The following is a list of edits made to the 25 episodes of Outlaw Star that aired on Toonami. This list is a compilation of five seperate lists that can be found on[1][2][3][4][5]

Outlaw WorldEdit

  1. Gene's "hell" changed to "heck".
  2. Pirate fighter pilot's "damn" changed to "blast".
  3. Small edit of Gene and Jim playing cards in the bar.
  4. Dialogue changed so Gene and Jim are playing Go Fish instead of Poker.
  5. Scene of Gene throwing down his Poker hand before the fight cut.
  6. Jim's "damn" changed to "darn".
  7. Death Rob's "killed 30 men" changed to "taken 30 men".
  8. Blood matted out when Gene shoots Death Rob.
  9. Scene of Gene shooting death Rob in the head cut.
  10. Scene of Death Rob spitting up blood when Gene knifes him cut.
  11. Scene of Gene fondling Iris' butt cut. Jim's dialogue altered accordingly.
  12. Jim's "hit the casino" changed to "hit the club".
  13. Scene of Gene and Jim's sexual banter before splitting up cut.
  14. Jim's "scumbag" changed to "loser".
  15. Scene of Gene in hotel room with hooker cut completely.
  16. Gene's girly poster over his bed now has a digital bathing suit.
  17. Blood matted out of street fight between Gene and the pirates.
  18. Pirate's "damn" changed to "blast".
  19. Jim's "hell" changed to "heck".
  20. Gene's "asshole" changed to "loser".
  21. Pirate girl's "they've been killed" changed to "they're destroyed".
  22. Scene of Hilda putting her gun to Gene's chest and firing cut.
  23. Small cut from Gene putting his gun to Hilda's head cut.
  24. Melfina wearing digital bikini in trunk.
  25. Gene's "naked girl" changed to "weird girl" in preview.

Star of DesireEdit

  1. Still of Gene carousing in a bar in the prologue cut.
  2. Gene's "hell" changed to "heck".
  3. Jim's "hell" changed to "heck".
  4. Melfina in a digital bikini again.
  5. Gene's observation that Melfina was in cold sleep cut.
  6. Scene of Hilda dropping her damaged arm shortened.
  7. Hilda's "if you're gonna shoot" changed to "if you're gonna do it".
  8. Jim's "don't trust her one damn bit" changed to "don't trust her at all".
  9. Gene's "hell" changed to "heck".
  10. Jim's observation that he was the brains of the outfit cut.
  11. Gene's "shit" changed to "oh, man".
  12. Pirate Girl's "kill everyone but Melfina" changed to "blast everyone but Melfina".
  13. Jim's observation that Melfina's state of dress was "kinda distracting" cut.
  14. Gene's "shit" once again changed to "oh, man".
  15. Tao Master's "damn you, Hilda" changed to "blast you, Hilda".
  16. Jim's "you're damn right" changed to "you bet".
  17. Jim's "space cherry" changed to "space rookie".
  18. Blood removed from Gene's dad.
  19. Jim's proclamation that Gene's space cherry was officially popped cut.
  20. Hilda's "damn" changed to "darn".
  21. Jim's "gun" changed to "blaster".
  22. Swanzo's "stray" changed to "blast".
  23. Swanzo's "go to heaven" changed to "go to nowhere".
  24. Swanzo's "right to go on livin'" changed to "right to be around".
  25. Swanzo's "damn" changed to "blast".
  26. Ctarl Ctarl stripper dancing on the pole cut from bar scene.
  27. Hilda's "McCoy, you bastard" changed to "McCoy, you loser".
  28. McCoy's "damn you" changed to "blast you".
  29. Scene where Jim learns Gene and Hilda are sleeping in the same room cut.
  30. Scene of Jim and Melfina in the hotel room discussing sleeping arrangements cut.
  31. Hilda's "damn fools" changed to "those fools".
  32. Hilda's "gun" changed to "blaster".
  33. Gene's "gun" changed to "blaster".
  34. Gene's "lost my space cherry" changed to "not a space rookie" in preview.

Into Burning SpaceEdit

  1. Scene of Gene loading the paint cartridges into his "blaster" cut.
  2. Scene of thug clutching his balls after being kicked by Hilda cut.
  3. Scene of Gene taking a swig from his flask during the pursuit cut.
  4. Ctarl Ctarl's "stop screwing around" changed to "stop messing around".
  5. Scene of Gene taking another swig from his flask cut.
  6. Gene's "oh, god" changed to "oh, great".
  7. Scene of sexual banter between Gene, Hilda, Melfina and Jim cut.
  8. Hilda's "kill more of my friends" changed to "hurt more of my friends".
  9. Blood removed from Gene's dad.
  10. Gene's "bitching" changed to "whining".
  11. Gene's "alright wiseass" changed to "alright wise guy".
  12. Gene's "now you're gonna die" changed to "now you're gonna get it".

When the Hot Ice MeltsEdit

  1. Melfina now wears a digital bikini in the piloting tank.
  2. Gene's "she's nuts to get naked" changed to "she's nuts to get wet".
  3. Jim's "these guys are anal" changed to "these guys are tight".
  4. Scene of Harry MacDougall yelling "die, die, die, die..." while firing missiles cut.
  5. Harry MacDougall's "she was really hot" changed to "she was really cute".
  6. Scene of Tao Master getting incinerated shortened.
  7. Scene of Hilda biting her suicide capsule and the subsequent detonation cut.

Beast Girl Ready to PounceEdit

  1. Swanzo's "our relationship was pretty hot" changed to "our relationship was pretty great".
  2. Gene's flashback to Hilda's suicide replaced with scene of ships falling into Farfallous.
  3. Blood removed from Aisha's face.
  4. Scene of Aisha licking the blood from her lip cut.
  5. Gene's "I'd rather eat shit" changed to "I'd rather eat crow".
  6. Gene's "what the hell are you doing?" cut.
  7. Scene of Jim giving Gene a Caster shell and Gene loading it cut.
  8. Gene's "up yours!" changed to "shut up".
  9. Jim telling Melfina that she doesn't need to worry about Fred because she's a girl cut.

The Beautiful AssassinEdit

  1. The word "kill" changed to "destroy" and the word "killing" changed to "battling" in prologue.
  2. Nude shot of Suzuka cut from prologue.
  3. Fred's "you're growing up quickly" changed to "you're doing well".
  4. Scene of Fred's flirtation with Jim cut.
  5. Scene of Fred cuddling up to Gene and blowing in his ear cut.
  6. Scene of Bodyguard telling Gene that Fred loves him cut.
  7. Suzuka's "what I want, Mr. Luo, is your life" changed to "what I want, Mr. Luo, is to get you".
  8. Suzuka's "live for another five minutes" changed to "stay for another five minutes".
  9. Suzuka's "accept your death" changed to "accept your fate".
  10. Suzuka's "die at once" changed to "perish at once".
  11. Scene of Suzuka commenting that sunset was a good time to die cut.
  12. Scene of Gene's finger tightening on his trigger cut.
  13. Suzuka's "failed to kill him" changed to "failed to get him".
  14. Scene of Gene leveling his gun at Suzuka cut.
  15. Suzuka's "I'll wait for your life" changed to "I'll wait for your time".
  16. Fred's "kill him first" changed to "get him first".
  17. Scene of Fred offering to let Gene sleep in his room cut.
  18. Gene's "this gun is useless" changed to "this blaster's useless".
  19. Scene of Gene sniffing Suzuka's sash cut.
  20. Gene's "let Fred live" changed to "let Fred be".
  21. Scene of Gene firing two shots at Suzuka cut.
  22. Scene of Gene firing two more shots at Suzuka and pronouncing her "dead" cut.
  23. Gene's "payment for Fred's life" changed to "payment for Fred's job".
  24. Gene's "if you're going to kill Fred you'll have to kill me first" changed to "if you're going to hurt Fred you'll have to fight me first".
  25. Gene's "getting Suzuka to want to kill me" changed to "getting Suzuka to want to get me".
  26. Scene of Gene telling the bodyguards that they said Fred loved him cut.
  27. Scene of Fred's prolonged and ecstatic hug of Gene cut.
  28. Melfina's "assassin woman" changed to "warrior woman".
  29. Gene's "kill her" changed to "destroy her".

Creeping EvilEdit

  1. Still of blood spattered pirate cut from prologue.
  2. Blood removed from corpse in prologue.
  3. Narrator's "slay" changed to "destroy".
  4. Gene's "bite me" changed to "get lost".
  5. Scene of Gene patting Iris' butt cut.
  6. Jim's "sleazy way" changed to "worst way".
  7. Jim's "sell your body" changed to "sell your car".
  8. Pan of Gene sleeping with his hand in his crotch cut.
  9. Scene of Gene attempting to feel up the sleeping Melfina and Jim's stopping him cut.
  10. Blood matted out of the spaceport fight with the pirates.
  11. Scene of Gene's blood trail in the grass cut.
  12. Pirate's "grant you a quick death" changed to "grant you a quick end".
  13. Spaceport security's "that was a gunshot" changed to "that was a blaster".
  14. Blood removed from Jim's hand.

Forced DepartureEdit

  1. Melfina wearing digital bikini in prologue.
  2. Scene of pirate healing his wound cut.
  3. Blood removed from Gene's dad.
  4. Melfina wearing digital bikini in piloting tank with Gene.
  5. Brief shot of Gene and Melfina in the piloting tank cut.
  6. Gene wearing digital shorts in piloting tank.
  7. Scene of Gene and Melfina in a tunnel of light cut.
  8. Fred's "looking cute as ever" changed to "looking good as ever".
  9. Pirate's "you're also dead" changed to "you're also meat".
  10. Gaki's "drinks on me" changed to "dinner's on me".
  11. Pirate's "you just killed Una and Gaki" changed to "you just took out Una and Gaki".
  12. Gene and Gilliam II's "pain in the ass" changed to "pain in the butt".

A Journey of Adventure...Huh?Edit

  1. Scene of Jim hoisting a crate of beer cut.
  2. The word "beer" digitally removed from the crate behind Jim.
  3. Gene's "bitch" changed to "witch".
  4. Jim's "kill you again" changed to "get you again".
  5. Scene of Gene's reparte with Zomba about his girlfriend coming over cut.
  6. Zomba's "song of death" changed to "song of doom".
  7. Scene where Zomba revives and Gene guns him down cut.

Gathering for the Space RaceEdit

  1. Scene of Fred cuddling up to Gene cut.
  2. Scene of Fred's gaze lingering on Gene as he leaves cut.
  3. Scene of Bodyguard cheering Gene on to return Fred's love cut.
  4. Scene of Gene flirting with Aisha at the party cut.
  5. Scene of Ctarl Ctarl pilots complaining about Aisha cut.
  6. Scene of Suzuka placing a bet on the Outlaw Star cut.

Adrift in SubspaceEdit

  1. Aisha's "won't move unless you're naked" changed to "won't move unless you're wet".
  2. Scene of Suzuka relaxing in the bath cut.

Mortal Combat with the El DoradoEdit

  1. Narrator's "kill" changed to "destroy" in prologue.
  2. Scene of corpse lying in alley cut.
  3. Narrator's "shot them long ago" changed to "stopped them a long time ago".
  4. Shot of maniacal Harry MacDougall with a rifle cut.
  5. Narrator's "has been killed" changed to "has disappeared".
  6. Scene of Harry yelling "die,die,die,die..." cut.
  7. Scene of Harry saying he'll take care of Gene all by himself cut.
  8. Scene of Gene fighting and shooting Harry's partner in the leg cut.
  9. Scene's of Harry's virtual attack on Melfina cut.
  10. Gunfight between Gene and Harry shortened.
  11. Scene of Harry crying "you shot my arm" cut.
  12. Scene of Melfina recovering from Harry's attack cut.
  13. Gene's pistol digitally removed from scenes of Harry's interrogation.
  14. Scene of Gene asking Harry about his brother cut.

Advance Guard from an Alien WorldEdit

  1. Words "Spit Sperm" digitally removed from sign next to ice cream stand.
  2. Aisha's references to killing the bug changed to stopping the bug.
  3. Scene of Gene randomly shooting his gun off shortened.
  4. Gene's "I would have scored for sure" changed to "I would have had the perfect date."
  5. Gene's "can't even take a leak" changed to "can't even get to sleep" in the preview.

The Final CountdownEdit

  1. Heiphong Viceroy's "even if it means our having to sacrifice the lives of the hostages" cut.
  2. Gene's "bite me" changed to "shut up".
  3. Crackerjack's "kill them, now" changed to "get them, now".
  4. Scene of Crackerjack drawing his gun on Gene and Gene shooting it out of his hand cut.
  5. Digital bikini added to the girl in the last image of the ED art.

The Seven EmergeEdit

  1. Narrator's "tools of killing" changed to "tools of battle" in prologue.
  2. Admiring men removed from background in scene of Hamushi in prologue.
  3. Digital blouse added to Hamushi in prologue.
  4. Narrator's "by her sex appeal" changed to "by her good looks" in prologue.
  5. Anten Assassin's "kill the likes of this man" changed to "crush the likes of this man".
  6. Shimi's "kill your little friends" changed to "hurt your little friends".
  7. Shimi's "killed too many of us" changed to "beaten too many of us".
  8. Scene of hooker propositioning Gene in the bar cut.
  9. Gene's "drink with me tonight" changed to "hang with me tonight".
  10. Gene's "die tomorrow" changed to "get it tomorrow".
  11. Lei Long's "respect for those who have died" changed to "respect for those who have gone".
  12. Scene of Gene saying "when you die that's the end of it all" cut.
  13. Scene of Melfina attempting to comfort Gene and his subsequent attack on her cut.
  14. Scene of Gene's dream of his death in the duel cut.
  15. Shimi's "from this life" changed to "from this duel".
  16. Scene of Shimi detonating his suicide bomb cut.
  17. Scene of Gene asking "Is he dead?" cut.
  18. Scene of Gene pulling his gun and shooting Shimi's sword from his hand cut. Subsequent scene of Shimi disarming Gene and their conversation cut as well.
  19. Melfina's outburst redubbed to remove all references to killing.
  20. Shimi's "couldn't possibly kill you" changed to "couldn't possibly hurt you".
  21. Shimi's "have to kill them" changed to "have to hurt them".
  22. Aisha's "kill them" changed to "hurt them".
  23. Blood matted out when Shimi strikes Suzuka.
  24. Shimi's "kill" changed to "stop".
  25. Shimi's revolvers turned into ray guns.
  26. White screen over Gene getting hit and falling.
  27. Scene of Shimi's revolver lying on the ground cut.
  28. Shimi's "faulty gun" changed to "faulty weapon".
  29. Gene's "everyone's dead" changed to "everyone's gone".
  30. Jim's "didn't kill us" changed to "didn't destroy us".

Demon of the Water PlanetEdit

  1. Restaurant Manager's "stop screwing around" changed to "stop messing around".
  2. Jim's "shooting your gun off" changed to "shooting your blaster off".
  3. Old Man's "trying to kill me" changed to "trying to stop me".
  4. Scene of Gene putting his gun to the Old Man's head and demanding answers cut.
  5. Scene of the Old Man explaining the presence of explosives in his prosthetic arm cut.
  6. Old Man's "enemy to kill" changed to "enemy to fight".
  7. Old Man's "I'm not gonna die" changed to "I'm not gonna stop".
  8. Old Man's "I have to kill him" changed to "I have to stop him".
  9. Scene of Old Man detonating the explosives in his arm cut. (Flash back to Hilda at Farfallous.)

Between Life and MachineEdit

  1. Narrator's "because humans were created by god while androids were created solely by humans" cut.
  2. Narrator's "without any possibility of life in the hereafter" cut.
  3. Narrator's "however the existence of a creator god or even the soul for that matter has yet to be discovered or proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by any established organization within the scientific community" cut.
  4. Gene's "favorite bar" changed to "favorite place".
  5. Gene's "turns into a bloodbath" changed to "turns into a big mess".
  6. Scene of Harry MacDougall approaching the cowering Melfina cut.
  7. Scene of Harry MacDougall hitting Melfina cut.
  8. Scene of Harry MacDougall's cyber attack on Melfina shortened.
  9. Harry MacDougall's "bitch" changed to "witch".
  10. Blood removed from Harry MacDougall's severed arm.
  11. Open panels on Aisha's fighting costume digitally painted over in preview.

Note: Several things that should have been cut or edited to meet Cartoon Network standards were left in for the initial airing of this episode but were removed for all further airings. These included:

  • Gene's "your killing Hilda" left in.
  • Gene's "and killed Hilda" left in.
  • Gene's "you're the one who killed Hilda" left in.
  • Gene's "you lying bastard" left in.
  • Gene's "what the hell" left in.

The Strongest Woman in the UniverseEdit

  1. Gene's "I'm not gonna sleep with you" changed to "I'm not gonna dance with you".
  2. Gene's "she's pretty hot looking" changed to "she's pretty good looking".
  3. Official's "984 fatalities" changed to "984 hospitalized".
  4. Open panel on the front of Aisha's costume digitally painted closed.
  5. Scene of Aisha exercising in front of the mirror shortened.
  6. Digital bikini added over the real Firecat's butt.
  7. Scene of "Jenny" grabbing and complimenting Reiko's butt cut.
  8. Jenny's "by the way, your breasts feel great" changed to "by the way, your hair looks great".
  9. Still of Aisha's victory pose over her opponent cut.
  10. Scene of Iraga pummeling Aisha against the corner post shortened.
  11. Scene of Iraga telling Aisha to die cut.
  12. Scene of Aisha's breasts hanging in Gene's face cut.
  13. Scene of Gene gunning down a pirate cut.

Law and LawlessnessEdit

  1. Gene's "you bastards" changed to "you morons".
  2. Gene's "I'd rather be frisked by that lady over there" changed to "I'd rather be talking to that lady over there".
  3. Gene's "go to hell" changed to "shut your trap".
  4. Gene's "caught me with my pants down" changed to "caught me with my guard down".
  5. Aisha's "they killed everyone?" changed to "they destroyed everyone?"
  6. Scene of Gene picking up Duuz's pistol, examining it and pointing it at Duuz's head cut.
  7. Scene of Gene shooting two pirates cut.
  8. Valeria's "I'll find some way to show my appreciation" changed to "We'll find some way to show our appreciation".
  9. Gene's "now you die!" changed to "now you lose!"

Cats and Girls and SpaceshipsEdit

  1. Still of Jim blasting away with a revolver cut from prologue.
  2. Pirate ship's "I'm here to kill you" changed to "I'm here to destroy you".
  3. Gene's "bastard" changed to "moron".
  4. Melfina's "he drank an awful lot of liquor yesterday" changed to "he ate an awful lot of food yesterday".
  5. Still of Gene boozing it up in the bar cut along with Jim and Melfina's conversation about it.
  6. Jim's "bar tab" changed to "meal tab".
  7. Gene's "screw around" changed to "mess around".
  8. Gene's "bastard" changed to "bonehead".
  9. Mata's "they killed her" changed to "they destroyed her".

Grave of the DragonEdit

  1. Harry's "can kill everyone else" changed to "can get everyone else"
  2. Gene's "bastard!" changed to "coward!"
  3. Gene's "bastard!" changed to "jerk!"
  4. Gene's "damn warden's a sadist" changed to "stupid warden's a maniac" in preview.
  5. Gene's "my chastity's being put in danger" changed to "my life's being put in danger" in preview.

Gravity JailbreakEdit

  1. Narrator's "death penalty" changed to "harsh penalty".
  2. Stills of gallows removed from prologue.
  3. Rape and murder charges removed from Curse Hawkwind's criminal record.
  4. Warden's "bastard" changed to "scumbag".
  5. Saio's "10g hellhole" changed to "10g black hole".
  6. Gene's "you Saio's bitches?" changed to "you Saio's friends?"
  7. Saio's "die like Illyvich" changed to "go like Illyvich".
  8. Gene's "bite me you slowpoke" changed to "get lost you slowpoke".
  9. Saio's "after I kill him" changed to "after I get him".
  10. Digital bikini added to Melfina.
  11. Preview for Hot Springs Planet Tenrei replaced.

Cutting the Galactic LeylineEdit

  1. Scene of Harry thinking of Melfina cut.
  2. Bottom of Hamushi's bustier digitally painted in.
  3. Scene of cheering Ctarl Ctarl aboard the Orta Honehone cut.
  4. Gene's "bastard" changed to "moron".
  5. Gwen Khan's "trouble you'd have mating with her" changed to "trouble you'd have dating her".

Maze of DespairEdit

  1. Melfina wearing digital bikini in prologue.
  2. Suzuka's "when I kill you" changed to "when I finish you".
  3. Hitoriga's "killed your entire family" changed to "destroyed your entire family".
  4. Hamushi's "I could show you a good time" changed to "we could sit and talk a bit".
  5. Gene's "I've never turned down an offer from a woman before" changed to "I've never turned down an offer from a lady before".
  6. Gene's "I'm not exactly in the mood right now" changed to "I don't exactly feel like talking right now".
  7. Gene's "this sucks" changed to "this stinks".
  8. Bottom of Hamushi's bustier digitally painted in.
  9. Hamushi's "four shells away from death" changed to "four shells away from doom".
  10. Hamushi's "when your shells run out you die" changed to "when your shells run out you're meat."
  11. Scene of Hazanko breaking Harry's body cut.
  12. Blood digitally removed from Harry's face.
  13. Suzuka's "pain of all those you've killed" changed to "pain of all those you've hurt".
  14. Scene of Aisha lying nude after her fight cut.
  15. Blood digitally removed from Harry's body.
  16. Ron McDougall's "I'll kill him with my own two hands" changed to "I'll finish him with my own two hands".
  17. Ron McDougall's "If my little brother is dead as a result" changed to "If my little brother is gone as a result."
  18. Blood digitally removed from Gene's dad.
  19. Pillow digitally added to cover Hilda's breast.
  20. Hilda's "but then sometimes you just want to feel the warmth of another body" cut.
  21. Blood digitally removed from young Gene.
  22. Scene of Gene and Melfina in the piloting tank shortened.
  23. Jim's "killed along the way" changed to "destroyed along the way".
  24. Gene's "one who killed him" changed to "one who got him".
  25. Blood digitally removed from Harry.
  26. Scene of Gene's bloody corpse removed from preview.

Return to SpaceEdit

  1. Gwen Khan's "kill anyone" changed to "destroy anyone".
  2. Leyline's "they are dead" changed to "they are gone".
  3. Scene of Gene's bloody corpse cut.
  4. Melfina's "fight him to the death" changed to "fight him to the end".
  5. Scene of Anten Assassins melting at Hazanko's arrival cut.
  6. Spray of blood digitally removed when the Outlaw Star pierces Hazanko.
  7. Sign on Clyde's bar digitally changed to remove the word "bar".
  8. Suzuka's "try to kill you" changed to "try to hurt you".
  9. Melfina's "died because of the Leyline" changed to "gone because of the Leyline".
  10. Scene of Gene hugging Iris and patting her butt in front of the Outlaw Star cut.


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