TOM 6 is the eighth and current host of Toonami and the seventh incarnation of TOM. He assumed hosting duties after TOM 5's death in episode 4 of The Forge. He is voiced by veteran voice actor Steve Blum. TOM 6 was revealed on December 7, 2019, during episode 5 of The Forge.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

TOM 6's design is larger compared to his previous incarnations but more proportional, appearing much more streamlined with longer human-like limbs. Unlike TOM 5, he has no lights on his forearms and his Nuclear-Reactor has returned to the middle of his chest. He also has a blue circular light on each side of his rib cage. His body and helmet are gray and his armor plating has a highly-reflective gloss finish. His visor is much larger than previous incarnations, taking up a large portion of his helmet.

History[edit | edit source]

During The Forge, after the death of TOM 5, SARA uploaded his matrix into a new, bulkier and more combat-ready body, designed by SARA and custom built in the Forge. Afterwards, the yellow TOM units took control of the Vindication and fled from the Forge Commander by jumping into hyperspace. With the Vindication gone, TOM 6 and SARA were left with no option but to take over the Forge as the new Toonami broadcast station.

Speeches[edit | edit source]

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Like his predecessors, TOM 6 delivers motivational, introspective speeches interspersed with clips from Toonami's shows. These include:

Video Game Reviews[edit | edit source]





Air Date

Overland PlayStation 4 (9/10) January 4, 2020
GRIS PlayStation 4 (8/10) January 18, 2020
Jedi: Fallen Order  PlayStation 4 (8.5/10) February 15, 2020
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot PlayStation 4 (8/10) March 7, 2020
Spirit of the North PlayStation 4 (7.5/10) March 14, 2020
Ori and The Will of The Wisps XBOX ONE (8.5/10) April 25, 2020
Doom: Eternal PlayStation 4 (8.5/10) May 9, 2020
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch (9.5/10) May 23, 2020
Maneater PlayStation 4 (7/10) July 11, 2020
West of Dead XBOX ONE (7.5/10) September 5, 2020
Carrion Nintendo Switch (7/10) September 12, 2020

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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