The Toonami Month of Movies was a month long movie marathon in which one movie was shown each week from December 7, 2013 to December 28, 2013.[1] The final week of the marathon also featured a special Cowboy Bebop marathon. During two of the movies (Akira & Trigun), a number of animated music videos were aired as time fillers during commercial breaks, similar to a tradition the block used to have while still on Cartoon Network.

During the Month of Movies, Toonami also held a Toonami T-Shirt Giveaway. Fans could enter to win one of the three different Toonami t-shirts each of the four weeks (Week 1 & Week 4 were the same shirt design).[1]



During the first three weeks of the Month of Movies, the first 2.5-3 hours (depending on the week), of the normal lineup were pre-empted. So Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Soul Eater, and Sword Art Online were pre-empted each week, while FLCL was pre-empted during the first week. During the final week, there was a 4-hour Cowboy Bebop marathon following the movie presentation.

December 7, 2013 LineupEdit

This schedule consisted of:


  • 5:30 AM – Inuyasha – Episode 114: "Koga's Solitary Battle"

December 14, 2013 LineupEdit

This schedule consisted of:

December 21, 2013 LineupEdit

This schedule consisted of:

December 28, 2013 LineupEdit

This schedule consisted of:


Music VideosEdit

"Tiny Anthem", "What Would Wolves Do", and "Fallout" aired during Akira on December 7, 2013. "Two Against One" and "Get By" aired during Trigun: Badlands Rumble on December 28, 2013

Toonami T-Shirt DesignsEdit


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