NeoToonami was a Toonami fan project whose purpose, according to the creators, was to create and become a true successor to the original Toonami. The project was not affiliated with Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting or Time Warner. The project was officially ended on April 26 2013, the day before TOM 5 debuted on Toonami, and after they aired "The Week Of Wonders", which consisted of 5 movies airing from April 22 to April 26 before ending with a montage named "Boom", which at the end showed TOM Type N and the Renascent exploding. The same day, the creators of NeoToonami posted an article entitled,"What will they say?"  explaining how the project has made an impact on them and how ending it will affect the fans.


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NeoToonami's "Week of Wonders" MoviesEdit

  • Monday- Origin: Spirits of the Past
  • Tuesday- Steamboy
  • Wednesday- Tekkonkinkreet
  • Thursday- Summer Wars
  • Friday- Spirited Away


TOM Type N was NeoToonami's host with SARA as co-host. Both underwent redesigns in 2012 when changes were being made to NeoToonami. After the final broadcast of "Spirited Away" during "The Week of Wonders," there was a montage entitled, "Boom." At the end, TOM Type N  and SARA were destroyed in the Renascent's self destruct sequence.




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