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Toonami Digital Arsenal was a Toonami fan site launched in 1999, during Toonami's prime. The site acted as a database which hosted promos, intros, game reviews, music videos, and other media, directly from Toonami, available for download. Toonami Digital Arsenal shut down as a whole in 2018 because of "targeted complaints from a 3rd-party copyright enforcer assumedly operating on Funimation's behalf". The site was not affiliated with Williams Street, Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting, or Time Warner.

The Toonami staff have stated several times on the official Toonami Tumblr that they appreciate Toonami Digital Arsenal's work and had a link to the site on their FAQ page.

Promos & Intros[]

The site hosted promos and intros for every series featured on Toonami, from Astro Boy to Zoids, from its creation in 1997 to its demise in 2008, as well as its rebirth on Adult Swim in 2012.

Music & Video Game Reviews[]

Digital Arsenal hosted all three Toonami albums (Toonami: Deep Space Bass, Toonami: Black Hole Megamix, and Toonami: Supernova Megamix).  The site also hosted most of the music videos created by Toonami including "Dreams" and "Advanced Robotics", as well as most of the Video Game Reviews.

Third-Party Attacks and Permanent Closure[]

In late December 2018, a third-party enforcer, presumably under FUNimation, complained and attacked TDA, forcing Tyler Loch, the site's owner, to take the site offline until the site's staff would make their case. They tried to talk to some people, but no one ever responded. Other groups, including Adult Swim F, were attacked in a similar manner. Because the risk was too great, and no one ever responded, Tyler had no choice but to permanently close Toonami Digital Arsenal without giving an obituary or an official notice, leaving many who visited the site to find and upload videos of Toonami promos, intros, fan submissions, etc., on YouTube.

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