet closing in, it looks as if the only way to do that will be to destroy them! Meanwhile, a face from the past awaits Akito at the ruins, but will he arrive in time to meet her?

Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture – Prince of Darkness

Nadesico Prince of Darkness.jpg

Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture – Prince of Darkness, also known as Prince of Darkness Nadesico or Nadesico the Movie: Prince of Darkness, is a 1998 anime film written and directed by Tatsuo Sato, and it is a sequel to the series Martian Successor Nadesico. The movie won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize in 1998. Originally licensed by ADV Films, the movie, along with the TV Series have been re-licensed to Nozomi Entertainment

The movie was meant to be viewed along with Nadesico: The Blank of Three Years, a video game for the Sega Saturn that takes place immediately after the TV series ends, and before the movie begins, filling in on details that leads up to the plot of the movie. However, the game was never translated and released outside Japan.



Release Date

1 "Prince of Darkness" August 8, 1998
Three years have passed since the end of the war with the Jovians. Yurika and Akito are missing, presumed dead in a shuttle accident, Ruri has taken over as the captain of the Nadesico B, and the rest of the old crew have settled down into their new lives. But when a new group called the Martian Successors starts wreaking havoc in space, it falls upon both new and old crew members of the Nadesico to come together and protect the Earth one more time.
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