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Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
Lion Force 72 September 10, 1984 November 18, 1985
Vehicle Force 52 September 14, 1984 February 18, 1985

Lion Force (1984-1985)[edit | edit source]

Episode numbers, airdates, and titles are as documented by the booklets included in The Voltron Collection DVD box sets.


Episode Title

Original Airdate

01 "Space Explorers Captured" September 10, 1984
Five space explorers are captured by and escape from the Drules.
02 "Escape to Another Planet" September 11, 1984
The five space explorers reach Arus and learn about Voltron.
03 "A Ghost and Four Keys" September 12, 1984
To reactivate the lions, the Voltron Force must visit the tomb of the late King Alfor.
04 "The Missing Key" September 13, 1984
With a robeast threatening the Castle of Lions, the Voltron Force must find the key to Black Lion.
05 "Princess Joins Up" September 14, 1984
Doom deploys a powerful robeast that is more than a match for Voltron.
06 "The Right Arm of Voltron" September 17, 1984
Haggar executes a plan to kill or capture one member of the Voltron Force.
07 "The Lion Has New Claws" September 18, 1984
With the Voltron Force short one man, can they find a replacement before Doom strikes again?
08 "The Stolen Lion" September 26, 1984
Princess Allura is saved during combat training by the handsome Prince Bokar, but is he friend or foe?
09 "A Pretty Spy" September 27, 1984
The Voltron Force takes in a refugee slave girl of Zarkon's, but is she friend or foe?
10 "Secret of the White Lion" September 28, 1984
Princess Allura has a dream leading her to a white lion believed to contain the spirit of her father.
11 "Surrender" October 1, 1984
Faced with Apocalyptic weather, an apparent no-win situation, and a seemingly-invincible foe, do the heroes of the Voltron Force have any chance at victory?
12 "Bad Birthday Party" October 8, 1984
A boy from the distant planet of Nemon comes to the Castle of Lions and begs for help from the Voltron force.
13 "The Witch Gets a Facelift" October 12, 1984
It appears that Princess Allura's aunt, Queen Orla, is coming to the Castle of Lions, but is she friend or foe?
14 "Yurak Gets His Pink Slip" November 2, 1984
Tired of Yurak's failures, Zarkon finds someone to lead the campaign against Arus - his own son, Crown Prince Lotor.
15 "Give Me Your Princess" November 3, 1984
Prince Lotor has become obsessed with Princess Allura and lays siege to the Castle of Lions in an attempt to capture her for his own.
16 "Bridge Over the River Chozzerai" October 4, 1984
Princess Allura reenacts a romantic legend with one of the members of the Voltron Force, but will she end up in Prince Lotor's arms instead?
17 "My Brother is a Robeast" November 19, 1984
Zarkon forms an alliance with a world that has held a long grudge against Planet Arus.
18 "Zarkon is Dying" October 5, 1984
Zarkon is deathly ill, and Lotor seeks his cure on Planet Arus. However, the Witch Saundra has also prepared a nasty surprise for him.
19 "The Buried Castle" October 16, 1984
The emergence of an ancient castle from beneath Planet Arus could spell Doom for the Voltron Force.
20 "Pidge's Home Planet" October 25, 1984
While Arus' court worries about Allura's potential husband, Pidge's home, an Earthlike planet, is in its death throes. Can the Voltron Force save it?
21 "It'll Be a Cold Day" November 21, 1984
Princess Romelle escapes Lotor's prison, but is pursued to the frozen world Neve. Both her brother Bandor and the Voltron Force go to rescue her before Lotor arrives.
22 "The Deadly Flowers" October 9, 1984
Allura falls ill to some deadly flowers, and it is up to Lance to find a cure.
23 "It Takes Real Lions" October 17, 1984
Lotor prepares for another attack on Arus using a Lion Tamer Robeast. Meanwhile, Allura is forced to work harder towards becoming a ruler instead of spending leisure-time with the Voltron force.
24 "Raid of the Alien Mice" October 10, 1984
Haggar sends a group of small robots disguised as rodents to Arus. After sabotaging some of the circuitry in the castle, the Voltron Force is forced to battle the creatures at a disadvantage.
25 "Short Run of the Centipede Express" October 11, 1984
Zarkon and Haggar go to Planet Maura to test out a new weapon. Can the Voltron Force stop them?
26 "The Invisible Robeast" October 26, 1984
Haggar deploys an invisible robeast. How can Voltron fight what it cannot see?
27 "The Green Medusa" October 15, 1984
Lotor goes to the fume-covered Planet Medusa to take one of its inhabitants to fight for him, a monster that can attack with snakes as hair and turn things to stone.
28 "Treasure of Planet Tyrus" October 30, 1984
The Voltron Force take an opportunity to strike at Lotor during his birthday party.
29 "Magnetic Attraction" November 6, 1984
Haggar creates a Robeast with the ability to exhale flames and emit a magnetic field, which Lotor unleashes on Arus, causing a complete drought.
30 "The Sleeping Princess" October 18, 1984
Princess Allura becomes the next Sleeping Beauty after being poisoned by the Witch Haggar, but can the Voltron Force save her from the handsome prince?
31 "The Sincerest Form of Flattery" October 31, 1984
Haggar deploys a new, powerful robeast that might be able to take out Voltron.
32 "A Transplant for Blue Lion" November 15, 1984
With Voltron crippled, the Voltron Force must train before Doom strikes again.
33 "Attack of the Fierce Frogs" November 8, 1984
Pidge finds some tadpoles and gives them to some children. Unknown to him, they were part of a plot by Haggar to attack Arus.
34 "Lotor Traps Pidge" October 19, 1984
Lotor creates a near-hurricane to strike Arus, forcing the Voltron Force to shelter civilians in the castle. One boy, holding a rabbit, refuses to go and Pidge pursues him into the woods.
35 "Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics" October 29, 1984
Arus is set to host the Space Olympics as they are thriving thanks to Voltron. However, Zarkon and Lotor plan to take advantage of Haggar's offer to bring down Arus.
36 "Lotor's Clone" November 7, 1984
Zarkon blames Lotor for Voltron's continued victories, and commands that he himself, not a robot, take down the Voltron Force. However, Lotor instead has Haggar create a stronger and equally-wise duplicate of himself, which he sends to Arus.
37 "Lotor's New Hitman" November 14, 1984
While visiting the academy where Lotor trained, he and Zarkon meet a daring pilot, Carp, and approach him to operate Haggar's latest Robeast to crush Voltron.
38 "Raid of the Red Berets" November 16, 1984
Lotor sends Haggar's small human-looking "Red Beret" robots to frighten the Arusians. As planned, the people soon fall into panic, blaming Allura for not being able to protect them.
39 "The Captive Comet" October 22, 1984
Zarkon and Haggar plot to use the Omega Comet to trap and destroy Voltron and Arus.
40 "The Little Prince" October 23, 1984
With Voltron trapped, can Prince Bandor save it and the Voltron Force?
41 "There Will Be a Royal Wedding" October 24, 1984
Princess Romelle is trapped in the Pit of Skulls on Planet Doom. Can she escape before the wedding?
42 "The Sand People" November 5, 1984
Lotor sets up on the Sand Planet, with Haggar's plans to transform the thriving, small, pure natives into robotically-charged menaces.
43 "Voltron Frees the Slaves" November 12, 1984
Zarkon orders Lotor to conquer a world he has just discovered, knowing that Voltron will arrive with the intention of freeing the enslaved inhabitants.
44 "Voltron vs. Voltron" November 9, 1984
Doom figures out the best way to fight Voltron is with their own Voltron. Will the imitation be better than the original?
45 "One Princess to Another" November 20, 1984
Sven goes on a covert mission to take out a Doom space station.
46 "The Mighty Space Mouse" November 13, 1984
The space mice are in training for their next encounter with Haggar's blue cat when Pidge gets the idea to build them their own version of a Voltron Lion.
47 "Summit Meeting" November 22, 1984
Allura meets with leaders of nearby worlds to present a united front against Zarkon.
48 "Return of Coran's Son" November 1, 1984
When Allura loses contact on Chemara's moon Cryo, a young humble Arusian man named Garrett rescues her. Coran eventually recognizes him as his long-lost son, but whose side is he really on?
49 "Coran's Son Runs Amok" November 2, 1984
The Voltron Force decide to fake a fatal detonation of Voltron, to fool their enemies, and end up crashing in separate locations.
50 "Zarkon Becomes a Robeast" November 23, 1984
Deposed by the Drule Empire, Zarkon becomes a robeast.
51 "Lotor the King" November 26, 1984
As king, Lotor launches a counterattack against Voltron.
52 "Final Victory" November 27, 1984
Lotor makes a stand as the Galaxy Alliance invades Planet Doom.
53 "Dinner and a Show" October 21, 1985
In the wake of the destruction of the Drule Empire, Zarkon continues his second campaign of conquest, targeting Planet Pollux.
54 "Envoy from Galaxy Garrison" October 22, 1985
Zarkon visits the witch Haggar, who is working on a way to make her next Robeast invincible. Meanwhile, Galaxy Garrison has at last sent a general to planet Arus to take over leading Voltron and the defense force of Arus.
55 "Mousemania" October 23, 1985
Haggar turns a giant-sized lion-like Robeast into a small and harmless looking white cat, sending the cat to the castle.
56 "The Shell Game" October 24, 1985
King Zarkon unleashes a crustacean-like Robeast on Arus. The Voltron Force quickly rushes to the scene to protect the people, but Keith and the Black Lion are taken out of the fight.
57 "The Traitor" October 25, 1985
Planet Doom is in need of Lazon so Zarkon sends out a slave expedition to the desert planet Zaul to mine for it.
58 "Voltron Meets Jungle Woman" October 28, 1985
Haggar's latest experiment goes wrong when she tries to combine a fish and one of Doom's captives. The newly created creature is deemed a failure as the man's willpower proves too strong for her machine to manipulate his mind.
59 "Little Buddies" October 29, 1985
While passing through the Azure quadrant, Hunk remembers helping a nearby planet on a mercy mission with the Galaxy Alliance years ago. While there he befriended several orphan children and helped the people to rebuild their civilization.
60 "Who Was That Masked Man?" October 30, 1985
A spaceship crash lands on Planet Pollux appearing to be filled with slaves trying to escape from Planet Doom including one escapee wearing a mask.
61 "Take a Robot to Lunch" November 1, 1985
The Voltron Force meet Mary Ann, who Coran said was the greatest robotics scientist in the universe. Zarkon's forces have taken one of her robots and turned it into a weapon for evil.
62 "War and Peace... And Doom!" November 4, 1985
The Galaxy Alliance contacts the Voltron Force when it learns that one of its members, Planet Oron, intends to leave. Oron has a new leader, General Kruger, who has built up a stockpile of weapons and therefore doesn't see the need for the Alliance or Voltron.
63 "Who's Flyin' Blue Lion?" November 5, 1985
Zarkon teams up with Largo, King of the Rogue Galaxy. As the leaders of the Galaxy Alliance meet to discuss this new threat, they find that not even Earth and Galaxy Garrison are safe.
64 "Enter Merla: Queen of Darkness" November 6, 1985
Zarkon makes a new ally in Queen Merla, and also enlists the aide of Stride, a legendary Tiger fighter, in his battle against Voltron.
65 "A Ghost of a Chance" November 7, 1985
Merla uses her telepathic powers to make Zarkon place her in charge of the next mission to attack Planet Arus. Meanwhile on Arus, word has been spreading that King Alfor is preparing to return from the grave.
66 "To Soothe the Savage Robeast" November 8, 1985
Haggar releases a slave in a plot to poison Keith.
67 "Doom Girls on the Prowl" November 11, 1985
After a failed attempt on Queen Merla's life by Haggar, Haggar offers to help Merla conquer Arus. Later, on Arus, Merla's forces attack a parade taking place honoring the planet's leaders.
68 "With Friends Like You" November 12, 1985
Philos, a planet and comet hybrid, is getting ready to pass by Planet Arus for the first time in 52 years. Philos has been taken over by Lotor, who has created a new weapon to destroy Voltron and conquer Arus, the Herculean Generator.
69 "Lotor - My Hero?" November 13, 1985
Lotor attempts to kill Zarkon but fails and is arrested. Meanwhile on Arus, a young woman asks the Voltron Force for help for her sick mother.
70 "No Muse Is Good Muse" November 14, 1985
Princess Romelle is visiting Allura on the day of King Alfor's Eclipse. While his sister is away, Prince Bandor receives news from the Galaxy Alliance that Queen Merla has been captured by the Muses of Norn.
71 "The Alliance Strikes Back!" November 15, 1985
The Galaxy Alliance makes a major offensive against Doom.
72 "Breakin' up is Hard to Doom" November 18, 1985
After recharging the Lions back on Arus, the Voltron Force heads back to Planet Doom to challenge Zarkon.
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