The Toonami Wiki is a fan made wikia project dedicated to providing information about the history, shows, and universe of Cartoon Network's Programming Block - Toonami. TOM, SARA, and The Absolution have been a big part of many of our childhoods as they introduced us to anime and cool actions shows. Now Toonami's back, with a new TOM, Absolution, SARA and shows like Space Dandy, Naruto Shippuden, and Dragon Ball Z Kai. The Toonami Wiki is meant to act as a general information site for Toonami and help get more people informed and watching. We could always use extra help with edits and creating episode and character pages for all of the shows that have been featured on Toonami throughout its history.

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Toonami Wiki is a fan made project dedicated to providing information about the history, shows, and universe of Toonami. Toonami Wiki fully supports and fully promotes the revived Toonami on Adult Swim, as well as the hardworking staff of Toonami. We also support any fan made websites or projects that support and do not impede the success of Toonami such as Toonami Digital Arsenal. - Toonamifan16229 (talk) (The former main administrator of Toonami Wiki)

Please follow the Toonami Wiki Rules when editing or interacting with other users.

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GarryboiThe1337th GarryboiThe1337th 3 days ago

Made in Abyss

It's time for another show announcement! Starting this Saturday, Toonami will show Made in Abyss at…

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January 8th lineup

We don't have that much announcements, but now it's time to let the cat out of the bag. Can't give …

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GarryboiThe1337th GarryboiThe1337th 14 days ago

Assassination Classroom returns to Toonami

It's time to hit the books... again! Koro-Sensei returns to Toonami next Saturday with season 2 of …

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Today is Sunday

January 16, 2022

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Jonny Quest VTCI Ring.png
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Worlds Finest Ring.png
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Batman Beyond ROTJ Ring.png
He-Man The Beginning Ring.png
Transformers Armada Premiere Movie Ring.png
Iron Giant Ring.png
Lowbrow Ring.png
DBZ Bardock TFOG Ring.png
DBZ History of Trunks Ring.png
DBZ Coolers Revenge Ring.png
DBZ Return of Cooler Ring.png
Hot Wheels World Race Ring.png
GI Joe Spy Troops Ring.png
Duel Masters Good Bad Bolshack Ring.png
PPG Movie Ring.png
Justice League Savage Time Ring.png
Pokemon 1st Movie Ring.png
Pokemon Movie 2000 Ring.png
Pokemon 3 Spell of Unknown Ring.png
Bionicle Mask of Light Ring.png
DBZ Lord Slug Ring.png
Batman MOTB Ring.png
Justice League Starcrossed Ring.png
GI Joe Valor VS Venom Ring.png
Bionicle 2 Ring.png
Hot Wheels Acceleracers Ring.png
Yugioh Pyramid of Light Ring.png
Zatch and Kiyos Odyssey Ring.png
Batman VS Dracula Ring.png
Batman 1989 Ring.png
Spirited Away Ring.png
Princess Mononoke Ring.png
Castle in the Sky Ring.png
Nausicaa Ring.png
Ultimate Avengers Ring.png
Zatch Bell Friends Getting Stronger Ring.png
Superman Brainiac Attacks Ring.png
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Ring.png
Teen Titans TIT Ring.png
Naruto Adventures of Naruto Ring.png
link=:Naruto: The Adventures of Naruto!…Oh, And Everyone Else Too! / One on One: Every Genin For Themselves!
Ultimate Avengers 2 Ring.png
Hellboy Sword of Storms Ring.png
DBZ Fusion Reborn Ring.png
Toky Hawk Boom Boom Sabotage Ring.png
DBZ Wrath of the Dragon Ring.png
Invincible Iron Man Ring.png
Mosaic Ring.png
Hellboy Blood and Iron Ring.png
Condor Ring.png
Spider Man 2002 Ring.png
Naruto Mission PTWV Ring.png
Ben 10 SOTO Ring.png
Naruto NCITLOS Ring.png
Lego Indiana Jones Ring.png
Superman Doomsday Ring.png
Naruto LOTSOG Ring.png
Evangelion 1 Ring.png
Evangelion 2 Ring.png
Kick-Heart Ring.png
Akira Ring.png
Summer Wars Ring.png
Fullmetal Alchemist COS Ring.png
Trigun Badlands Rumble Ring.png
Batman Strange Days Ring.png
Batman Beyond 75th Anniversary Ring.png
Captain Murphy Ring.png
Zurtrun Ring.png
Fullmetal Alchemist SSOM Ring.png
DBZ Broly Ring.png
Children Who Chase Lost Voices Ring.png
Scavengers Ring.png
Shelter Ring.png
Mind Game Ring.png
Pacalien Ring.png
Is Lupin Still Burning Ring.png
Samurai & Shogun Ring.png
Rick Morty VS Genocider Ring.png
Batman Year One Ring.png
Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Ring.png
Batman Gotham Knight Ring.png
Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Ring.png
Wonder Woman Bloodlines Ring.png
Justice League New Frontier Ring.png
Batman Ninja Ring.png
Under the Red Hood Ring.png
Rick and Morty Great Yokai Battle Ring.png
Batman Long Halloween 1 Ring.png
Batman Long Halloween 2 Ring.png
Black Lotus Benefit or Hazard Ring.png
Rick and Morty Summer Meets God Ring.png
Blade Runner Black Out 2022 Ring.png
Blade Runner 2049 Ring.png
Animatrix Ring.png
Samurai & Shogun Part 2 Ring.png
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