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Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie is the third film in the Sailor Moon franchise. Known in Japan as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS: The Nine Sailor Soldiers Unite! Miracle of the Black Dream Hole. The English dub is titled: Sailor Moon SuperS: the Movie-Black Dream Hole.

The film debuted in Japanese theaters on December 23, 1995. Its story seems to occur either in the middle of or at the very end of the "SuperS" series. However, it can also be construed as appearing outside of the series continuity - Sailor Pluto is not present at all during "SuperS", and upon her first appearance in "Sailor Stars", Sailors Uranus and Neptune express their surprise at her still being alive after the events of episode 124. Pioneer Entertainment released the English version of the film in the United States on August 15, 2000.

The movie was dubbed into English by Pioneer, who released it in two versions. The first version aired on television and was released on VHS, and included DiC's music and censorship. The second version was released on DVD and was uncut with most of the original music, though it still used the opening song from the dub with the English-language track.

The movie premiered on Cartoon Network's Toonami block on November 16, 2001. The Movie also aired on Toonami on one other occasion: September 13, 2002.[1]


Somewhere in Europe, Poupelin plays a song on his flute to hypnotize children, following him into a mysterious ship before sailing off into the sky. The following morning, Serena, Rini, and the other girls bake cookies together at Lita's apartment. Serena ends up with cookies that look perfect and taste terrible; while Rini produces the reverse. Rini sets out to give her cookies to Darien, but is stopped by a butterfly wing-having boy in strange white clothing standing outside the sweets shop. They befriend each other, and he causes some of the treats inside the shop window to dance by playing a tune on his flute before revealing himself as Pereru. Meanwhile, Serena visits Darien with her cookies, and they argue over his strong and close friendship with Rini. They then hear a report on the radio about the mass disappearance of children all over the world. Around the same time, Rini gives her bag of cookies to Pereru before going their separate ways.

That night, Poupelin is heard playing his flute in Japan. Upon hearing it, Rini wakes up from the tune and begins walking through the city. Diana wakes Serena, who along with the other girls, follow Rini and the other children. They save Rini, but get into a fight with Poupelin, and his "Bonbon Babies". They then transform and defeat the candies, but Poupelin then hypnotizes the girls into seeing a Gingerbread House. In turn, Tuxedo Mask appears, and snaps the girls out of the spell. Queen Badiane orders her henchman, Poupelin, and the fairies to hurry up. Pereru says outright that he does not believe in her anymore, but she seems unconcerned and orders that Sailor Mini Moon be captured with the other children. Badiane zaps Poupelin's Bonbon Babies, and the girls fight again. However, after Tuxedo Mask is knocked out in battle, Mini Moon is abducted and taken onto the ship. The ship departs Japan, and sets off into the sky for Marzipan Castle. When the ship lands, the children run out into the darkness, except for Mini Moon. Looking into the shadows, she witnesses "Dream Coffins," each containing a sleeping child. Badiane lifts her into the air, commenting on the power she senses from Sailor Mini Moon, and explains her purpose. In the castle's center, a massive Black Dream Hole is forming, gathering the magical "sugar energy" of the sleeping children. Eventually it will overtake Earth, and all humans will enter into Dream Coffins.

Meanwhile, Pereru leads the other Sailor Scouts to a flying ship of his own. He tells them that Badiane promised that the children would be happy and safe in her world of dreams and where they can remain children indefinitely, but he thinks also of Rini, his friend. As they reach the castle, they are attacked, and after crash-landing fight Poupelin, Banane, and Orangeat, as well as three sets of Bonbon Babies. Just when the situation seems hopeless, the Scouts are saved by Sailors Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. With this advantage, they are able to break the flutes of the three fairies, changing them into small birds. The Scouts infiltrate the castle and confront Queen Badiane, who has drained enough dream energy from the children, including Rini, to create the Black Dream Hole. The power drain is enough to force all the Sailor Scouts except Sailor Moon into a half-detransformation. Taking Rini with her, Badiane enters the hole itself, and Sailor Moon follows. Sailor Moon then finds Rini's limp body. She tries to wake her up, but Badiane insists otherwise. She then finds herself in Darien's apartment, carrying Rini. Darien lays her on the bed, then wraps his arms around Sailor Moon and tells her not to worry about anything, just to stay there with him. She asks him again who is more important, herself or Rini; and he eventually tells her that she is. Sailor Moon lifts Rini in her arms once again, and eventually realizes that this experience is all just a dream. She calls upon her powers to release herself and Rini from the dream.

As Sailor Moon tries to flee, Badiane continues ordering Sailor Moon to hand Rini over, but as her words entered Sailor Moon's mind, she thinks of her friends. Her tranformation brooch glows, and the girls are repowered. Badiane again demands Sailor Moon to give back Rini, but Sailor Moon refuses. Badiane assimilates herself into the black dream hole and attacks Sailor Moon with fire. Hearing her mental cry, the other seven Sailor Scouts send their power and strength to Sailor Moon, awakening Sailor Mini Moon. Together, they destroy Badiane using a double Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack. After the battle, Marzipan Castle is destroyed, and with Pereru's help, the Sailor Scouts escape. The airships, each carrying children, return to Earth.

Later, at a beach, Pereru gives Rini his glass flute, telling her that he is the fairy who protects children's dreams, and will always be with her, and Mini Moon kisses him goodbye on the cheek. As Pereru flies away, the Sailor Scouts watch the sun rise.


Voice Cast

Character English Voice Actor (DiC/Cloverway) Japanese Voice Actor
Sailor Moon / Serena Terri Hawkes Kotono Mitsuishi
Sailor Mercury / Amy Karen Bernstein Aya Hisakawa
Sailor Mars / Raye Katie Griffin Michie Tomizawa
Sailor Jupiter / Lita Susan Roman Emi Shinohara
Sailor Venus / Mina Stephanie Morgenstern Rika Fukami
Tuxedo Mask / Darien Vince Corazza Tōru Furuya
Sailor Mini-Moon / Rini Tracey Hoyt Kae Araki
Sailor Uranus / Amara Sarah LaFleur Megumi Ogata
Sailor Neptune / Michelle Barbara Radecki Masako Katsuki
Sailor Pluto / Trista Sabrina Grdevich Chiyoko Kawashima
Luna Jill Frappier Keiko Han
Artemis Ron Rubin Yasuhiro Takato
Diana Naomi Emmerson Kumiko Nishihara
Queen Badiane Kirsten Bishop Rihoko Yoshida
Perle Julie Lemieux Chika Sakamoto
Poupelin Robert Tinkler Nobuo Tobita
Orangeat John Stocker Kazuya Nakai
Banane Nobuhiko Kazama


Toonami Broadcast History

  • November 16, 2001 at 5:30 PM
  • September 13, 2002 at 4:00 PM[1]

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