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Series Overview

Color Season Episodes Toonami Premiere Toonami Finale
1 13 May 5, 2018 August 4, 2018
2 25.5 August 11, 2018 February 23, 2019
3 25 March 2, 2019 August 17, 2019
4 25 November 9, 2019 June 27, 2020
5 25 May 8, 2021 November 6, 2021
Films 03 Unaired

Season 1 (2016)

No. in Series No. in Season Episode Title Japanese Airdate Toonami Airdate
01 01 "Izuku Midoriya: Origin" April 3, 2016 May 5, 2018
In a world where most of the population is gifted with special powers known as "Quirks", Izuku Midoriya is a young boy who always dreamed of becoming a hero, despite not having a Quirk himself, until one day he is attacked by a villain and is rescued by no other than All Might, the most famous hero ever and his idol since childhood.
02 02 "What It Takes to Be a Hero" April 10, 2016 May 12, 2018
Izuku discovers that All Might's true form is that of a frail, emaciated man, who suffered a massive injury years ago. All Might tells Izuku that he should give up on being a hero and focus on a more realistic dream. Disheartened, Izuku makes his way home, only to see his classmate and bully Katsuki Bakugō attacked by a villain. With no heroes around able to fight the villain, Izuku, without any thought given, rushes in.
03 03 "Roaring Muscles" April 17, 2016 May 19, 2018
All Might tells Izuku of his quirk, "One For All", a special quirk that transfers its strength from person to person. While All Might believes Izuku to be worthy of his quirk, bestowing it to him right away would ruin his untrained body. All Might then designs a ten-month training regimen to ensure that Izuku can become a vessel that can carry it.
04 04 "Start Line" April 24, 2016 June 2, 2018
After receiving All Might's Quirk, the time has come for Izuku to attend the exams for the prestigious U.A. High School for heroes in training. During the practical exam, Izuku gets himself in a pinch and is about to fail until one of his fellow examinees finds herself in serious danger and he runs to her rescue.
05 05 "What I Can Do For Now" May 1, 2016 June 9, 2018
It's Izuku's first day as a student of U.A. High School. However, his homeroom teacher Shōta Aizawa decides to hold a physical test to evaluate how the students use their Quirks. Mr. Aizawa threatens the worst ranked student with expulsion, and Izuku finds himself in another predicament as he still has not learned to control his Quirk properly.
06 06 "Rage, You Damned Nerd" May 8, 2016 June 16, 2018
Now donning their own hero costumes, the students are assigned to a mock battle between teams of two to test their combat abilities. Izuku is paired with Ochako Uraraka, the girl he helped during the entrance exams who also becomes his friend much to his joy. However, also to his dismay, one of his opponents is Bakugō, who always mocked him for his quirklessness, and is now furious at him.
07 07 "Deku vs. Kacchan" May 15, 2016 June 23, 2018
The mock battle continues with Izuku barely holding against Bakugō's devastating attacks, leaving Ochako to face the other opponent Tenya Iida by herself. As the time limit approaches, Izuku seems to have no option but to use his Quirk against Bakugō in an attempt to defeat him, until he comes up with a better idea.
08 08 "Bakugō's Starting Line" May 22, 2016 June 30, 2018
After losing against Izuku in the mock battle, Bakugō watches the rest of his classmates in action and realizes that he still has a long way to stand above his peers. After recovering from his injuries, Izuku attempts to cheer him up, to the point of sharing with him parts of his secret. Meanwhile, news that All Might is teaching at U.A. are received by some individuals with contempt.
09 09 "Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Iida!" May 29, 2016 July 7, 2018
Izuku is chosen as the class president, much to his surprise, but he ends up relinquishing the position to Iida when he and his friends find him more suitable for the position. The students are then assigned to another field exercise, but before it begins, a horde of villains suddenly appear before them.
10 10 "Encounter with the Unknown" June 5, 2016 July 14, 2018
The villains use their powers to scatter and ambush the students in order to attract All Might for a trap. Izuku ends up stranded and surrounded on a boat along with his classmates Tsuyu Asui and Minoru Mineta, but after learning more about their powers, he comes up with a plan to turn the tides literally. Elsewhere, Iida is chosen by the others to break through the enemy trap and call for help.
11 11 "Game Over" June 12, 2016 July 21, 2018
The students fight for their lives against the Villains while Iida manages to escape with his friends' help. Once it's clear that Iida will warn the other teachers who will come to stop them, the Villains' leader Tomura Shigaraki decides to kill Izuku and his friends just to hurt All Might's pride before they leave, when All Might himself appears.
12 12 "All Might" June 19, 2016 July 28, 2018
Shigaraki unleashes his secret weapon, the multi-quirk monster called "Noumu" against All Might, who finds himself in a pinch, until Izuku and some other students arrive to assist him, but All Might has little time left before he runs out of power to defeat the creature in order to protect the school.
13 13 "In Each of our Hearts" June 26, 2016 August 4, 2018
Although he was able to defeat the Noumu, All Might has no energy left and is defenseless against Shigaraki, but Izuku manages to stall the enemy long enough for the other teachers to arrive and force him to retreat. As the leftover Villains are captured and the students are rescued, All Might thanks Izuku for saving his life, but elsewhere, Shigaraki confers with his master, implying that their feud against the Heroes is just beginning.

Season 2 (2017)

No. in Series No. in Season Episode Title Japanese Airdate Toonami Airdate
13.5 0.5 "Hero Notebook" March 25, 2017 Unaired
A recap of the first season. Izuku looks back at the events that brought him to U.A. High School and on his path to becoming a hero.
14 01 "That's the Idea, Ochaco" April 1, 2017 August 11, 2018
As the students and teachers recover from the attack on USJ, Izuku learns why Ochaco wants to become a hero.
15 02 "Roaring Sports Festival" April 8, 2017 August 18, 2018
The U.A. sports festival begins and all eyes are on the first-years as they start their qualifying round—the obstacle course race.
16 03 "In Their Own Quirky Ways" April 15, 2017 August 25, 2018
The first years try to stand out as they struggle to finish the obstacle course race and qualify for a spot in the next round.
17 04 "Strategy, Strategy, Strategy" April 22, 2017 September 8, 2018
Izuku's having trouble finding a team for the cavalry battle in the next round of the U.A. sports festival, but luckily, he has a plan.
18 05 "Cavalry Battle Finale" April 29, 2017 September 15, 2018
The teams are fighting it out in the second half of the cavalry battle. Will Team Midoriya be able to keep their place in the top four?
19 06 "The Boy Born with Everything" May 6, 2017 September 22, 2018
Izuku learns more about Todoroki's past as the first years head into the final round of the sports festival.
20 07 "Victory or Defeat" May 13, 2017 September 29, 2018
Izuku is up against Shinso in the first match of the finals, but how will he overcome Shinso's Quirk to advance to the next round?
21 08 "Battle on, Challengers!" May 20, 2017 October 6, 2018
It's one match after another in the first round of the finals tournament. Who will advance to the second round?
22 09 "Bakugo vs. Uraraka" May 27, 2017 October 13, 2018
Bakugo looks like a villain when he's up against Uraraka, but Uraraka has a plan to keep it from being a one-sided match.
23 10 "Shoto Todoroki: Origin" June 3, 2017 October 20, 2018
Izuku forces Todoroki to face his past and himself as they square off in the first match of the second round of the finals.
24 11 "Fight on, Iida" June 10, 2017 October 27, 2018
It's time to see who will make it to the final showdown. Will Iida's Reciproburst be enough to beat Todoroki?
25 12 "Todoroki vs. Bakugo" June 17, 2017 November 3, 2018
It's the final showdown to determine who will win the first-year sports festival! Will it be Todoroki, or Bakugo?!
26 13 "Time to Pick Some Names" June 24, 2017 November 10, 2018
The first years are getting ready for their internships by picking hero names in their first class after the sports festival.
27 14 "Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears" July 8, 2017 November 24, 2018
As the U.A. first years start their internships, Midoriya finds himself training with Gran Torino, All Might's old homeroom teacher.
28 15 "Midoriya and Shigaraki" July 15, 2017 December 1, 2018
Midoriya starts learning how to use One For All better as the other U.A. students settle into their internships.
29 16 "Hero Killer: Stain vs U.A. Students" July 22, 2017 December 8, 2018
Stain strikes again, and this time the U.A. students are around when he does. Will they be able to hold him off until the pros come?
30 17 "Climax" July 29, 2017 December 15, 2018
It all comes to a head as Izuku, Iida, and Todoroki face off against Stain while the pro heroes in Hosu City fight against the Nomus.
31 18 "The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain" August 5, 2017 January 5, 2019
After Stain is finally captured, the hero community takes stock and deals with the consequences of their actions.
32 19 "Everyone's Internships" August 12, 2017 January 12, 2019
As Izuku, Tenya, and Todoroki recover from their fight with Stain, the other members of Class 1-A work hard at their own internships.
33 20 "Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past" August 19, 2017 January 19, 2019
As the students return to their daily lives after their internships, All Might tells Izuku about the history of One For All.
34 21 "Gear up for Final Exams" September 2, 2017 January 26, 2019
Before Izuku and the others can go on their summer training camp, they need to pass their final exams, but that may prove difficult.
35 22 "Yaoyorozu: Rising" September 9, 2017 February 2, 2019
It's the first half of the practical exams! Will Class 1-A be able to hold their own against their teachers?
36 23 "Stripping the Varnish" September 16, 2017 February 9, 2019
Izuku watches the rest of his classmates fight in their practical exams as they remember why they want to be heroes.
37 24 "Katsuki Bakugo: Origin" September 23, 2017 February 16, 2019
It's finally time for Team Midoriya and Bakugo's practical exam. What will they be able to do against All Might?
38 25 "Encounter" September 30, 2017 February 23, 2019
When Class 1-A goes to the mall to buy supplies for training camp, Izuku gets taken aside by Tomura Shigaraki.

Season 3 (2018)

No. in Series No. in Season Episode Title Japanese Airdate Toonami Airdate
39 01 "Game Start" April 7, 2018 March 2, 2019
Before the U.A. students head to their training camp, Class 1-A goes to the pool for extra training, while the League of Villains plots their next move.
40 02 "Wild, Wild Pussycats" April 14, 2018 March 9, 2019
Class 1-A faces the first challenge of their summer training camp when they have to fight their way through "The Beast's Forest" before lunch.
41 03 "Kota" April 21, 2018 March 16, 2019
Izuku tries to talk with Kota as the first-years start their training in earnest. Little do they know what awaits them in the forest.
42 04 "My Hero" April 28, 2018 March 23, 2019
The villains launch their attack, and only Izuku knows where Kota is. Can he get to him in time?
43 05 "Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!" May 5, 2018 March 30, 2019
Izuku finally makes it back to the training camp only to leave again with a message for Mandalay to broadcast.
44 06 "Roaring Upheaval" May 12, 2018 April 6, 2019
The students and teachers of U.A. are still fighting in the woods, but has the Vanguard Action Squad accomplished its mission already…?!
45 07 "What a Twist!" May 19, 2018 April 13, 2019
The battle at the training camp concludes, and now the students and teachers of U.A. have to deal with the aftermath.
46 08 "From Iida to Midoriya" May 26, 2018 April 20, 2019
Todoroki, Kirishima, and Midoriya want to go after Bakugo, but the class rep is standing in their way. Meanwhile, Shigaraki makes Bakugo an offer.
47 09 "All For One" June 2, 2018 April 27, 2019
The heroes and U.A. students close in on the League of Villains' hideouts, but the League still has an ace up its sleeve.
48 10 "Symbol of Peace" June 9, 2018 May 4, 2019
As the fight against the League of Villains escalates, can the U.A. students get Bakugo out in time for All Might to make a big comeback?
49 11 "One For All" June 16, 2018 May 11, 2019
All Might's time is running out as he faces his ultimate nemesis head on. Will he finally be able to defeat All For One once and for all?
50 12 "End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End" June 23, 2018 May 18, 2019
After All Might and All For One's fight, the students go back home while the U.A. teachers decide how to deal with the aftermath.
51 13 "Moving into Dorms" June 30, 2018 May 25, 2019
The students of Class 1-A move into the dorms and have a competition to determine who has the best room as they settle in.
52 14 "Create Those Ultimate Moves" July 14, 2018 June 1, 2019
Class 1-A works on developing their Quirks and creating ultimate moves in order to get ready for the provisional hero licensing exam.
53 15 "The Test" July 21, 2018 June 8, 2019
Izuku and his classmates make some final adjustments to their ultimate moves and then head off to the provisional licensing exam.
54 16 "Shiketsu High Lurking" July 28, 2018 June 15, 2019
The provisional licensing exam has begun, and everyone's after Class 1-A! Can they last long enough to pass this first test?
55 17 "Class 1-A" August 4, 2018 June 22, 2019
Todoroki's on his own against Seijin High, and Yaoyorozu's group is pitted against Seiai Academy as they and the rest of Class 1-A fight to pass the first test.
56 18 "RUSH!" August 11, 2018 June 29, 2019
It's down to the final minutes of the first test of the provisional licensing exam and almost half of Class A is still left.
57 19 "Rescue Exercises" August 18, 2018 July 6, 2019
The second test of the provisional licensing exam has begun, and the hero candidates are suddenly thrust into a rescue.
58 20 "Special Episode: Save the World with Love!" August 25, 2018 July 13, 2019
We take a break from the provisional licensing exam to visit a class held before the summer training camp!
59 21 "What's the Big Idea?" September 1, 2018 July 20, 2019
The exam nears its end, but Izuku and the other hero candidates must fend off Gang Orca to finish the rescue mission.
60 22 "A Talk About Your Quirk" September 8, 2018 July 27, 2019
While the U.A. students finish up the provisional licensing exam and get their results, All Might has a talk with All For One.
61 23 "Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2" September 15, 2018 August 3, 2019
Following the provisional licensing exam, Izuku tries out his Shoot Style on Bakugo as they have a heart-to-heart through their fight.
62 24 "A Season for Encounters" September 22, 2018 August 10, 2019
The world has changed for villains and heroes alike in the weeks after All Might's fight with All For One, and the U.A. students start their second semester.
63 25 "Unrivaled" September 29, 2018 August 17, 2019
The students of Class 1-A learn about work studies from the Big Three. Meanwhile, the villains also prepare their next steps.

Season 4 (2019)

No. in Series No. in Season Episode Title Japanese Airdate Toonami Airdate
64 01 "The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A" October 12, 2019 November 9, 2019
After All Might announces his retirement, freelance reporter Taneo Tokuda goes to the dorms to investigate U.A. Class 1-A.
65 02 "Overhaul" October 19, 2019 November 16, 2019
Overhaul pays a visit to the League of Villains, and Midoriya tries to find a place to do his work study.
66 03 "Boy Meets..." October 26, 2019 November 23, 2019
Izuku battles Sir Nighteye so he can do his work study at Nighteye's agency, but Nighteye has someone else in mind to be All Might's successor.
67 04 "Fighting Fate" November 9, 2019 November 30, 2019
Izuku's mind is swirling with feelings from his work study, so he goes and talks to All Might about it and learns about All Might's fate.
68 05 "Let's Go, Gutsy Red Riot" November 16, 2019 December 7, 2019
The U.A. work study students go out with their respective heroes and become involved in some big fights.
69 06 "An Unpleasant Talk" November 23, 2019 December 14, 2019
The work study students from U.A. attend a meeting of heroes gathered by Sir Nighteye and leave with new resolve.
70 07 "GO!!" November 30, 2019 January 4, 2020
The work study students wait until the pro heroes find Eri and it's time to start the operation to save her.
71 08 "Suneater of the Big Three" December 7, 2019 January 11, 2020
The Shie Hassaikai is going all out to stop the heroes, and Suneater volunteers to take out the first batch of Eight Bullets members in their way.
72 09 "Red Riot" December 14, 2019 January 18, 2020
As the fight with the Shie Hassaikai continues, Kirishima has to face his past when he and Fat Gum get separated from the others.
73 10 "Temp Squad" December 21, 2019 January 25, 2020
The Hassaikai gets some help from the League of Villains as the heroes continue to make their way to Chisaki to rescue Eri.
74 11 "Lemillion" December 28, 2019 February 1, 2020
The League of Villains stay true to their name in their fight. Meanwhile, Togata catches up to Chisaki and Eri first.
75 12 "Unforeseen Hope" January 4, 2020 February 8, 2020
Izuku, Eraser Head, and Sir Nighteye finally reach the area where Chisaki and the others are and find Togata past his limit.
76 13 "Infinite 100%" January 11, 2020 February 15, 2020
As the fight with the Shie Hassaikai reaches its climax, Chisaki looks back on how it all started, and Izuku uses All For One at 100%.
77 14 "Bright Future" January 18, 2020 February 29, 2020
As the heroes deal with the aftermath of the fight with the Shie Hassaikai, the vehicle transporting Chisaki has an encounter with the League of Villains.
78 15 "Smoldering Flames" January 25, 2020 March 7, 2020
After the fight with the Shie Hassaikai, a new villain emerges, and the students who participated reflect on their own roles as future heroes.
79 16 "Win Those Kids' Hearts" February 1, 2020 March 14, 2020
Camie joins the provisional license training course and is added to the team working with the kids from Masegaki. Meanwhile, Endeavor has a serious talk with All Might.
80 17 "Relief for License Trainees" February 8, 2020 March 21, 2020
The trainees bond with the precocious Masegaki kids and life at U.A. goes back to normal as autumn approaches, but Aoyama has been acting strangely.
81 18 "School Festival" February 15, 2020 March 28, 2020
The U.A. students are planning to launch a school festival for the fall. Meanwhile, Izuku and Mirio have been requested to see Eri.
82 19 "Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part" February 22, 2020 April 4, 2020
Class 1-A assigns roles for their performance at the school festival, and Gentle starts preparing his next plan.
83 20 "Gold Tips Imperial" February 29, 2020 April 18, 2020
Everyone is busy prepping for the School Festival concert and Principal Nezu has worked hard to make sure that no villains can interfere in the festival.
84 21 "Deku vs. Gentle Criminal" March 7, 2020 April 25, 2020
As Deku buys some last-minute supplies for the school festival, he encounters a mysterious man wrapped in a trench coat.
85 22 "School Festival Start!!" March 14, 2020 May 2, 2020
Present Mic announces the start of the U.A. School Festival. Meanwhile, Deku faces off against a Love-powered Gentle Criminal to determine who will be able to make their dreams come true!
86 23 "Let It Flow! School Festival!" March 21, 2020 May 16, 2020
Izuku rushes back to the school festival after his encounter with Gentleman and La Brava, but will he make it in time for his performance?
87 24 "Japanese Hero Billboard Chart" March 28, 2020 June 20, 2020
It has been decided that Eri will be staying at U.A. Meanwhile, the Wild, Wild Pussycats pay a visit to Class 1-A.
88 25 "His Start" April 4, 2020 June 27, 2020
Endeavor and Hawks are up against High-End, and it's Endeavor's chance to show the world what the new number one hero is like.

Season 5 (2021)

No. in Series No. in Season Episode Title Japanese Airdate Toonami Airdate
89 01 "All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A" March 27, 2021 May 8, 2021
There's an emergency drill at U.A. High School, and Class 1-A is requested to report for duty!
90 02 "Vestiges" April 3, 2021 May 15, 2021
After their fight with the Nomu, Hawks and Endeavor return to daily life, and Izuku dreams of One For All.
91 03 "Clash! Class A vs. Class B!" April 10, 2021 May 22, 2021
Class A and Class B are joined by a special guest as they battle it out during their joint combat training.
92 04 "Make It Happen, Shinso!" April 17, 2021 May 29, 2021
The Class A team tries to put Shinso and his new equipment to good use in the first match against Class B.
93 05 "Operation New Improv Moves" April 24, 2021 June 5, 2021
It's darkness versus darkness as Tokoyami and Kuroiro face off in the second match of the class battles!
94 06 "Foresight" May 1, 2021 June 12, 2021
Separated from her team, Yaoyorozu's leadership skills are put to the test in the second match of the class battles.
95 07 "Match 3" May 8, 2021 June 19, 2021
In the third match of the class battles, Honenuki leads the Class B team against a well-balanced Class A team.
96 08 "Match 3 Conclusion" May 15, 2021 June 26, 2021
It's still anybody's game as the the third match continues with an endurance battle between Todoroki and Tetsutetsu.
97 09 "Early Bird!" May 22, 2021 July 3, 2021
Bakugo shows a different side of himself in the fourth team match as the class battles continue.
98 10 "That Which Is Inherited" May 29, 2021 July 10, 2021
Midoriya and Shinso face off for the first time since the sports festival in the last fight of the class battles.
99 11 "Our Brawl" June 5, 2021 July 17, 2021
It's an all-out brawl as the last two teams from Class A and Class B fight it out to the finish!
100 12 "The New Power and All For One" June 12, 2021 July 24, 2021
As the class battles conclude, Midoriya works with All Might and Bakugo on learning more about his new power.
101 13 "Have a Merry Christmas!" June 19, 2021 July 31, 2021
It's Christmas at U.A. and the Class 1-A students celebrate with a Christmas party.
102 14 "Off to Endeavor's Agency!" June 26, 2021 July 31, 2021
103 15 "One Thing at a Time" July 3, 2021 August 14, 2021
104 16 "Long Time No See, Selkie" July 10, 2021 August 21, 2021
105 17 "The Hellish Todoroki Family" July 17, 2021 August 28, 2021
106 18 "The Unforgiven" July 24, 2021 September 4, 2021
107 19 "More of a Hero Than Anyone" July 31, 2021 September 11, 2021
108 20 "My Villain Academia" August 7, 2021 September 18, 2021
109 21 "Revival Party" August 14, 2021 September 25, 2021
110 22 "Sad Man's Parade" August 21, 2021 October 2, 2021
111 23 "Tenko Shimura: Origin" August 28, 2021 October 9, 2021
112 24 "Tomura Shigaraki: Origin" September 4, 2021 November 6, 2021
113 25 "The High, Deep Blue Sky" September 11, 2021 November 6, 2021

Theatrical Films

# Title Japanese Release English Release
01 "My Hero Academia: Two Heroes" August 3, 2018 September 25, 2018
Deku visits I-Expo, the world's leading hero item exhibition! But a sinister plan is set in motion when villains hack the security system.
02 "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising" December 20, 2019 February 26, 2020
Class 1-A visits Nabu Island where they’re attacked by a man with an eerily familiar Quirk! Deku and his friends are the island’s only hope.
03 "My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission" August 6, 2021 TBA
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