The following is a list of edits made to the 11 episodes of Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team that aired on Toonami. This list is a compilation of nine seperate lists that can be found on[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

War For TwoEdit

  1. Gundam pilot's "you want those pansies in the 07th..." changed to you want those wimps in the 07th..."
  2. Karen's "you drinkin' on the job again?" changed to "you working while you're sick again?"
  3. Flush on Gramp's cheeks initially painted out.
  4. Scene of Feddies playing cards cut.
  5. Feddie's "kick their asses" changed to "smack them around."
  6. Floating corpse on wrecked ship edited out.
  7. Another floating corpse edited out.
  8. Shiro's "piss me off" changed to "tick me off."
  9. Kiki now wears a digital bikini in preview.

Gundams in the JungleEdit

  1. Dialogue of Elindore and Gramps wagering on Shiro's longevity cut.
  2. Karen's "bust ass, people" changed to "let's move, people".
  3. Elindore's "probably out taking a piss, kid" changed to "probably out making the rounds, kid."
  4. Kiki now wears a red digital bikini.
  5. Scene of Shiro settling in to admire Kiki's swim cut.
  6. Nudie pictures removed from barracks.
  7. Scene of Shiro moving Kiki's butt out of his face cut from preview.

The Time Limit on TrustEdit

  1. Shiro's flashback to Kiki skinny dipping replaced with shot of waterfalls.
  2. Scene of Shiro dropping his gun in the Gundam cockpit cut.
  3. Scene of guerilla's kicking Shiro cut.
  4. Kiki's "be honest, you wanted to have me now" changed to "be honest, you thought you could get by us."
  5. Kiki's "...rude with dirty little minds" changed to "...rude, all guts and no brains."
  6. Scene of guerilla shoving a gun into Shiro's face cut.
  7. Shiro's "oh my god" changed to "there's no time."
  8. Elindore's nudie pictures now have digital sweaters.
  9. Scene of Zeon officer dying in his helicopter shortened.
  10. Scene of Kiki's crotch landing in Shiro's face as she bounces around the cockpit cut.
  11. Guerilla's "hey look, nudie pictures" changed to "hey look, souvenirs."

The Demon OverheadEdit

  1. Trooper's "pretty sad you have no friends because you killed them all" changed to "pretty sad you have no friends because of your bad luck."
  2. Trooper's "you son of a bitch, come here" changed to "you troublemaker, come here."
  3. Scene of Gramps taking bets on the fight cut.
  4. Scene of Gramps absconding with the bet money cut.
  5. Scene of Admiral Kraane making moves on Aina shortened.
  6. Scene of Karen kicking Sanders in the balls cut.
  7. Karen's dialogue altered to substitute "guts" for "balls."
  8. Karen's "just shake that Doomsday crap out of your head" cut.
  9. Scene of Karen getting battered about her cockpit after collision with the Apsalis shortened.
  10. Sander's "they're not going to die" changed to "they're not going to lose."

The Broken Order to StandbyEdit

  1. Eledore's "you old fart" cut.
  2. Scene of Zeon soldier firing at the mother and child cut.
  3. Zeon guard's "they're being executed tomorrow" changed to "they're being interrogated tomorrow."
  4. Zeon guard's "maybe you can pay us back with some wine next time" changed to "maybe you can pay us back with some grub next time."
  5. Eledore's "awaiting execution" changed to "awaiting interrogation."
  6. Karen's "now I'm really pissed" changed to "now I'm really ticked."
  7. Glass shard and blood digitally removed from Eledore's thigh.
  8. Blood digitally removed from Eledore's uniform.
  9. Scene of Karen conducting field surgery on Eledore cut.
  10. Scene of Gramps and Shiro's encounter with Maria cut.
  11. Scene of Eledore grabbing Karen's breast cut.

Battle Line in the Burning SandEdit

  1. Witness's "Oh, my God" changed to "Oh, my word."
  2. Eledore's nudie pictures cropped out of hover truck interior shots.
  3. Straddle shot of Kiki standing on Shiro's Gundam cut.
  4. Shiro's "...drink a nice cold beer" changed to "...drink a nice cold soda."


  1. Zeon trooper's "...give the Feddies hell" changed to "...give the Feddies pain."
  2. Shiro's "Or is it because they're dead?" changed to "Or is it because they're unconscious."
  3. Shiro's "Live of die, we're doing this together" changed to "Come what may, we're doing this together."
  4. Shiro's "Fire, damn it!" changed to "Come on, fire!"
  5. Scene of dying colonist reaching out to Shiro and leaving blood trails in his faceplate cut.
  6. Shiro's "You want in on the bath here?" changed to "You wanna go for a swim?"
  7. Aina now wears a black digital bikini.
  8. Shiro's "We'll be together again" changed to "I'll see you again."
  9. Blood removed from Top's face in preview.

Duty and IdealsEdit

  1. Toonami incorporated footage from Miller's Report into this episode.
  2. Scene of Ginias pointing his empty revolver at Aina and pulling the trigger cut.
  3. Arth's "We've got the mobile suits. We don't have to take this shit from them." cut.
  4. Rob's "Bartender! Vodka! And bring the whole bottle." changed to "Hey, Fender! Tea! And bring the whole bottle."
  5. Sally's "And you can forget the ice. I hate liquor when it's cold" changed to "And you can forget the ice. I hate cold ginseng on a rainy day".
  6. Scene of Gramps face down on the bar amidst a nest of empty bottles cut.
  7. Michel's "Would they really execute us for doing something like that" changed to "Would they really arrest us for doing something like that."
  8. Scene of Arth's shocked face at seeing a guerilla rocket launcher aimed at his cockpit cut.
  9. Guerilla's "You're dead" cut.
  10. Scene of Kiki's father and his aide getting incinerated cut.
  11. Guerilla's "This fight doesn't end until they're all dead" changed to "This fight doesn't end until they're all gone."
  12. Scene of the wounded Top recoiling in pain when her ammo is destroyed cut.
  13. Scene of Top in her cockpit filled with flying glass during rocket attack cut.
  14. Close-up of Top's terrified face as she launches her anti-personnel mines cut.
  15. Scene of torn guerilla bodies cut.
  16. Top's "I'll finish you" cut.
  17. Scene of Top's shattered cockpit streaming blood cut.
  18. Shiro's "...get my team killed" changed to "...get my team shot" in preview.

Front LinesEdit

  1. Karen's "Oh my god" changed to "what the heck."
  2. Eledore's "No way are you killing Karen" changed to "No way are you getting Karen."
  3. Eledore's "...pissed my pants" changed to "...wet myself."
  4. Scene of Zeon doctor giving a Zeon trooper an injection cut.
  5. Long scene of Zeon trooper attempting to help Aina with a crate and dropping it to reveal stimulant drugs cut.
  6. Zeon trooper's "I'll bet a fat ass like you prefers 0g" changed to "I'll bet a fatso like you prefers 0g."
  7. Vials of drugs digitally removed from cart next to the bound Cynthia.
  8. Scene of Kraane and his men dying in the booby trapped tunnel shortened.

The Shuddering Mountain (Part 1)Edit

  1. Aina's "I can't let these soldiers die because of my brother's arrogant delusions" changed to "I cannot sacrifice these soldiers for my brother's arrogant delusions."
  2. Aina's "...then I'll be the one who killed him" changed to "...then I'll be the one responsible."
  3. Aina's "...he won't die alone" changed to "...he won't go by himself".
  4. Eledore's "Shut up a second" changed to "keep it down."
  5. Shiro's "My field of vision sucks" changed to "My field of vision's awful."
  6. Photographs digitally removed from the interior of the hover truck.
  7. Michel's "Oh god, help us" changed to "Oh please help us."
  8. Shiro's "The second you start thinking of him as a normal Zeek, you'll be dead" changed to "The second you start thinking of him as a normal Zeek, it'll be over."
  9. Ginias' "I hope everyone finds the wine to their liking" cut.
  10. Norris' "Die knowing you lost to someone who really knows how to use a mobile suit" cut.
  11. Norris' "I've found the place where I am to die" changed to "I've found my final resting place."
  12. Scene of Ginias walking past the poisoned corpses of the research staff cut.
  13. Shiro's "Just finish me for god's sake" changed to "Just finish me for Pete's sake."
  14. Shiro's "They're all gone" changed to "That's enough."
  15. Cross on grave digitally replaced with a helmet on a rifle in the preview.

The Shuddering Mountain (Part 2)Edit

  1. Blood running from Ginias' mouth digitally removed.
  2. Ginias' "They're ALL OFF probably getting drunk somewhere" changed to "They're probably ALL OFF celebrating somewhere."
  3. Blood digitally removed from Ginias' face and tunic.
  4. Ryer's "If he deserts, execute him" changed to "If he deserts, eliminate him."
  5. Ryer's "I would prefer if I didn't have to execute your entire team" changed to "I would prefer if I didn't have to take out your entire team."
  6. Eledore's "Just shut up and pray" changed to "Just shut up and hope."
  7. Scene of Michel praying followed by Eledore praying cut.
  8. Aina's " would never bring any of the dead back to life" changed to " would never bring any of those men back to life."
  9. Scene of Ginias drawing his pistol against Aina cut.
  10. Bullet impact against Aina's chest digitally removed.
  11. Trickle of blood from Aina's mouth digitally removed.
  12. Shiro's "Aina! Don't die!" changed to "Aina! Don't leave!"
  13. Shiro's "You killed your own sister" changed to "You shot your own sister."
  14. Scene of the back of Aina's normal suit burning away in the blast cut.
  15. Ryer's "You will carry out the execution order immediately" changed to "You will carry out the elimination order immediately."
  16. Kojima's "Execution!?" changed to "Elimination!?"
  17. Ryer's "I've already given an order for his execution" changed to "I've already given an order for his termination."
  18. Kojima's "Why this is nothing but a lynching" changed to "This is just a big mistake."
  19. Shiro's "Now I have to kill him" changed to "Now I have to get him."
  20. Eledore's "A double suicide" cut.

The Last ResortEdit

  1. This episode was cut entirely because there is no action or giant robots.


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