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Swayzak is a malicious computer virus and the main antagonist of Trapped in Hyperspace, as well as the tie-in game of the same name.


During the Total Immersion Event, TOM and SARA sent the Absolution into hyperspace on a trip to Earth, leaving Swayzak with the perfect opportunity to wreak havoc.

He infected SARA and took control of the ship in an attempt to make it crash into Earth. However, TOM didn't give up that easily and jacked into the Absolution's system several times to try and eject Swayzak. TOM finally succeeded and Swayzak was gone, and SARA returned alive and well.



  • Swayzak made a cameo appearance, with a different voice actor, in SARA's game review of Rez.
  • The voice actor of Swayzak is unknown, and will likely remain that way, according to Toonami co-creator Jason DeMarco.[1]


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