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Series Overview

Color Season Episodes U.S. Season Premiere U.S. Season Finale
1 52 July 2, 2005 October 2, 2006

Season 1 (2005)


Episode Title



English Airdate

Japanese Airdate

01[n 1] "Fallen" Hiro Masaki Manabu Ono September 19, 2005[1] January 8, 2005
When Cybertron is threatened by a colossal black hole, Optimus Prime and the Autobots give the order to evacuate the planet. However, a mysterious stranger holds one last hope.
02[n 1] "Inferno" Hiro Masaki Kahoru Igusa October 2, 2006[2] January 15, 2005
Peace has settled for the Autobots on Earth, but new information will reveal how Landmine arrived on Earth and not elsewhere and why Scattershot had such unusual readings when they arrived.
03 "Haven" Gyō Yamatoya Masashi Nagao September 20, 2005[1] January 22, 2005
With the help of their human friends, the Autobots construct a new HQ on Earth, but will Megatron discover their secret base before it's finished?
04 "Hidden" Manabu Ishikawa Jun'ichi Watanabe July 2, 2005[3] January 29, 2005
The Autobots attempt to blend in by assuming alternate transformation modes suitable for Earth. Meanwhile, the Decepticons engage human military forces, and the Autobots are forced to intervene.
05 "Landmine" Genki Yoshimura Kunitoshi Okajima July 9, 2005[4] February 5, 2005
Landmine tries to adjust to life on Earth while recovering from the injury Starscream's null cannons inflicted on him. Meanwhile, the Autobots discover what planet the second cyber planet key is hidden on, and Hot Shot and Red Alert are sent to seek it out.
06 "Space" Hiro Masaki Fumiharu Kamanaka July 16, 2005[5] February 12, 2005
Bud is taken into space so he can see what the Earth is really like, but trouble occurs when he and Scattershot must be saved while the others are fighting against Thundercracker and Starscream. Meanwhile Red Alert and Hot Shot try to remain hidden on the Race Planet while Megatron reveals himself to Override.
07 "Rush" Kazuhisa Sakaguchi Mitsuru Kawasaki July 23, 2005[6] February 19, 2005
Hotshot and Megatron race against Override in an attempt to win the first cyber planet key. Will either win when Crumplezone and Ransack are interfering?
08 "Speed" Genki Yoshimura Atsushi Takeyama July 30, 2005[7] February 26, 2005
The search for the Cyber Planet Keys proceeds apace... but neither the Autobots nor the Decepticons are aware of the treachery quietly brewing at the heart of the conflict!
09 "Collapse" Kazuhiko Sōma Masashi Nagao August 6, 2005[8] March 5, 2005
Megatron searches for the Cyber Planet Key with extreme force, while the Autobots try to stop the massive earthquakes that are threatening the city.
10 "Time" Hiro Masaki Tsuyoshi Masui August 13, 2005[9] March 12, 2005
Red Alert becomes concerned at the desperate measures Hot Shot is taking to beat Override, while Vector Prime and the kids travel to the Sahara in search of the Omega Lock.
11 "Search" Hiro Masaki Kunitoshi Okajima August 20, 2005[10] March 19, 2005
The Autobots join Vector Prime to search for the Omega Lock, while Overhaul is left stranded by a surprise attack from Megatron and Starscream.
12 "Deep" Manabu Ishikawa Fumiharu Kamanaka August 27, 2005[11] March 26, 2005
Overhaul and Megatron try to convince inhabitants of the Jungle Planet of their "good" intentions, while the Autobots investigate the appearance of a new Atlantean symbol.
13 "Ship" Gyō Yamatoya Isao Takayama September 3, 2005[12] April 2, 2005
After the "Atlantis" ship disappeared, Optimus Prime and Megatron head to the moon where it's hiding while Vector Prime and the kids locate the Omega Lock. Will the Autobots prevent the Decepticons from getting the Omega Lock? And what does a side-changing Transformer named Sideways have planned?
14 "Hero" Kazuhiko Sōma Atsushi Nakayama September 10, 2005[13] April 9, 2005
Optimus discovers that Hot Shot has disobeyed his orders while Red Alert has covered for him. However, he is forced to put his trust into Hot Shot to win the Cyber Key from Override.
15 "Race" Kazuhisa Sakaguchi Masashi Nagao September 17, 2005[14] April 16, 2005
Hot Shot and the Autobots battle Ransack and Crumplezone in the first round, while Starscream continues to build his forces with new recruit Mudflap. Meanwhile, Lori and Bud uncover information on the Ancients' prehistoric visit to Earth.
16 "Detour" Hiro Masaki Mitsuru Kawasaki October 7, 2005[15] April 23, 2005
As the race for the Speed Planet Cup continues, Hot Shot teaches Override the Autobots' code of honor, while Overhaul faces Scourge on the Jungle Planet.
17 "Savage" Hiro Masaki Matsuo Asami October 10, 2005[16] April 30, 2005
Koby helps Hot Shot to train for the grueling next leg of the Speed Planet Cup, while Optimus Prime and Vector Prime answer a distress call from the Jungle Planet.
18 "Sand" Kazuhisa Sakaguchi Fumiharu Kamanaka October 11, 2005[16] May 7, 2005
Hot Shot takes a dangerous gamble in the next round of the Speed Planet Cup, while Sideways tries to pit the Autobots and Decepticons against each other.
19 "Champion" Kazuhiko Sōma Kei'ichirō Kawaguchi October 12, 2005[16] May 14, 2005
After the terrible injuries sustained in the last race, Hot Shot cannot finish the final race on his own, leaving Coby to enter the tournament as Hot Shot's driver.
20 "Ice" Gyō Yamatoya Atsushi Nakayama October 13, 2005[16] May 21, 2005
Bud, Lori and Coby encounter government scientist Professor Suzuki while investigating strange phenomena at the North Pole, while Starscream plans a new attack.
21 "Honor" Manabu Ishikawa Mitsuru Kawasaki October 14, 2005[16] May 28, 2005
Leobreaker disobeys Optimus' direct orders and attacks Scourge. Although Scourge now respects Leobreaker, the incident has caused a rift between him and Optimus.
22 "Primal" Manabu Ishikawa Masashi Nagao October 17, 2005[17] June 4, 2005
Scourge and Optimus Prime battle each other for the Jungle Planet Cyber Key with Override from Speed Planet and Lori from earth being the guest viewers.
23 "Trust" Hiro Masaki Oyunamu October 18, 2005[17] June 11, 2005
In an attempt to confuse the Decepticons, Optimus makes duplicate cyber keys for each Autobot. Meanwhile Dr. Suzuki makes an amazing discovery at the North Pole.
24 "Trap" Kazuhiko Sōma Atsuhi Nigorikawa October 19, 2005[17] June 18, 2005
The secret history of Earth and Cybertron is revealed with the awakening of monster-hunting Autobot Smokescreen/Crosswise. Meanwhile the Autobots are drawn into a cavern filled with ancient Decepticons.
25 "Invasion" Kazuhiko Sōma Megumi Sakai October 20, 2005[17] June 25, 2005
Starscream unleashes the ancient Decepticons in an attempt to find Earth's Cyber Planet Key, Optimus leads the Autobots in battle.
26 "Retreat" Hiro Masaki Mitsuru Kawasaki
Manabu Ono
October 21, 2005[17] July 2, 2005
The Minicons rescue the kids from the military, while Sideways learns the location of the Autobots' Earth base and leads every Decepticon to Coby's home town.
27 "Revelation" Hiro Masaki Atsushi Nakayama October 24, 2005[17] July 9, 2005
Scourge frees Megatron from Starscream's trap and heads toward Earth. The Autobots must deal with Megatron and locating Starscream's location at the same time.
28 "Critical" Kenji Sugihara Matsuo Asami March 11, 2006[18] July 16, 2005
Just as all hope is lost, the light of Primus shines down on the fallen Autobot warriors (Scattershot, Red Alert, and Hot Shot) and resurrects them.
29 "Assault" Hiro Masaki Masashi Nagao March 18, 2006[19] July 23, 2005
A three-way battle unfolds between the Decepticons, the Autobots, and Starscream's forces. Then, an Autobot warrior named Wing Saber appears.
30 "Starscream" Hiro Masaki Naotaka Hayashi March 25, 2006[20] July 30, 2005
With the Autobots closing in, Starscream unleashes the Omega Lock's power and grows to a tremendous size. Meanwhile, the Cybertron Defense Team is sent to check on Cybertron, but they find it infested with hundreds of spider-like transformers called Scrapmetal drones.
31 "United" Gyō Yamatoya Megumi Sakai April 1, 2006[21] August 6, 2005
Override, Evac, and Leobreaker are sent to help the Cybertron Defense team on Cybertron, and Megatron's Decepticons follow as well. Optimus and Wing Saber combine and overpower Starscream.
32 "Cybertron" Manabu Ishikawa Atsuhi Nigorikawa April 8, 2006[22] August 13, 2005
The Autobots are finally able to destroy Megatron. They then try to revive Cybertron using the Omega Lock, but it triggers a reaction that seemingly begins to tear apart the planet!
33 "Balance" Hiro Masaki Mitsuru Kawasaki April 15, 2006[23] August 20, 2005
The true form of planet Cybertron is revealed as the planet sized transformer, Primus. Jolt is used as the device to connect and relay the messages of Primus, who begins to speak of things that have long since passed.
34 "Darkness" Kazuhisa Sakaguchi Atsushi Nakayama September 5, 2006 August 27, 2005
The Autobots search for Jolt and the kids who have been kidnapped by Sideways and Starscream, but Megatron has discovered new information regarding Unicron's dark power that could alter the effects of the war.
35 "Memory" Kazuhiko Sōma Atsushi Nakayama September 6, 2006 September 3, 2005
The kids are forced to use trickery to keep Sideways and Starscream from deleting Jolt's memory.
36 "Escape" Kenji Sugihara Masashi Nagao September 7, 2006 September 10, 2005
Jolt and the kids manage to get off a distress call, but Megatron refuses to let Optimus out of battle forcing Vector Prime to lead the rescue team with one big question: will they arrive on time?
37 "Family" Kazuhisa Sakaguchi Naotaka Hayashi September 8, 2006 September 17, 2005
In order to rescue his brother, Coby decides to go to Giant Planet. But before he leaves, he tries to tell his parents about the Transformers.
38 "Titans" Gyō Yamatoya Megumi Sakai September 11, 2006[24] September 24, 2005
Primus tries to use his spark energy to stop the black hole but Starscream interferes by throwing himself into Primus's spark energy, this causes him to grow to planet size. He then decides to take on Primus.
39 "Warp" Manabu Ishikawa Matsuo Asami September 12, 2006[24] October 1, 2005
The Autobots travel to the Giant Planet on the old Atlantian ship Ogygia, but in the space bridge they must face off with the very mind of Atlantis itself.
40 "Giant" Hiro Masaki Mitsuru Kawasaki September 13, 2006[24] October 8, 2005
The Autobots must convince giant Transformers who are only interested in building new buildings to assist them in their search for the Cyber Planet Key.
41 "Fury" Kenji Sugihara Kei'ichirō Kawaguchi September 14, 2006[24] October 15, 2005
The Autobots begin the search for the missing Cyber Planet Key, but they are about to have bigger problems on hand as Megatron is resurrected into the mighty Galvatron.
42 "City" Kazuhiko Sōma Atsushi Takeyama September 15, 2006[24] October 22, 2005
Optimus and company rescue Bud and the Minicons, but Ransack and Crumplezone will do everything possible to prevent them from finding the Cyber Planet Key.
43 "Ambush" Gyō Yamatoya Atsushi Nakayama September 18, 2006[25] October 29, 2005
The Autobots divide into teams and journey to the depths of the Giant Planet. However, they face a difficult battle against an attack from a strange underground structure and Decepticon. Meanwhile, Lori's party runs into Scourge.
44 "Challenge" Manabu Ishikawa Megumi Sakai September 19, 2006[25] November 5, 2005
The black hole expands even further and the crisis has approached Jungle Planet. Leobreaker and Snarl wager the leader's throne and challenge Scourge. Meanwhile Lori discovers an image that depicts the past when Giant Planet was concealed.
45 "Scourge" Kenji Sugihara Matsuo Asami September 20, 2006[25] November 12, 2005
Although Scourge is the winner of the fight, his emotion causes him to hesitate. By chance he encounters Bud, who has formed the Mini-Con Recon Team. Meanwhile, the Cybertron Defense Team shifts into action and takes on Galvatron.
46 "Optimus" Kazuhisa Sakaguchi Masashi Nagao September 21, 2006[25] November 19, 2005
The Autobots and Decepticons finally reach the lowest depths of Giant Planet. Coby and Landmine head to the spaceship Lemuria where the Planet Key is located. Meanwhile Galvatron arrives and confronts Optimus, who is doubting himself after the defeat of the Cybertron Defense Team.
47 "Showdown" Gyō Yamatoya Naotaka Hayashi September 22, 2006[25] November 26, 2005
Starscream and Galvatron battle for possession of the Omega Lock and the four Planet Keys. Though the Autobots try to intervene, Soundwave and Sideways get in their way and hope to see the battle through to the end.
48 "Guardian" Hiro Masaki Kenji Setō September 25, 2006[2] December 3, 2005
After the collapse of the space bridge, Vector Prime makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to return the Autobots to their home universe.
49 "Homecoming" Kazuhiko Sōma Hiroaki Kudō September 26, 2006[2] December 10, 2005
Galvatron uses his might to pull Earth, the Speed Planet, and the Jungle Planet through space bridges forcing all Transformers to unite and fight against him.
50 "End" Kenji Sugihara Atsushi Takeyama September 27, 2006[2] December 17, 2005
Optimus approaches Galvatron to take the Omega Lock and Planet Keys. However, Galvatron is drawing out the power of the Planet Keys, and Thundercracker, Thunderblast, Ransack, and Crumplezone grow to giant size. In the midst of the battle between the Transformer forces, the Leaders of each planet face Galvatron.
51 "Unfinished" Gyō Yamatoya Manabu Ono September 28, 2006[2] December 24, 2005
As the Autobots race to save Jungle Planet, Optimus Prime and Galvatron face off in their final battle.
52 "Beginning" Manabu Ishikawa Mitsuru Kawasaki September 29, 2006[2] December 31, 2005
With the threats of Galvatron and the black hole at last extinguished, the Autobots must look to the future.


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