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Toonami Aftermath was a Toonami revival effort, which began as a 24/7 stream, launched on January 18, 2010 with its website appearing a few months after that. It airs programs that have been broadcast on Toonami, and also Cartoon Network, Fox, and Kids WB, such as Ronin Warriors, Cartoon Cartoons, X-Men: The Animated Series, and Pokemon.

Toonami Aftermath has no commercials so the filler time between shows is filled with Toonami promos, Music Videos, old Toonami themed commercials, and every former Toonami Show is introduced with its Toonami intro.

The site is not affiliated with Williams Street, Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting, or Time Warner. Due to the websites' illegal use of copyright material, Toonami, the Toonami Staff, and the Administrators of Toonami Wiki do not officially endorse the Toonami Aftermath project or its affiliates.


Toonami Aftermath has aired various shows, mainly animation, with the occasional live action movie.

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