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Toonami Wiki is a fan made project dedicated to providing information about the history, shows, and universe of Toonami. Toonami Wiki fully supports and fully promotes the revived Toonami on Adult Swim, as well as the hardworking staff of Toonami. We also support any fan made websites or projects that support and do not impede the success of Toonami such as Toonami Digital Arsenal. - Toonamifan16229 (talk) (The former main administrator of Toonami Wiki)

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Current Toonami Series

My Hero Acad1 DB Super1 Attack On Titan2
Promised Neverland1 SAO Alicization1 JJBA2
Black Clover2 Boruto1 Shippuden1
HxH 1

Former Toonami Series

Thundercats Ring Roulette Ring Voltron Ring JQuest Ring Robotech Ring Beast Wars Ring
Sailor Moon Ring DBZ Ring Super Friends Ring Reboot Ring PPG Ring Ronin Warriors Ring
GForce Ring Gundam Wing Ring Batman TAS Ring Tenchi Muyo Ring Tenchi Universe Ring Tenchi in Tokyo Ring
Blue Sub Ring Superman TAS Ring Outlaw Star Ring Big O Ring Cardcaptors Ring Mobile Suit Gundam Ring
08th MS Team Ring Dragonball Ring Batman Beyond Ring Zoids NC Ring Gundam 0080 Ring Hamtaro Ring
Zoids CC Ring G Gundam Ring He-Man Ring Transformers Armada Ring GI Joe Ring Samurai Jack Ring
Hack Sign Ring Martian Successor Nadesico Ring Gigantor Ring Neon Genesis Evangelion Ring Dai Guard Ring YuYu Hakusho Ring
Rurouni Kenshin Ring Justice League Ring Cyborg 009 Ring SD Gundam Ring Dragon Ball GT Ring Clone Wars Ring
Duel Masters Ring Astro Boy 2003 Ring Transformers Energon Ring Jackie Chan Adventures Ring Gundam SEED Ring Megas XLR Ring
Rave Master Ring Teen Titans Ring JLU Ring DICE Ring Zatch Bell Ring The Batman Ring
One Piece Ring Transformers Cybertron Ring Yugioh Ring Naruto Ring BoBoBo Ring IGPX Ring
Wulin Warriors Ring Pokemon Chronicles Ring FF4 WGH Ring Pokemon Ring Yugioh GX Ring Prince of Tennis Ring
MAR Ring Storm Hawks Ring Megaman Starforce Ring Bakugan Ring Blue Dragon Ring Ben 10 Ring
Bleach Ring Trigun Ring Astro Boy Ring Deadman Wonderland Ring Casshern Sins Ring FMA Brotherhood Ring
GITS 2nd GIG Ring Cowboy Bebop Ring Samurai 7 Ring Eureka 7 Ring GITS SAC Ring Symbionic Titan Ring
Thundercats 2011 Ring Inuyasha Ring Tenchi Muyo GXP Ring Soul Eater Ring SAO Ring Star Wars The Clone Wars Ring
FLCL Ring King Star King Ring Korgoth Ring Space Dandy Ring Blue Exorcist Black Lagoon Ring
Beware the Batman Ring Gurren Lagann Ring Hellsing Ring DBZ Kai Ring Inuyasha Final Act Ring Kill la Kill Ring
SAO II Ring Michiko & Hatchin Ring Akame Ga Kill Ring Parasyte Ring Samurai Champloo Ring Dimension W Ring
Iron Blooded Orphans Ring One Punch Man Ring Gundam RE96 Ring Sand Whale Ring Tokyo Ghoul Ring Lupin the Third IV Ring
FLCL Prog Ring Pop Team Epic Ring FLCL Alt Ring Mob Psycho Ring Megalo Box Ring

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May 20, 2019

Toonami Monday Intro (Moltar Era)

Toonami Monday Intro (Moltar Era)

Current Toonami Schedule

Schedule-Promised Neverland
Schedule-SAO Alicization
Schedule-Shippuden 4

Random Toonami Series


Random Toonami Movie

Mystery of the Batwoman

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Toonami: Pre-Flight

Toonami Pre-Flight
Toonami: Pre-Flight is the official weekly Toonami live-streaming show hosted by Toonami staff members Jason DeMarco and Gill Austin. A new episode of Pre-Flight streams on every Friday at 6:30 PM, the stream then repeats each day at 6:30 until the following Friday.

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You can also visit the official Toonami Facebook page to answer a new question asked by the staff each week.

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Toonami T-Shirts Promo

Toonami T-Shirts Promo

Toonami shirts, hoodies, hats and art prints are now available for purchase from All shirt designs come in long and short sleeves.


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