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Series Overview

Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 26 May 25, 2007 December 10, 2007
2 26 September 6, 2008 April 6, 2009

Season 1 (2007)

# Episode Title Original Airdate Toonami Airdate
01 "Age of Heroes (Part 1)" May 25, 2007 Unaired
Young Sky Knight Aerrow and his squadron, the Storm Hawks, get their first taste of battle when the sinister Master Cyclonis sends the dread Dark Ace to steal the most powerful crystal in the Atmos: the Aurora Stone.
02 "Age of Heroes (Part 2)" May 25, 2007 Unaired
Having lost the Aurora Stone to the cunning Dark Ace, The Storm Hawks mount a daring mission, sneaking into the very heart of the evil empire of Cyclonia to take the powerful crystal back.
03 "Gale Force Winds" June 4, 2007[1] Unaired
The Storm Hawks promise an old Sky Knight they'll rescue his granddaughter Dove, a prisoner in the clutches of Cyclonia. But when they sneak inside the Smelters of Terra Gale for the mission, they find Dove is anything but a damsel in distress.
04 "The Code" June 11, 2007[2] Unaired
Competing against the strict and proper Rex Guardians for a powerful Phoenix Crystal, the Storm Hawks set out to prove that old-fashioned rules belong in the history books - not in the skies of battle. to take the powerful crystal back.
05 "Tranquility Now" June 18, 2007[3] Unaired
Finn’s accidentally lost Junko's prized Knuckle Busters! Junko’s just not the same without them, which means Finn better find a replacement, and quick, or the Storm Hawks’ mission to stop Ravess and Snipe is doomed.
06 "Best Friends Forever" June 25, 2007[4] Unaired
Piper becomes fast friends with an alluring stranger named Lark, but as the Storm Hawks soon find out, there is more to their guest than meets the eye. When Piper uncovers the true identify of her new best friend, she finds herself in the battle of a lifetime.
07 "The Black Gorge" July 2, 2007[5] Unaired
The Storm Hawks are stranded in the dreaded Black Gorge, from which no airship has ever returned. Now the only one who can lead them through the unspeakable dangers to recharge their power crystal is Stork!
08 "Absolute Power" July 9, 2007[6] August 11, 2007
While Aerrow goes off on a super-secret mission with Starling, Finn is left in charge of the Condor. Now it's tough to tell who's in more danger, Aerrow and Starling against Repton and his Raptors, or the rest of the team with a power-mad Finn calling the shots.
09 "Velocity" July 16, 2007[7] July 21, 2007
Every year dozens of Sky Knights go head to head in a treacherous bike race across Terra Saharr, competing to win a rare and powerful Velocity amulet. The adrenaline-fuelled run should give Aerrow a chance to show his stuff, but all bets are off when a mysterious masked rider shows up and plays by his own rules.
10 "Fire and Ice" July 23, 2007[8] July 28, 2007
Repton and his cronies decide to heat things up on the icy Terra Blizzaris. But even working together with the wild and crazy Absolute Zeroes, the Storm Hawks may be headed for a meltdown.
11 "King For a Day" July 30, 2007[9] August 4, 2007
Finn is declared the long lost hero of Terra Vapos. Naturally he's loving every minute of it. But when he's expected to actually save them from a sinister foe, Finn learns being the Chosen One isn't all it's cracked up to be.
12 "Terra Deep" August 13, 2007[10] Unaired
Jagged rocks and thick clouds surround them, villainous Murk Raiders are on their tail and an entire Cyclonian fleet waits for them beyond. The Storm Hawks have to fly silent and fly quick if they're going to survive Terra Deep.
13 "Storm Warning" August 20, 2007[11] Unaired
Piper pretends to quit the team to teach the boys a lesson, but it's going to take everyone working together to stop Ravess and her dangerous plan to shut down the Storm Hawks for good.
14 "A Little Trouble" September 1, 2007
Everyone's worried when Junko agrees to look after a baby Wallop for the day. But when the Storm Hawks set out on a mission to bring construction on Snipe's new mega-ship to a standstill, what starts as a simple favor turns out to be an adventure in babysitting… of giant proportions!
15 "Thunder Run" September 15, 2007
It's a race against the clock for the Storm Hawks! If they can't bring back a mysterious treasure from the other end of Atmos by sundown, a gangster known as The Colonel is going to have Junko for lunch! To give the Condor an extra burst of speed, Finn nabs a Velocity crystal off of a couple of Raptors. But will it be enough now that Repton's on their tail too?
16 "Escape" September 22, 2007
Aerrow and Radarr make a break from the escape-proof prison on Terra Zartacla. With jail warden Mr. Moss on their tail, our two heroes set out to prove anything’s possible when you’re a Storm Hawk! Using every trick in the book, the two try to outsmart their jailers and survive the dangerous jungle. But will it be enough to get them to freedom?
17 "Forbidden City" September 29, 2007
A double-crossing explorer has found a way inside the ancient Forbidden City, which means Snipe will get his hands on the treasure, unless the Storm Hawks can get there first. Of course they’ll have to brave a lot of dangerous traps and confusing riddles on the way in. The test is on: is Stork really prepared for anything?
18 "Leviathan" October 6, 2007
The Condor has been swallowed whole by a giant sky creature, with Radarr inside! The terrified locals are no help at all, so the Storm Hawks will have to set out with nothing but their skimmers and their brains to hunt down the monster, and save their ship and their friend.
19 "InFinnity" November 29, 2007[12] Unaired
One Finn is plenty, but an entire Condor-full? That’s what happens when Finn accidentally sets off a crystal that creates dozens of brand new Finns, each one exactly like the next. But when Snipe gets his hands on it, the Storm Hawks quickly put those Finns to work against a growing army of Snipes!
20 "Terra Neon" November 30, 2007[12] Unaired
The Storm Hawks are sharing the spotlight on glitzy Terra Neon - but not by choice. Two evil producers have taken the Terra captive and are forcing everyone to audition for their next big show. And unless they can find a star, it’s curtains!
21 "The Storm Hawks Seven" December 3, 2007[12] Unaired
Starling joins the Storm Hawks for a daring mission to take back a tiny terra from the Cyclonians. Though it may seem like a harmless chunk of rock, Ravess is using the terra to house her evil sonic blaster, big enough to take out an entire airship! Unless Starling and the Hawks can find a way to work together, Ravess is going to control the skies!
22 "Talon Academy" December 4, 2007[12] Unaired
Being a Cyclonian isn’t as cool as they make it sound – and Aerrow, Radarr and Piper are determined to prove that to the kids at a Talon training academy. Sneaking inside as students, the Hawks quickly turn the training ground into a battle ground and overthrow the staff. Now they’ve got to teach headmaster Snipe a lesson!
23 "Siren's Song" December 5, 2007[12] Unaired
Trapped in The Great Expanse, the Storm Hawks face a new foe: a mysterious Sky Siren and her dangerous power—she can make them see whatever she wants them to. They'll have to outsmart her if they want to escape a giant sucking whirlpool, and that means resisting the things they each want the very most.
24 "Calling All Domos" December 6, 2007[12] Unaired
There’s trouble again on Terra Vapos, and since Finn saved them once before, he’s called back to Domo duty. But with the rest of the Hawks dealing with Junko’s wallop-sized toothache, Finn only has Stork to back him up. But will that be enough against the scary pirates known as The Murk Raiders?
25 "The Lesson" December 7, 2007[12] Unaired
The Talons have somehow become supercharged, and unless an unusual sky-fu master can whip the Storm Hawks into shape, they’re looking at a major defeat. Only question is, are any of these strange lessons helping?
26 "Dude, Where's My Condor?" December 10, 2007[12] Unaired
On a whim, the Storm Hawks trade in the Condor. But by the time they realize their mistake, their beloved ship as a new owner: a frightening gangster known as The Colonel! Aerrow and the Hawks have got to get it back! But they’d better hurry - the Condor will never survive what the Colonel has planned!

Season 2 (2008-2009)


Episode Title

Original Airdate

27 "The Masked Masher" September 6, 2008
To get inside Cyclonia during its “Ultimate Warrior Championships,” the Storm Hawks enter Junko as one of the colorful competitors. Things quickly get out of hand - especially when Junko gets a little too much into character.
28 "Atmos' Most Wanted" September 13, 2008
Thieves are on the loose, and all clues seem to point to the Storm Hawks as the culprits! Clearing your good name isn’t easy when you’re Atmos’ most wanted!
29 "Stratosphere" September 20, 2008
The space race is on, and Cyclonia has a head start. After discovering Ravess is commanding a battle platform high in the Stratosphere, the Storm Hawks must go higher, faster and farther than ever before to stop her.
30 "The Last Stand" September 27, 2008
Stuck in the unforgiving Wastelands, the Storm Hawks must fend off an old Cyclonian rival bent on revenge. Meanwhile, Junko hopes to impress the tough as nails Wallop miners they went there to rescue.
31 "Life with Lugey" October 4, 2008
Stork and Leugey get stuck together when Stork swallows a Gravatron Crystal. Now the Storm Hawks must find a way to get the two unstuck without Repton finding out.
32 "What Got Into Finn?" October 11, 2008
The Storm Hawks have to deliver a weird container and are told not to open it, but Finn's curiosity gets the better of him and he opens the container, which shoots out a weird gas that turns Finn into a monster. Stork creates a cure, but gets a little carried away trying to get Finn to take it.
33 "Royal Twist" October 18, 2008
Piper meets a princess who looks exactly like her. The princess wants some adventure in her life, so she switches places with Piper and joins the Storm Hawks. Meanwhile, Piper gets into trouble when the princess' kingdom is invaded by a group of creatures known as the Nightcrawlers.
34 "Second Chances" November 1, 2008
Carver, the former Sky Knight, claims that he has reformed and wants to join the Storm Hawks. The Storm Hawks really believe that Carver has changed, except for Aerrow, who thinks that Carver hasn't changed one bit.
35 "Radarr Love" November 8, 2008
While on a trip to Terra Neon, the Storm Hawks accidentally leave Radarr at a rest stop. Now Radarr must find a way to get back to the Condor while avoiding Cyclonians and a chicken that has a crush on him.
36 "Scout's Honor" November 15, 2008
As part of volunteer work, Stork takes a group of young Merb scouts on a camping trip. However things go totally wrong when Stork and the scouts land on the wrong terra, which is full of vicious creatures. They also have a run in with Snipe, who is testing a new weapon of his.
37 "Sky's End" November 22, 2008
The Storm Hawks end up at Sky's End, an uncharted part of Atmos which is believed to be home to dragons. They meet a group of young dragons and try to protect them from the Murk Raiders who want to slay them.
38 "Five Days" November 29, 2008
After winding up in a body cast, Aerrow must spend five days in bed while his wounds heal. This proves to be difficult when Master Cyclonis invades the Condor.
39 "Energy Crisis" December 6, 2008
The Dark Ace stumbles upon a powerful suit of armor that is powered by crystals. He goes on a power hungry rampage, sucking up every crystal he can find and it's up to the Storm Hawks to stop him.
40 "Dark Waters" March 19, 2009
The Storm Hawks head to Terra Aquanos to rescue the Neck Deeps who are trapped underwater. While looking for them, the Strom Hawks are attacked by a bunch of unknown sea monsters and must find a way to get rid of them before they become the monsters' next meal.
41 "Number One Fan" March 20, 2009
The Storm Hawks meet a young kid named Noob who claims to be their biggest fan. He asks for a tour of the Condor and the Storm Hawks agree, thinking nothing can go wrong. That is until Noob causes a lot of trouble for them and they try to get rid of him without hurting his feelings.
42 "A Colonel of Truth" March 23, 2009
As part of the gangster code, the Colonel becomes the Storm Hawks servant after they save his pet. The Storm Hawks make him do a bunch of nice things like do community service and give away some of his money to poor people.
43 "Shipwrecked" March 24, 2009
The Storm Hawks get stranded on Terra Tropika due to a giant tidal wave and try to figure out how to survive on the island. Meanwhile, Stork has to deal with a group of natives who want to make a meal out of him and think that the Condor is their god.
44 "Power Grab" March 25, 2009
While Master Cyclonis is off on a mission, Ravess is put in charge of Cyclonia. But Ravess lets all the power go to her head which angers Snipe, who declares mutiny on his sister and becomes the new person in charge. However he also becomes power hungry and orders everyone to shoot anything that comes near Cyclonia. However, the Raptors fly close by and aren't happy getting shot at.
45 "Home Movie Night" March 26, 2009
The Storm Hawks gather together to spend a night in the Condor watching their home movies. Each of the Storm Hawks members get a chance to show a video about themselves.
46 "Origins" March 27, 2009
This episode serves as a prequel to the series. In this special flashback episode, we are shown what Aerrow and his friends were like before they became the Storm Hawks.
47 "The Ultra Dudes" March 30, 2009
While on a Western-style terra, Finn scares away a bandit and becomes the new hero of the town. He even creates his own squad known as the Ultra Dudes, which might come in handy when the bandit returns with his own squad, the Murk Raiders. Meanwhile, the other Storm Hawks learn more about the gate that Master Cyclonis is looking for.
48 "A Wallop For All Season" March 31, 2009
Junko goes back to his home terra to find out that the chief has decided to sign a treaty with the Cyclonians. When he can't convince the chief that the Cyclonians are evil, Junko challenges the chief to a battle to try and reason with him.
49 "Payback" April 1, 2009
The Storm Hawks are scattered all around Atmos after Repton destroys the Condor. Aerrow meets up with Arygyn and the three guardians; Finn lands on a garbage truck owned by the Blizzarians; Piper ends up on Gundstaff's terra, who helps her get back to her friends; and Junko meets a group of wrestlers who help him fight a bunch of Cyclonians. Finally, Stork goes after Repton to make him pay for destroying the Condor.
50 "The Key" April 2, 2009
While reconstruction of the Condor gets underway with countless volunteers, Aerrow and Piper try to stop Master Cyclonis and the Dark Ace from finding the oracle stone which is the key to opening the far side door.
51 "Cyclonia Rising (Part 1)" April 3, 2009
Master Cyclonis arms her Nightcrawlers with new crystal technology from the far side and plans to take over Atmos. Meanwhile, Piper has trouble with her new binding power and fears that if she uses it too much, it will make her evil.
52 "Cyclonia Rising (Part 2)" April 6, 2009
In only 6 weeks, Master Cyclonis has taken over all of Atmos and has captured all of the Sky Knights. Only the Storm Hawks remain and they must find a way to stop Master Cyclonis once and for all.
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