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Orcelot Rex is a robotic space pirate and the main antagonist that appeared in the online web comic Toonami: Endgame.


Orcelot Rex launched a sneak attack on the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution and stole SARA, with intentions to use her intelligence to rule the universe. When TOM 2 came to SARA's rescue, Orcelot heavily damaged him and then threw him down the garbage chute. While TOM was in the garbage chute, he encountered slaves of Orcelot Rex known as the Dronomeks. The Dronomeks helped upgrade TOM 2 to TOM 3 and also revealed that Orcelot Rex had a deactivation switch on his head. When TOM returned to Rex, he hit the deactivation switch using a fork, thus deactivating him.

Powers & Abiities[]


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  • Body Jacking: Orcelot Rex is able to take control of any robot body (Provided they lack a head) and use it mainly using this abiity when a body he is using is damaged or destroyed.


  • Deactivation switch: Orcelot Rex possesses a deactivation switch between his eyes.


  • Robot Bodies: Orcelot Rex possesses a supply of Robot Bodies on his ship just in case.


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