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A Total Immersion Event, often shortened to simply T.I.E., is an animated adventure featuring the Toonami hosts TOM and SARA. However, the fourth T.I.E. did not feature them and instead featured a completely original story called IGPX. There were a total of four T.I.E.s during Toonami's original run on Cartoon Network, and four more have aired during its current run on Adult Swim. The Toonami Total Immersion Events have all been produced by Williams Street, the producers of Toonami, with animation coming from outside animation studios.

History[edit | edit source]

Total Immersion Events were created when Cartoon Network launched the "Total Immersion Cartoon initiative" in 2000. The first Total Immersion Cartoon event, Toonami: The Intruder, was a 5-part on-air story that aired during Cartoon Network's afternoon action-adventure block and was augmented by exclusive online content available at The result was a huge success for Cartoon Network, posting considerable increases from the previous year in several key demographics, including a 50% increase in viewers ages 9-14.'s traffic was up 72% from the previous week, with more than 4.5 million page views for the week.[1]

During Toonami's run on Cartoon Network, T.I.E.s were week-long 5-part miniseries with one 2-3 minute episode of the T.I.E. airing on the block each day, Monday through Friday, during a commercial break. The first four T.I.Es followed this model, although The Intruder had two additional episodes that aired at later dates. Additionally, each T.I.E. had a tie-in video game that was playable on during the event. Each day viewers could watch the Toonami broadcast, gather game codes and then play the games to further the storyline of the T.I.E.

T.I.E.s returned to Toonami on Adult Swim in 2015 and the format shifted due to the block's new 1-night-a-week format. Instead of airing over one week, T.I.E.s now air over multiple weeks with one episode airing each week during a commercial break. The T.I.E.s aired on Adult Swim are also less interactive for viewers, as no tie-in games have been created for them.

List of Total Immersion Events[edit | edit source]

Cartoon Network
No. Title Broadcast Dates Tie-in Game Tie-in Sweepstakes
01 The Intruder September 18-22, 2000
November 6, 2000
November 24, 2000
The Intruder "Absolution Afterburn" Sweepstakes
02 Lockdown September 17-21, 2001 Lockdown "Toonami Lockdown" Sweepstakes
03 Trapped in Hyperspace September 16-20, 2002 Trapped in Hyperspace "Toonami Trapped in Hyperspace" Sweepstakes
04 IGPX (Micro Series) September 15-19, 2003 IGPX N/A
Adult Swim
No. Title Broadcast Dates Tie-in Comic
05 The Intruder II November 7, 2015
November 14, 2015
November 21, 2015
November 28, 2015
December 5, 2015
December 12, 2015
December 19, 2015
Intruder II
06 The Intruder III November 5, 2016
November 12, 2016
November 19, 2016
November 26, 2016
07 Countdown November 4, 2017
November 11, 2017
November 18, 2017
November 25, 2017
08 The Forge November 9, 2019
November 16, 2019
November 23, 2019
November 30, 2019
December 7, 2019
December 14, 2019

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name “Total Immersion Event” comes from the immersive nature of the event. Providing viewers with more opportunities to interact with the Toonami characters and affect the lore. Including online content such as Flash games that tied into the storyline of the T.I.E.
  • The Toonami T.I.E.s usually result in a look overhaul of the Toonami block. Such as TOM and/or SARA getting a new body, a new broadcasting station being introduced, new graphics for promos and bumpers being introduced, etc.
  • Cartoon Network attempted other non-Toonami Total Immersion Events in 2000 and 2001, such as the "Big Pick" and the "Powerpuff Popularity Contest". However, none were as successful as the Toonami T.I.E.s.
  • Countdown is the only T.I.E. to be aired more than once on Toonami. It was re-aired in its entirety on April 7, 2018.

References[edit | edit source]

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