TOM (Toonami Operations Module) is the second and current host of Toonami and the current host of Toonami Latin America. He is a sardonic, wisecracking personality matrix downloaded to a robot shell.[2] TOM was originally a Beta-Droid that was chosen by Moltar to be the captain of the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution; alongside its A.I. SARA. However, this origin story has since been retconned. His responsibilities include maintaining the ship and broadcasting Toonami's signal to the world. TOM enjoys throwing one-liners and, like Moltar before him, gives sage advice to viewers about moral issues like chasing dreams and standing up for what's right. Frequently, he'll pass along video game reviews, interviews, movie teasers, and other various commentary. As of the current run on Adult Swim, he has undergone 6 different incarnations at the helm of the block (excluding variants):




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