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Series Overview

Color Season Episodes Toonami Reactor Premiere Toonami Reactor Finale
1 13 November 14, 2001 April 2002

Season 1 (1990-1991)

No. Episode Title Release Date Toonami Reactor Date
01 "Prologue to the Legend" June 30, 1990 November 14, 2001
In search of more information on the Grey Witch, a young knight named Parn and his five companions travel through perilous ruins.
02 "Blazing Departure" August 30, 1990 November 14, 2001
Attacking a goblin in self-defense, Parn sparks their retribution against his village and worsens his family’s standing. But when some brave companions arrive to help, a larger task unfolds and a journey begins.
03 "The Black Knight" September 30, 1990 December 2001
Just when Parn meets a kind elf in the woods, a Dark Elf attacks. Soon, his group winds up in a prison where a thief informs them about the invading forces from the land of Marmo.
04 "The Grey Witch" October 31, 1990 December 2001
Blocked from the capital of Alania, Parn’s group takes a dangerous shortcut to Valis. Meanwhile, the princess of Valis attempts the long journey to Alania. When their paths cross, a familiar face from Ghim’s past is brought to light.
05 "The Desert King" November 30, 1990 January 2002
The mercenary king of Flaim, King Kashue, makes a grand entrance at the celebration of the princess’s rescue. But a prisoner released by Karla crashes the party, and Parn is sent on a journey to learn more about her motives.
06 "The Sword of the Dark Emperor" December 20, 1990 January 2002
After Beld’s forces wreak havoc in Valis, Parn’s group splits—some helping the injured while others report back to King Fahn. The king tells Parn the story of a heroic knight who saved a princess at the cost of disgrace.
07 "The War of Heroes" February 28, 1991 February 2002
Drawn by trickery into an all-out battle, the forces of Lodoss and Marmo collide. While Parn and Ashram cross blades, old friends Fahn and Beld face off once and for all, turning the tides of power.
08 "Requiem for Warriors" April 30, 1991 February 2002
A mistaken identity leads to a run-in with a couple of mercenaries. Meanwhile, Ghim travels to find Karla and free Leylia from her control. After she tries to sway Parn to join her crusade of neutrality, Ghim faces her head-on.
09 "The Scepter of Domination" June 30, 1991 March 2002
Learning that his sword is not enough to rule all of Lodoss, Ashram seeks a magic scepter in a mountain guarded by the dragon Shooting Star. Meanwhile, Kashue’s forces head toward the same dragon which has been terrorizing villages.
10 "The Demon Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain" July 31, 1991 March 2002
Parn’s group takes a back entrance into the mountain where they run into Ashram, his Dark Elf companion, and the great dragon who intends to leave no intruder unscathed.
11 "The Wizard's Ambition" August 31, 1991 April 2002
With the Scepter of Domination at hand, Wagnard seeks a High Elf to sacrifice to the goddess of destruction, Kardis. With the entire island as well as Deedlit’s life at risk, all paths lead to Marmo.
12 "Final Battle! Marmo, The Dark Island" September 30, 1991 April 2002
As Wagnard lowers the sacrificial altar deep below the castle, the great dragon Narse awakens. Meanwhile, Ashram is the first to face Wagnard as Parn makes his way to save Deedlit.
13 "Lodoss, the Burning Continent" November 20, 1991 April 2002
While Karla watches passively, the fight at the castle continues. Parn, Ashram, and Wagnard go head to head in a deadly confrontation that destroys the scepter. With nothing left to control Kardis, what can be done to save Lodoss?
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