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Series Overview[edit | edit source]

Color Season Episodes Toonami Premiere Toonami Finale
1 22 January 7, 2017 June 10, 2017

Season 1 (2016)[edit | edit source]


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01 "Departure 0096" April 3, 2016 January 7, 2017
Members of the Neo-Zeon group "The Sleeves" travel to Side 4's Industrial 7 colony to rendezvous with Cardeas Vist of the Vist Foundation and retrieve a mysterious item known as "Laplace's Box." Little do they know that Zeon Princess Mineva Lao Zabi has stowed away aboard the ship with the intent of meeting Vist on her own accord. Meanwhile, Anaheim Electronics Academy student, Banagher Links, detects Mineva's presence and commandeers a mobile worker to rescue her from falling through the colony's sky.
02 "First Blood" April 10, 2016 January 14, 2017
After being saved by Banager, Mineva introduces herself as "Audrey Burne" and agrees to have him accompany her to the Vist Mansion on the edge of the colony. Meanwhile, the Sleeves engage in a skirmish with the Earth Federation's Londo Bell task force.
03 "They Called It Gundam" April 17, 2016 January 21, 2017
As the battle between the Sleeves and Londo Bell breaks through the colony, Cardeas attempts to escape arrest, but is shot by his own son Alberto. Banager travels around the underground corridors of the Vist mansion and discovers the mortally wounded Cardeast and the experimental mobile suit Unicorn Gundam. With his dying breath, Cardeas reveals to Banagher that he is his father and entrusts the Gundam only to him. Banagher launches in the Unicorn Gundam to confront the Kshatriya, piloted by the Sleeves' elite pilot Marida Cruz.
04 "Full Frontal's Pursuit" April 24, 2016 January 28, 2017
Shortly after driving the Sleeves away from Industrial 7, the Unicorn Gundam is recovered by the Londo Bell ship Nahel Argama. Upon regaining consciousness, Banagher is questioned by Daguza Mackle about how he came to possess the Unicorn Gundam but is interrupted by the Sleeves' surprise attack.
05 "Clash With The Red Comet" May 1, 2016 February 4, 2017
Full Frontal, the leader of the Sleeves, demands that the Nahel Argama hand over any items related to Laplace's Box, including the Unicorn. Daguza tries to ensure safe passage by exposing Audrey's identity as Mineva Lao Zabi and holding her hostage. Banagher sorties in the Unicorn against the Sinanju, but is blindsided by the Kshatriya before being taken to the Sleeves' asteroid base of Palau.
06 "Under the Mask" May 8, 2016 February 11, 2017
Banager is brought to the Sleeves' base, where he meets Full Frontal. While in captivity, he is provided dinner by Gilboa Sant and his family. Meanwhile, the Federation's ECOAS task force stages a surgical strike on Palau to rescue Banagher.
07 "The Battle at Palau" May 15, 2016 February 18, 2017
The Earth Federation and ECOAS execute their assault on Palau as Banager escapes with the Unicorn. He once again battles the Kshatriya until the NT-D system kicks in and defeats the Sleeves' mobile suit. Marida is captured and Alberto Vist is allowed to take her to an Anaheim Electronics facility on Earh. Meanwhile, Riddhe Marcenas springs Audrey from detention and they head to Earth to meet up with his father Ronan.
08 "Laplace, Where It All Began" May 22, 2016 February 25, 2017
The Unicorn reveals the first clue to Laplace's Box as the ruins of the Laplace space station, which was destroyed by terrorists in U.C. 0001. However, Full Frontal and the Sleeves are not far behind.
09 "Retribution" May 29, 2016 March 4, 2017
Banagher and Daguza proceed to the remains of Laplace with the intention of activating Laplace's Box, but hear the original broadcast of the Earth Federation establishment ceremony. When Full Frontal and his Sinanju arrive, Daguza sacrifices his life to buy Banagher some time to activate the Unicorn's Destroy Mode. The fight sheds parts of the Laplace colony and sends them into the atmosphere. Banagher continues to pursue Full Frontal during the reentry, but a beam magnum shot meant for the Sinanju hits Gilboa instead. As Banagher enters the atmosphere, Audrey arrives at the Marcenas estate.
10 "From the Scorching Earth" June 5, 2016 March 11, 2017
Zeon Remnant forces attack the Federation's Capitol Building in Dakar in a feint operation to allow the Garencieres to safely descend to Earth. Banagher and the Unicorn Gundam are revealed to have been rescued by the Garencieres during re-entry, but he broods over the death of Gilboa by his hands. Meanwhile, Marida is transported to a Federation facility somewhere in North America, where Martha Vist Carbine manipulates her with the remains of a Qubeley mass-production unit, which she and other Ple clones piloted in the past. Audrey is held at the Marcenas estate, but she escapes captivity and stops by at a local diner, where she engages in an insightful conversation with the diner's elderly owner. Bright Noa is ordered to take Riddhe on board the Ra Cailum under his command, as well as capture the Garencieres.
11 "Battle at Torrington" June 12, 2016 March 18, 2017
Following an encrypted message, Zeon Remnant forces from around the world band together for an all-out assault on Torrington Base in Australia, which is revealed to be the second clue to Laplace's Box. Loni Garvey, the Shamblo's pilot, falls victim to the malfunctioning on-board psycommu system, becoming a channel for her dead father's bloodlust and begins to indiscriminately massacre the civilian population, despite being ordered to avoid causing collateral damage. Banagher, appalled by the resulting destruction, confronts Zinnerman about his hypocritical rationalizing of the situation and flies out in the Unicorn Gundam to put a stop to Loni's rampage.
12 "A Private War" June 26, 2016 March 25, 2017
After failing to reason with Loni, Banagher activates the Unicorn Gundam's NT-D System in a last-ditch effort to stop her without resorting to lethal force. Incensed by Banagher's refusal to kill Loni, Riddhe decides to take her down himself, much to Banagher's dismay, and orders him at gunpoint to hand over the Unicorn Gundam under Captain Bright's orders. As he threatens Banagher, the two witness a mysterious black-colored Unicorn Gundam being dropped into the battlefield.
13 "Banagher Links, Soldier" July 3, 2016 April 1, 2017
Attacked by the Banshee, Banagher and the Unicorn Gundam are captured and brought aboard the Ra Cailum. Riddhe is surprised to learn that Alberto is Banagher's older half-brother. Riddhe's father Ronan has handed Mineva over to Alberto's aunt Martha, who transfers her aboard the giant airlifter Garuda as a pawn to get Banagher to talk. With no avenue of escape, Banagher still continues to hide the new coordinates to Laplace's Box. Bright, the commander of Londo Bell, recognizes that Banagher has the same possibilities as previous generations of Gundam pilots and gives him encouragement. Via Kai Shiden, Bright contacts the Garencieres to plan a joint operation to rescue Mineva. As he makes plans to send the Nahel Argama to provide backup, he sends Banagher to the Garuda, where Mineva is being held.
14 "Clash of the Two Unicorns" July 17, 2016 April 8, 2017
The Garencieres launches an operation to rescue Mineva and Marida, and Alberto orders Marida to stop them. Banagher changes the Unicorn Gundam into Destroy Mode and confronts the Banshee. Meanwhile, Mineva has escaped Martha's hands, and rejects Riddhe's offer of help. Trusting that Banagher will catch her, she throws herself into the air. Just as Mineva hopes, Banagher saves her and takes her to the Garencieres, then heads back to the Garuda to rescue Marida and Zinnerman. Marida is controlled by her hatred of the Gundam, but Zinnerman's appearance disrupts her determination. In his anger, Riddhe reminds Marida that the Banshee is also a Gundam. She is ejected from the Banshee, and rescued by Zinnerman.
15 "Waiting in Space" July 24, 2016 April 15, 2017
With Banagher, Mineva, and the others aboard, the Garencieres takes off for space. It suffers engine trouble en route, but Banagher refuses to give up. As he struggles, the Unicorn Gundam is surrounded by a mysterious light, and its power brings the Garencieres safely to its rendezvous with the Nahel Argama. However, the Earth Federation Forces' General Staff Headquarters has decided to eliminate the Nahel Argama and the Garencieres due to their connection to Laplace's Box. As Banagher and the others return to space, they are confronted by the huge General Revil, the biggest warship of the Federation Space Force. They are saved from this desperate predicament by Full Frontal and his Neo Zeon fleet. Having escaped the General Revil's pursuit thanks to the Sinanju's attack, the Nahel Argama is forced to form a join front with the Sleeves.
16 "The Side Co-Prosperity Sphere" July 31, 2016 April 22, 2017
Now on the run from the Federation Forces, the Nahel Argama has taken the desperate step of forming a joint front with the Sleeves. Though his crew resist the idea, Otto orders them to allow Frontal aboard the ship, in an attempt to learn his true intentions. Mineva likewise asks Frontal what he would do if he obtained the Box, and he reveals his idea of forming a Side Co-Prosperity Sphere that would strengthen the economic ties between the Moon and the Sides, excluding Earth and weakening the Federation. The disappointed Mineva predicts that this would result in further tragedies, but nonetheless she tells Frontal that the final coordinates for Laplace's Box are at Industrial 7's Magallanica. Meanwhile, Riddhe has received the Banshee Norn from Alberto, and he sets off in pursuit of the Unicorn Gundam.
17 "Nahel Agama Recaptured" August 7, 2016 April 29, 2017
Banagher is despondent now that Full Frontal has learned the final coordinates to Laplace's Box. Marida encourages him, saying that his chance will come if he holds onto his dreams. Meanwhile, Takuya and a few others have secretly called in a Federation Forces patrol ship and are awaiting the opportunity for a counterattack, but they are discovered by Angelo. Taking them hostage, Angelo demands the destruction of the patrol ship, and Captain Otto decides to dissolve the joint front. As fierce fighting unfolds, Banagher confronts Frontal. Mineva also takes a stand against Frontal's plan for a Side Co-Prosperity Sphere, and is joined by Marida. Zinnerman orders Marida to surrender, but her determination overcomes Zinnerman's hatred. Driven back by Banagher and Marida, Frontal and his comrades escape from the Nahel Argama and head for the Box's final coordinates.
18 "Fateful Battle" August 14, 2016 May 6, 2017
The Nahel Argama crew and the Sleeves are now engaged in a race to acquire Laplace's Box at Industrial 7. Banagher and Audrey are stopped halfway by the Banshee Norn piloted by Riddhe. An injured Marida intervenes in the confrontation to allow Banagher and Audrey to proceed to their goal. Meanwhile, Bright learns from Kai Shiden that the Federation is planning to activate the Gryps 2 colony laser to destroy the Box, and the Ra Cailum rushes to the Cheyenne base to stop the operation.
19 "Another Cosmic Glow" August 21, 2016 May 13, 2017
The Unicorn Gundam is trapped in the Rozen Zulu's psycho-jammers while Riddhe is overwhelmed by a thought resonance phenomenon and destroys the Kshatriya Repaired, killing Marida in the process. Marida's last thoughts reach the crew of the Nahel Argama and the Unicorn Gundam, warning them of the imminent danger within the sector. Her death causes the Unicorn Gundam to emit psycho-waves beyond measurement and destroy the Rozen Zulu. Meanwhile, Bright enters the Cheyenne base to confront Martha and Ronan.
20 "Laplace's Box" August 28, 2016 May 20, 2017
Banagher and Audrey arrive at Magallanica and meet Syam Vist, who reveals to them the truth about Laplace's Box. Having passed the tests given to him, Banagher is given the Box, but Full Frontal appears and claims it as its legitimate inheritor.
21 "To The World's End" September 4, 2016 June 3, 2017
After being rejected by Syam Vist, Full Frontal boards the Neo Zeong to acquire Laplace's Box by any means necessary. The Unicorn Gundam and Banshee Norn engage the mobile armor, but are quickly overwhelmed by its sheer firepower before Full Frontal sends Banagher's mind into the end of space and time. Meanwhile, Ronan approves the use of the Gryps 2 colony laser to destroy Laplace's Box, only to realize that Riddhe is within its firing range.
22 "Return" September 11, 2016 June 10, 2017
As the Gryps 2 colony laser fires toward Magallanica, Banagher and Riddhe use their full potential in an attempt to stop its destructive force. Their combined psycho field successfully blocks the colony laser, but at the cost of Banager being absorbed into the Unicorn Gundam. Audrey then reveals herself to the Earth sphere as Mineva Lao Zabi as she broadcasts her speech about Laplace's Box.
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