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Toonami: Deep Space Bass is the official soundtrack album to Cartoon Network's action TV block Toonami, released on May 15, 2001. It contains music from various shows' intros, Music Videos, and promo spots, along with other Toonami music, including selections from Toonami's Midnight Run and The Intruder specials. All of the tracks were recorded by Joe Boyd Vigil, who composed Toonami's score from 1999 through 2002. The album has since been long out of print.

Track listing[]

  1. Ignition - Used in Advanced Robotics
  2. Gundams Are On Earth - Gundam Wing Intro
  3. Anvil Snare Remix - Sailor Moon Intro
  4. Dragon - Dragon Ball Z Intro
  5. Information Leak - Another Gundam Wing Intro
  6. Arabic - Another Dragon Ball Z Intro
  7. D&B remix - Midnight Run Theme
  8. Depthcharge - Blue Submarine No. 6 Intro
  9. Tension - Tenchi Muyo! Promo
  10. Prayer - TOM 1 Intro Music
  11. Crashgroove - Crash Bandicoot Promotion
  12. Puff & Bass - Powerpuff Girls intro
  13. Darknight (Mislabeled, the track is actually Hyperspace) - Toonami In-flight Movies Intro
  14. Starwind - Outlaw Star Intro
  15. Capslock - Ronin Warriors Intro
  16. Broken Promise - Broken Promise (Dreams)
  17. Walking Stick - Mad Rhetoric (Walking Stick)
  18. Spacetime


  • According to Joe Boyd Vigil, during an interview with The.Toonmaster, Darknight (Track 13, a track used for the Batman Beyond intro), was actually taken off the album before its release due to Toonami's head, Sean Akins, belief that it was too "down-tempo". It was later replaced with a track called Hyperspace, however, the covers to the album had already been printed and so the track listing was left uncorrected.

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