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My Hero Academia is an Japanese anime series animated by Studio Bones, based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. The series is directed by Kenji Nagasaki, written by Yōsuke Kuroda, and features character designs by Yoshikiko Umakoshi, with music composed by Yuki Hayashi.

The series premiered on MBS and other Japan News Network stations in Japan on April 3, 2016.[4][5] After the first season, the series began airing on NTV and YTV on March 25, 2017.

In March 2016, Funimation Entertainment announced they had licensed the series for streaming services, home and broadcast release. The English dub of the first 3 seasons premiered on Adult Swim's Toonami block from May 5, 2018[1] to August 17, 2019. Subsequently, reruns aired on Toonami until season 4 made its Toonami premiere from November 9, 2019 to June 27, 2020. Season 5 made its Toonami premiere from May 8, 2021 to November 6, 2021.[2][3] The series is rated TV-14-DLSV on Adult Swim.


On an Earth-like world where people with superpowers known as "Quirks" are the norm, Izuku Midoriya is a regular middle school student who has dreams of one day becoming a Hero despite being bullied by his classmates for not having a Quirk. After being the only one to try and save his childhood bully Katsuki from a Villain, the world's greatest Hero All Might bestows upon him his own quirk "One For All". The story follows Izuku's entrance into U.A. High School, a school that cultivates the next generation of Super Heroes.


Izuku Midoriya — Nicknamed Deku, he is a timid but kind boy who is extremely knowledgeable about heroes and dreams to be one himself like his idol, All Might, despite lacking a Quirk due to the trait required to have one being too diluted to be passed on in his family. However, when he steps up to save his childhood acquaintance Katsuki from an evil villain, All Might is inspired by his strength of spirit, and bestows upon him his Quirk "One For All", a Quirk that becomes more powerful the more people it is given to, and results in the user being able to call upon great physical strength. Izuku must hide the nature of his Quirk and his connection to All Might to protect the secret of One For All, which many would want to steal. He also utilizes a keen sense of strategy and an instinctive desire to save people.

Voice Cast

Character English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Izuku Midoriya Justin Briner Daiki Yamashita
Katsuki Bakugo Clifford Chapin Nobuhiko Okamoto
All Might Christopher Sabat Kenta Miyake
Ochaco Uraraka Luci Christian Ayane Sakura
Tenya Iida J. Michael Tatum Kaito Ishikawa
Tsuyu Asui Monica Rial Aoi Yuki
Minoru Mineta Brina Palencia Ryo Hirohashi
Momo Yaoyorozu Colleen Clinkenbeard Marina Inoue
Fumikage Tokoyami Josh Grelle Yoshimasa Hosoya
Denki Kaminari Kyle Phillips Tasuku Hatanaka
Eijiro Kirishima Justin Cook Toshiki Masuda
Shoto Todoroki David Matranga Yuki Kaji
Mina Ashido Caitlin Glass Eri Kitamura
Yuga Aoyama Joel McDonald Kosuke Kuwano
Mezo Shoji Ian Sinclair Masakazu Nishida
Mashirao Ojiro Mike McFarland Kosuke Miyoshi
Hanta Sero Christopher Bevins Kiyotaka Furushima
Toru Hagakure Felicia Angelle Kaori Nazuka
Rikido Sato Cris George Tōru Nara
Shota Aizawa Alex Organ Junichi Suwabe
Present Mic Sonny Strait Hiroyuki Yoshino



Color Season Episodes Toonami Premiere Toonami Finale
1 13 May 5, 2018 August 4, 2018
2 25 August 11, 2018 February 23, 2019
3 25 March 2, 2019 August 17, 2019
4 25 November 9, 2019 June 27, 2020
5 25 May 8, 2021 November 6, 2021

Broadcast History

The series premiered on MBS and other Japan News Network stations in Japan on April 3, 2016.[4][5] The second season premiered on NTV and YTV from March 25, 2017 to September 30, 2017, with the staff and cast from the first season returning in their roles.[6][7] The third season premiered on NTV and YTV on April 7, 2018, and the English simuldub produced by Funimation premiered the same day.[8] A fourth season began airing on YTV and NTV on October 12, 2019.[9]

In France, the series began airing on Toonami on February 12, 2018. In the United States, the series premiered on Adult Swim's Toonami block from May 5, 2018 to June 27, 2020.[1] From January 5, 2020 to March 7, 2020, the series also aired, outside of Toonami, on Adult Swim Saturdays at 8:00 PM and 8:30 PM. It also later aired weekdays at 5:30 AM on Adult Swim from April 27, 2020 to July 3, 2020. The series returned to Toonami in the United States on May 8, 2021 at 12:30 AM with the premiere of season 5.[2] Season 5 concluded on November 6, 2021 and the series was removed from the Toonami lineup.[3]

  • Japan (MBS, TBS) — April 3, 2016 - June 26, 2016
  • Japan (NTV, YTV) — March 25, 2017 - September 30, 2017; April 7, 2018 - Present
  • France (Toonami) — February 12, 2018[10] - Present
  • United States (Adult Swim) — May 5, 2018[1] - July 3, 2020; May 8, 2021[2] - November 6, 2021Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag On September 29, 2018, Toonami was expanded again and the series was moved to 9:30 PM. On January 5, 2019, the series was moved to the 12:00 AM time slot. On April 13, 2019, the series returned to the 11:30 PM time slot.[11] On May 25, 2019, the series was moved to the 10:30 PM timeslot. On July 6, 2019, the series move to the 3:30 AM timeslot.[12] On August 24, 2019, reruns of the series moved to the 4:00 AM timeslot.

Season 4 made its Toonami premiere on November 9, 2019, replacing Dragon Ball Super in the 11:00 PM time slot.[13] On February 22, 2020 My Hero Academia was pre-empted for one week only. The following week, February 29th, the series returned to the lineup in the 11:30 PM time slot.[14] On April 18, 2020, the series moved to the 12:00 AM time slot.[15] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a rerun of episode 85 was aired on May 9, 2020 instead of the premiere of episode 86, which was delayed by a week.[16] Reruns of episode 84-86 aired from May 23rd through June 6th due to further delays.[17] On June 8th it was announced that due to the ongoing delays Toonami would air a fan favorite episode of My Hero Academia (as voted on by fans via Facebook) instead of a new episode on June 13th.[18] Episode 49 "One For All" was chosen by fans and reaired. The final two new episodes of season 4 aired on June 20th and 27th, and the series was subsequently replaced in the lineup by reruns of Dragon Ball Super.

The series returned to Toonami on May 8, 2021 at 12:30 AM with the premiere of season 5.[2] The series moved to the 12:00 AM time slot on May 29, 2021.[19] The season 5 finale made its Toonami premiere on November 6, 2021 and the series was subsequently removed from the lineup.[3]

  • Toonami (France) — February 12, 2018[10] - Present
  • Toonami (United States) — May 5, 2018[1] - June 27, 2020; May 8, 2021[2] - November 6, 2021[3]

Toonami Marathons

My Hero Academia only had one marathon appearance during its run on Toonami, the My Hero Academia Marathon.

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