So I noticed something odd about this old promo It was created to celebrate Toonami's 5th anniversary by highlighting the block's best moments from that year, but it only contains footage from shows and events that aired /debuted from March 2000 to March 2001 (Outlaw Star, The Intruder, DBZ's Cell Saga, Gundam Wing, Blue Sub, Tenchi, Villaintine's Day, and Superman). This would imply that the promo aired in March of '01, the only problem with that is Toonami's 5th birthday was in 2002. The plaque at the end of the promo also incorrectly state's that the block began in 1996. I also used the wayback machine to check the digital arsenal's library at the time, and yes they had this promo on their site in March '01. Their description of the download even reads "Toonami hit its 5th birthday on March 17th, 2002...err...2001." Also I'm aware of another 5th birthday promo  that definitely aired on the right date as it contains footage of shows from that year. I guess that means Toonami celebrated it's 5th birthday twice. Oops. I haven't bothered editing the 5 Year Anniversary page, because I figured my edits would be contested and I don't really have a definitive source. What do you guys think about all this?

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