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Megaman Star Force, known as Shooting Star Rockman in the original Japanese language version, is an anime series based on the video game of the same name. The series first premiered in Japan on October 7, 2006, two months before the game's Japanese release, and concluded October 27, 2007. The anime was licensed by Viz Media and first premiered in English on the online streaming video service Toonami Jetstream on July 23, 2007.[1] On August 25, the series made its only television appearance on Cartoon Network's Toonami block with a 2-hour special.[1]

Megaman Star Force follows the adventures of Geo Stelar and his extraterrestrial partner Omega-Xis, a duo capable of merging through "Electromagnetic Wave Change" to become Mega Man. Together, they combat various EM wave beings that threaten to conquer or destroy the Earth, especially the invading FM Planet's forces.


The year is 220X. Technology has advanced rapidly since the age of the internet, leading to the creation of new and more efficient modes of transportation, as well as the construction of futuristic cities, all linked together by three satellites orbiting the Earth—Pegasus, Leo, and Dragon. The satellites accomplish this by maintaining a network of EM waves around the planet's atmosphere, thereby powering the invisible EM Wave World. The human population carries portable devices called Transers to interface with the EM Wave World and other electronic devices. Problems caused by criminals and EM Wave Viruses manipulating the EM Wave World are commonly dealt with by the Satella Police.

A proud warrior of the FM Planet, Omega-Xis, betrays his kind and escapes to Earth where he makes contact with Geo Stelar. Like his fellow extraterrestrials called FM-ians, Omega-Xis is capable of initiating a process known as "Electromagnetic Wave Change," which transforms ordinary humans of the same frequency as themselves into "EM Wave Humans," allowing them to freely operate in the EM Wave World. With these new powers, Geo becomes known as Mega Man, a hero of Echo Ridge. However, Omega-Xis holds the key to accessing the weapon Andromeda, capable of destroying planets. As such, many FM-ians pursue Omega-Xis with the intent of retrieving the key in their goal to destroy the Earth. Meanwhile, Omega-Xis also knows the secret to the disappearance of Geo's father in a catastrophic space accident months ago.

The first half of the series focuses on the FM-ians hunting Omega-Xis for the Andromeda Key. Eventually, they succeed, but by using Star Force, Mega Man is able to sustain Andromeda and destroy the key. In the latter half of the series, the FM-ians band together, taking the guise of their original human counterparts, and seek a way to energize a new Andromeda Key. Eventually, Gemini Spark takes the reins of the operation and succeeds in reviving Andromeda, but the FM-ian king Cepheus descends onto Earth to put a stop to all of the chaos. Geo also has an encounter with his father Kelvin who reveals that he has become an EM wave being and is still exploring space, and that Geo's place is on Earth, fighting for justice as Mega Man.



Geo Stelar — Geo is the main protagonist of the series. A gentle but a bit lonely fifth-grade student, Geo mourns the disappearance of his father that occurred three years prior, and has neglected school as a result. After being confronted by his classmates who pester him to return to school, he heads to an observing platform where he discovers the fugitive FM-ian Omega-Xis by donning the Visualizer glasses left to him by his father, which allows him to view the EM Wave World. Omega-Xis, having stolen the mysterious Andromeda Key from the FM King, claims to have knowledge of the boy's missing parent. The two are able to merge becoming Mega Man. Geo uses this newfound power to protect his friends and others from the invading FM-ians. Aided by Sonia Strumm and Lyra, they combat such threats as the forces of the FMian king, Cepheus, as well as the minions of Dr. Vega and the Dealers.

Sonia and Luna have been shown to have feelings for him, though he is seen to be oblivious. Like any 10-year-old, however, any mentioning of either not only leaves him confused, but embarrassed as well.

Omega-Xis — Omega-Xis is an AM-ian; unlike FM-ians, AM-ians are able to turn humans into EM waves without fusing with them. At first, Omega has no feelings towards the Earth or its people, including Geo, with his only concern being the safety of the Andromeda Key; however, he slowly begins to change and care for others.

Sonia Sky — Sonia Strumm in the original version and Sonia Sky in the english version, is a popular rock star who, like Geo, is depressed over the loss of a parent, her mother, which leads them to establish a friendship. She is similar to Mayl in the Battle Network series. In terms of demeanor, Sonia is quite the opposite of Geo: spunky, outspoken, and mischievous. Sonia seems to be romantically interested in Geo, shown by the fact that she has asked Geo out on dates several times. Sonia also throws herself in front of one of Queen Ophiuca's attacks to protect Geo, and as a result is poisoned. Sonia is constantly pressured by her money-starved manager, leading Lyra to manipulate her into transforming into Harp Note, Lyra Note in the English anime, and attack people throughout the city.

Lyra — Lyra, known as Harp in the Japanese version, is based on the constellation Lyra. She is an FM-ian who used to work for the FMian king and often hides in Sonia's guitar. Her form is a cross between a harp and a note. She is shown to act like a high status old lady, whom gets into arguments with Omega-Xis. When she first met Sonia, Lyra tries unsuccessfully to invade Sonia's heart, so she is forced to take control of her while she sleeps. Following her defeat by Mega Man, Lyra becomes an ally of Omega-Xis.

Luna Platz — Luna Platz, known as Luna Shirogane in the Japanese version, is the perky and bossy fifth-grade class president of Echo Ridge Elementary (Kodama Elementary in the Japanese version). In the beginning of the series, she constantly tries to get Geo to come to school, claiming that it is her job to get him there. When Geo finally comes to school, Luna basically treats Geo like another flunky. Luna openly admits she adores Mega Man from the second he saved her. However, it is constantly implied that Luna has developed strong feelings for Geo, stemming from Geo's declaration that he would protect her, and various other times. Her English last name is a play on her original last name, the kanji of which mean "platinum". As the class president, most of her friends refer to her as "The Prez", or simply "Prez".

Luna was infatuated with Mega Man after he saved her life, though unaware of his secret identity. It was this weakness that she is targeted by "Ophiuchus" during one of Sonia's concerts, taking advantage of Luna's desire to see her hero and her jealousy over Lyra Note, who she believes may be romantically involved with Mega Man. Even as "Ophiuchus Queen", Luna still had retained her crush on Mega Man, and in the fight with Mega Man, actually flirted with him more than attacking. Luna, after witnessing Mega Man change back to Geo goes into self-denial of seeing it though Zack and Bud were present at the time. Luna also seems to like Geo, making food for him and bickering with Lyra Note over who likes Mega Man more.

Bud Bison — Bud Bison, known as Gonta Ushijima in the Japanese version, is a gruff bully who attempts to intimidate Geo into returning to school. Bud is very much like Dex from Battle Network, as he is, at first, a bully character who eventually makes amends with the main character. He is quite a dim witted student who depends on Luna to get him out of trouble or explaining things to him. He has a crush on Luna. The last name Ushi means cow or cattle in Japanese. The English adaptation of his last name refers to a Bison.

Bud tried to threaten Geo to go to school for Luna. Omega-Xis's brash personality causes Geo to punch Bud, leaving him embarrassed and his companions questioning their association with him, with Luna threatening to cut off their Brother Band, which Bud feels would make him a nobody. Taurus acts on his anguish, offering him the power to get Geo back. Under Taurus' control, Bud begins randomly destroying red objects in the real world. When he, Luna, and Zack go on patrol, they encounter Geo where Bud transforms and escapes into the cyber network of a truck that Luna and Zack are riding in, driving it recklessly through the city, attempting to run Geo over. Afterwords, Bud has little recollection of the incident, only that he did some terrible things.

Zack — Zack, known as Kizamaro Saishoin in the Japanese version, is a nerdy and condescending student who is more or less one of Luna's flunkies. Zack seems to also have a problem with his height and tries numerous ways to get taller. Zack also appears to be afraid of heights. Zack usually gets information off of his own website, "Zackpedia". After discovering Geo was Mega Man, Zack starts to admire him more. He, Luna, Bud, and Geo usually help test out Tom Dubius's new upgrade for the Star Carrier. Zack is the only one of Geo's immediate friends who has not Wave Changed.


Taurus — Taurus, known as Ox in the Japanese version, is based on the constellation Taurus. He is an extremely strong armored bull with the bashfulness of a bull as well. He emits fire to propel himself forward or to burn his enemies. When he fuses with Bud, he becomes Taurus Fire, known as Ox Fire in the original version.

Cygnus — Cygnus is an FM-ian based on the constellation Cygnus. When he fuses with Tom, they become Cygnus Wing.

Gemini — Gemini is based on the constellation Gemini. When fused with Patrick, they separate into two and become Gemini Spark. After his defeat, Gemini is restored by the FM King, Cepheus, along with the other FM warriors. In an attempt to stop Geo and Omega-Xis from going to space and fighting Andromeda, he faces them both, using memory data to re-assume the form of Gemini Spark. However, due to Pat's intervention, Geo and Omega-Xis are able to fight back and destroy Gemini, though he is later revived once again by Cepheus. Pat then rejoins Geo's friends.

Libra — Libra is an old brown looking FM-ian with a balance for a Torso. He is based on Libra. When he takes over Mitch, they become Libra Scales, known as Libra Balance in the Japanese version.

Crown — Crown is an FM-ian based on the Corona Borealis. When fused with Jean Couronne's remains, they become Crown Thunder. In the anime, after being defeated, Crown is later able to take the form of W Couronne, but his body is cold and dead with various arrows protruding from it, causing humans to flee at the sight of him. Like Cancer, he was a fan of Sonia. Gemini Spark ultimately deletes him in order to fill the Andromeda Key with minus energy.



Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 55 October 7, 2006 October 27, 2007

The original Japanese episodes are roughly 10 minutes long, with the English version combining two episodes together to fill a single 30-minute time-slot. Although most of the plots in the Japanese version are already split between two 10-minute episodes, a few one-part and three-part plots disrupt what would otherwise be a seamless combination of episodes. Thus, many English-dubbed episodes begin with the conclusion of the previous episode and end with a cliffhanger. Either way, this is problematic, as the series ends on an odd number of episodes. In order to compensate, Viz has combined Japanese episode 25 with ten minutes of recycled footage from the previous 25 episodes. This footage acts as a recap of the story up to that point and is accompanied with narration by Geo Stelar.

The series loosely follows the events of the first Nintendo DS Megaman Star Force video game. However, the storyline makes an obvious shift at Japanese episode 32 using many concepts not featured in the games, specifically, the FM-ians' quest to gather "minus energy" and their ability to transform into doppelgänger forms of the humans they once possessed. This implied that the series was in a state of filler plot-lines until the second video game was released.

Broadcast History[]

The show made its U.S. television debut on Cartoon Network's Toonami on August 25, 2007, edited as a 2-hour faux-movie presentation composed of Japanese episodes 1 thru 9 and heavily slimmed-down versions of episodes 12, 15, and 16. The series would never air in normal episodic format on U.S. television, and subsequent episode airings online revealed that the unusual edits are exclusive to its television appearance.

  • Japan (TV Tokyo) — October 7, 2006 - October 27, 2007
  • United States (Cartoon Network) — August 25, 2007

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