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Color Season Episodes Toonami Premiere Toonami Finale
1 12 June 30, 2018 September 22, 2018

Season 1 (2018)


Episode Title

Japanese Airdate

English Airdate

01 "Encounter" January 7, 2018 June 30, 2018
An anime series about a girl who is secretly an idol is quickly abandoned in favor of the antics of Popuko and Pipimi. Among other skits, Popuko experiences death and rebirth as she experiences many first encounters with Pipimi, and the two girls go to France in an attempt to use gestures to communicate.
02 "Vanver — A Game in Another Dimension" January 14, 2018 July 7, 2018
Popuko and Pipimi are inadvertently summoned to an unfinished fantasy anime and make the heroes do impressions, much to the voice actors' dismay. Other skits include a stop-motion musical performance by felt dolls of Popuko and Pipimi, Popuko drawing a deluge of fortune slips, and Popuko being confronted with the harsh reality of time's passage.
03 "The Documentary" January 21, 2018 July 14, 2018
A documentary profiles how music producer PipiP decided to find the perfect bandmates for pop idol Pop-chin by cloning her. Other skits include Popuko dozing off while leaving for school and severely oversleeping, Popuko becoming obsessed with baguettes, and Pipimi attempting to hire Popuko as an assassin.
04 "SWGP 2018" January 28, 2018 July 21, 2018
Popuko takes part in the Skeleton World Grand Prix, facing many tough opponents. Other skits include a parody of Earth, Wind & Fire's "Let's Groove", Popuko being forced to evict an extraterrestrial being from her house, and Popuko and Pipimi encountering a boss while exploring a dungeon.
05 "Donca☆Sis" February 4, 2018 July 28, 2018
Iyo Sakuragi becomes step-siblings with her admired upperclassman Hojo after their parents, portrayed by Popuko and Pipimi, get married. Other skits include a cooking show hosted by Popuko and Pipimi, Pipimi literally growing with affection for Popuko, and Popuko doing a poor impression of Mickey Mouse.
06 "The 30th Cyber War" February 11, 2018 August 4, 2018
Guided by the spirit of Pipimi, Popuko fights against the Elite Four in a shogi tournament. Other skits include Pipimi's fantasies about attractive male characters distracting her from Popuko's venting, Popuko demonstrating an increasingly bizarre variety of regional activities, and Popuko and Pipimi discussing modern slang.
07 "Hellshake Yano" February 18, 2018 August 11, 2018
Musician Hellshake Yano is tasked with holding a concert by himself until his band members arrive. Other skits include dealing with haters, Popuko turning into a baby, and Pipimi going fishing.
08 "The Dragon of Iidabashi ~Pipi's Revenge~" February 25, 2018 August 18, 2018
Yakuza member Pipi decides to take vengeance against her gang when they stray down the wrong path of committing YouTuber crimes. Other skits include Popuko trying to treat an injury, bacon eating some bacon, and the ending theme singers complaining that they're not in the actual anime.
09 "Dancing with a Miracle" March 4, 2018 August 25, 2018
Popuko and Pipimi encounter a young runaway boy while visiting New York City. Other skits include Popuko ordering latte art, Pipimi attempting standup comedy, and the girls trying French cuisine.
10 "Ginza Hostess Detective" March 11, 2018 September 8, 2018
While staying at a hot spring inn, hostesses Popuko and Pipimi investigate a murder that has taken place. Other skits include the girls playing soccer, Pipimi cooking some premium meat, and Popuko dealing with incompetent waiters.
11 "Cursed Mansion" March 18, 2018 September 15, 2018
A group of college students find the mansion they are staying in to be haunted by Popuko and Pipimi. Other skits include Popuko starting a dance craze, Pipimi becoming giant, and Popuko going up against a shark.
12 "THE AGE OF POP TEAM EPIC" March 25, 2018 September 22, 2018
Popuko and Pipimi have a final showdown against the evil organization trying to stop their anime, King Records. Another skit include a scene parodying magical girl anime tropes in which a girl brings a talking pet to school.
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