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Series Overview

Color Season Episodes U.S. Season Premiere U.S. Season Finale
1 52 August 23, 2002 December 12, 2003

Season 1 (2002-2003)


Episode Title

English Airdate

Japanese Airdate

1 "First Encounter" August 23, 2002 January 10, 2003
Middle school students Rad, Carlos and Alexis are shocked to discover the existence of large robots in their hometown. When they accidentally awaken these Transformers, an evil Decepticon named Megatron comes to collect them.
2 "Metamorphosis" August 23, 2002 January 17, 2003
With Optimus Prime now fighting alongside them, Rad, Carlos and Alexis battle against Megatron for control of the Mini-Con that they discovered. Meanwhile, the Decepticon Cyclonus searches for another Mini-Con on the moon.
3 "Base" August 23, 2002 January 24, 2003
The Autobots and Decepticons continue their heated battle, each gaining a Mini-Con to give them an advantage in the conflict, but with the three children and their friends endangered by the struggle, will the Autobots be able to concentrate on defeating their enemies?
4 "Comrade" September 20, 2002 January 31, 2003
Upon locating a new Mini-Con panel at Big Canyon, Optimus, the Autobots and the kids all travel there, but the Decepticons are in hot pursuit. Just when it seems Optimus is on the verge of defeat, he finds himself aided by an old friend.
5 "Soldier" September 27, 2002 February 7, 2003
Hot Shot and Red Alert have a falling out over Hot Shot's playful nature, whilst the next Mini-Con is located in Antarctica, prompting another fierce struggle between the Autobots and Decepticons.
6 "Jungle" October 4, 2002 February 14, 2003
After the Decepticons lose a simulated battle Starscream pleads for a minicon of his own. Meanwhile the next Mini-Con is located in a vast forest. The ensuing battle for possesion of the Mini-Con results in a ferocious fire being ignited.
7 "Carnival" October 11, 2002 February 21, 2003
Rad and Carlos spend a day at the Carnival with the Mini-Cons, but the day out soon spirals into chaos when Fred and Billy discover the Minicons true forms.
8 "Palace" October 18, 2002 February 28, 2003
The search for the next Mini-Con takes the Autobots, Rad, Carlos and Alexis into the desert, where they discover a vast underground palace. Braving dangers that include robotic spiders, falling boulders, and statues that emit laser beams, the brave kids attempt to safeguard the Mini-Con from the Decepticons.
9 "Confrontation" October 25, 2002 March 7, 2003
The Decepticons capture the troublesome duo Fred and Billy, and demand that the Autobots hand over the Mini-Cons in exchange for their safe return.
10 "Underground" November 1, 2002 March 14, 2003
Locating the next Mini-Con beneath an urban neighborhood, the Autobots and Decepticons both go exploring the local railways network.
11 "Ruin" November 15, 2002[1] March 21, 2003
The Autobots track a Mini-Con to the ruins of an underwater city, where Rad, Carlos, and Alexis discover ghosts from the past, and learn of a powerful legendary weapon. It's not long before The Decepticons attack, eager to collect the Mini-Con for themselves.
12 "Prehistory" November 22, 2002 March 28, 2003
As Megatron tries to activate the captured Mini-Con Sonar, The Autobots track down the next Mini-Con on a volcanic island, which soon erupts.
13 "Swoop" November 29, 2002[2] April 4, 2003
Eager to complete the powerful Star-Sabre weapon, Megatron leads an assault on the Autobot base.
14 "Overmatch" December 13, 2002[3] April 11, 2003
As an overconfident Hot Shot uses the Star-Sabre to his advantage, a mysterious new player arrives to test the Autobot's resolve. Can Hot Shot be as successful in a duel without his new power?
15 "Gale" December 20, 2002[3] April 18, 2003
Hot Shot is extremely proud of his new victory over the Decepticons. Meanwhile, Hot Shot and Scavenger continue their heated rivalry along a freeway, where the next Mini-Con is located.
16 "Credulous" December 27, 2002[3] April 25, 2003
Newly recruited Autobot Sideways manipulates Megatron into sending both him and Hot Shot to the Decepticon base on the moon, the two Autobots soon find the odds stacked against them, and when Sideways is captured, Hot Shot is forced to surrender the Star-Sabre, can he hope to survive without it?
17 "Conspiracy" January 20, 2003[4] May 2, 2003
The Autobots lose one battle after another against the Decepticons, now in control of the Star Saber. Hot Shot and Sideways go head-to-head, whilst Megatron plots to seize the Star-Sabre from an arrogant Starscream.
18 "Trust" January 21, 2003[4] May 9, 2003
As Hot Shot trains harder than ever under the tutelage of Scavenger, the battle for the next Mini-Con intensifies over a snowy hillside area. When Scavenger disappears during battle, it causes Hot Shot and the kids to question the Autobot spy's true loyalties.
19 "Vacation" January 22, 2003[4] May 16, 2003
Rad, Carlos, Billy and Fred take Smokescreen, Red Alert and the Mini-cons to a vacation site. But when they run into trouble, Optimus Prime and the Autobots brave the forces of nature to save Rad, Carlos, and their other friends from a ferocious storm and a burst dam as a distraught Alexis watches from the main base.
20 "Reinforcement" January 23, 2003[4] May 23, 2003
As the two sides fight for the latest Mini-con, a new Autobot ally, Blurr, arrives on the scene and claims the Mini-con, but he proves to be extremely difficult to talk to, especially for Hot Shot. The Autobots and Decepticons soon clash over the next Mini-Con at a human racetrack, whilst the power of the Skyboom Shield is finally unlocked.
21 "Decisive Battle" January 24, 2003[4] May 30, 2003
Armed with both the Star-Sabre and Skyboom Shield, Megatron challenges Optimus Prime to a fierce one-on-one battle.
22 "Vow" January 27, 2003[5] June 6, 2003
When the Land Military Mini-Con team makes contact with the Earth-bound Mini-Cons, it triggers a risky game of cat-and-mouse between the Autobots and Megatron that soon separates Optimus, Rad, and Carlos from their allies.
23 "Rebellion" January 28, 2003[5] June 13, 2003
Sideways comes to the conclusion that Megatron is to blame for the Decepticons recent string of defeats and manipulates the ambitious Starscream into contemplating a stand against his master.
24 "Chase" January 29, 2003[5] June 20, 2003
When a computer virus affects the Autobot base's main systems, Rad, Carlos, Alexis, and their Mini-Con friends find themselves sucked into Cyberspace, and into the waiting hands of Sideways.
25 "Tactician" January 30, 2003[5] June 27, 2003
Megatron welcomes his old friend Thrust, a highly-skilled strategist who has never been defeated in battle. Luring the Autobots into a gully, Thrust and the Decepticons attack. With the Autobots in need of help, can another new player, the powerful Jetfire, tip the balance of power?
26 "Link Up" January 31, 2003[5] July 4, 2003
Jetfire takes command of the Autobots whilst Optimus heals from his recent battles, but his continuous bragging and overconfident attitude rubs his fellow Autobots the wrong way. Lured into a trap by Thrust, Jetfire is ambushed and attacked, the Autobots attempt to aid him, but are also pinned down. A weakened Optimus decides to risk his health to turn the tide in battle.
27 "Detection" March 1, 2003[6] July 11, 2003
The treacherous Sideways plots to dispose of Thrust and charges his fellow Decepticons with the task. Meanwhile, Jetfire, Hot Shot, and the kids discuss Sideways' true motives.
28 "Awakening" March 8, 2003[7] July 18, 2003
As the Autobots contend with the newest addition to the Decepticon forces, the titanic battleship Tidal Wave. Rad, Carlos and Alexis track the latest Mini-Con and learn of the powerful Requiem Blaster.
29 "Desperate" March 15, 2003[8] July 25, 2003
Tidal Wave continues to make life difficult for the Autobots, and he soon fuzes with Megatron, making him more powerful than ever. Meanwhile, Rad, Carlos and Alexis scramble to deliver the frightened Mini-Con Sky Blast to the battlefield...can the Requiem Blaster be formed in time?
30 "Runaway" March 22, 2003[9] August 1, 2003
Eager to protect their new friends from being used as weapons in battle, the kids smuggle the Space Mini-Con team out to a remote farmhouse, unaware that Thrust is tailing them.
31 "Past (Part 1)" March 29, 2003[10] August 8, 2003
As a new Autobot, Side Swipe, arrives on Earth and bonds with Hot Shot, a series of flashbacks reveal Key events from both Autobots pasts, and it is Hot Shot's past that soon comes back to haunt him as the treacherous Wheeljack attacks.
32 "Past (Part 2)" April 5, 2003[11] August 15, 2003
Injured in battle by Wheeljack, Hot Shot continues to reflect on his past, whilst Optimus reveals the true reason he selected Hot Shot to be part of his team. Meanwhile, Wheeljack pledges his allegiance to the Decepticons.
33 "Sacrifice" April 12, 2003[12] August 22, 2003
Starscream challenges the Autobots to battle, and in doing so, is able to draw much of them away from the main base, allowing Megatron and the remaining Decepticons to attack. Aided by Sideways, they are able to by-pass the security systems and tear their way through the base searching for the Mini-Cons required to form the Requiem Blaster. When Smokescreen stands between them and their prize, it leads to a cataclysmic confrontation.
34 "Regeneration" April 19, 2003[13] August 29, 2003
As Smokescreen's life hangs in the balance, the Autobots are shocked to find that Starscream has opted to defect from the Decepticons. Despite protests from Hot Shot, Optimus allows Starscream to stay, leading to both Hot Shot and Starscream confronting one another.
35 "Rescue" April 26, 2003[14] September 5, 2003
With the aid of Starscream, the Autobots infiltrate the Decepticon moon base with the intent of rescuing the Mini-Cons in Megatron's custody. As the battle intensifies, the Autobot Mini-Cons discover their brothers are working on a much grander project.
36 "Mars" May 3, 2003[15] September 12, 2003
Starscream rages, frustrated that the Autobots do not share his priority of destroying Megatron. Locating a new Mini-Con, Jetfire and Starscream head to the planet Mars to retrieve it, but they are soon intercepted by the Decepticons.
37 "Crack" May 10, 2003[16] September 19, 2003
When the Mini-Con Race Team goes missing, Starscream is accused of stealing them. Meanwhile, Thrust plots to destroy Megatron, and attempts to convince Starscream to assist him. Which side will Starscream choose?
38 "Threaten" October 3, 2003 September 23, 2003
As the Autobots deal with the fallout of Starscream's decision, Megatron unviels his latest weapon, the Hyrda Cannon.
39 "Crisis" October 10, 2003 September 26, 2003
As the Hydra Cannon continues to menace the Earth, Optimus Prime and Jetfire take advantage of the weapon's fluctuating Shields to stage an attack. Despite their best efforts, the cannon is primed to attack the planet once more, leaving Optimus with no choice but to try and deflect it's attack personally.
40 "Remorse" October 17, 2003 October 3, 2003
Hot Shot is put through an aggressive ordeal by his fellow Autobots in order to better prepare him for the tasks ahead. Meanwhile, Megatron orders his forces to return to Cybertron.
41 "Depart" October 24, 2003 October 10, 2003
The Autobots are ready to head home and leave the kids behind. Rad has a nightmare in which the Autobot ship is shot down and Highwire collapses on the floor saying "You must help us, Rad." When Hot Shot refuses to take the children along with them, he sparks a Mini-Con mutiny.
42 "Miracle" October 31, 2003 October 17, 2003
The Autobots brave the fury of the Decepticons as they pilot their way through an asteroid field, whilst the Mini-Cons assemble to discuss the evil force known as Unicron. Harnessing the power of the Matrix, the Mini-Cons are able to restore a fallen warrior to life just as the Decepticon attack intensifies.
43 "Puppet" November 7, 2003 October 24, 2003
Pulled through an electrical black hole, a handful of Autobots and Decepticons find themselves on a strange planet, pursued and attacked by the merciless and unstable doppelganger Nemesis Prime.
44 "Uprising" November 14, 2003 October 31, 2003
The Decepticons are back on Cybertron with the Autobots hot on their heels. As the threat of Unicron looms, the Autobots and Decepticons clash on the surface of Cybertron.
45 "Dash" November 21, 2003 November 7, 2003
As Hot Shot braves the might of the Decepticons defenses in a desperate attempt to convince his enemies of a far greater threat represented by Unicron, Thrust's true loyalties are finally revealed.
46 "Drift" November 28, 2003 November 14, 2003
As Starscream confronts Thrust, the kids discover the shocking truth about the Mini-Cons and learn the pivotal role they played in how the Mini-Cons came to Earth.
47 "Portent" December 5, 2003 November 21, 2003
The Autobots and Starscream brave the dangers wrought by Thrust and Sideways as they plug 2 of the 3 Mini-Con weapons into Unicron's processor.
48 "Cramp" December 8, 2003 November 28, 2003
Starscream and Galvatron engage in a final, heated conflict. With the threat of Unicron still not understood by his commander, Starscream is forced to make a drastic decision to prove the danger is more real than Galvatron can fathom.
49 "Alliance" December 9, 2003 December 5, 2003
As the Autobots and Decepticons forge an uneasy alliance, Unicron finally awakens.
50 "Union" December 10, 2003 December 12, 2003
The Hydra Cannon is deployed as a weapon against Unicron as he begins his assault on Cybertron. Meanwile, Optimus and Galvatron manage to infiltrate Unicron's core, and are soon confronted by Thrust.
51 "Origin" December 11, 2003 December 19, 2003
The Autobots, Decepticons and Mini-Cons continue to try and hold back Unicron, but Unicron is able to strip the Mini-Cons down to mindless drones and absorbs them. As Optimus and Galvatron confront Sideways within Unicron's core, can anything bring the chaos-bringer offline?
52 "Mortal Combat" December 12, 2003 December 26, 2003
With Unicron defeated, Optimus and Galvatron engage in a final battle within the depths of the Planet Consumer to determine once and for all the fate of the universe, but will the hatred between the two provide Unicron with the power to revive himself?


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