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Zoids: New Century, also known as Zoids: New Century/Zero, Zoids Zero, and simply Zoids, is a 26 episode Japanese anime series created by Makoto Mizobuchi with Shogakukan, Inc. and animated by Xebec. It was the second Zoids series created, based on the range of mecha models produced by TOMY. The series was broadcast in Japan on the Mainichi Broadcasting System from January 6, 2001 to June 30, 2001.

New Century was the first Zoids series to be dubbed in English and released in the United States. In other English-speaking countries, such as the UK and Australia, Zoids: Chaotic Century was aired first, with New Century following later (in line with the original production order).

The series premiered on Cartoon Network's Toonami block on November 5, 2001.[1] The series also appeared outside of the Toonami block, including a run on Cartoon Network's Saturday Video Entertainment System block in 2003.[4]


Zoids: New Century takes place a long time after the events of Zoids: Chaotic Century. Zoids are no longer used for warfare; instead the combative natures of both Zoids and humans are focused and contained by a series of battle-competitions and tournaments, run by the Zoid Battle Commission.

The Zoid Battle Commission seems to be a significant power on Planet Zi, fielding a considerable arsenal of armed Zoids, orbital platforms serviced by their own launch facilities as well as orbital based weapons systems. It is not made clear in the series if the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire still exist, although the final battle upon the rusted Ultrasaurus, hinted to be the same one in Zoids: Chaotic Century, could suggest neither were left and people had free rein to battle in old battlefields.

The series focuses on the Blitz Team, in particular the actions of the Liger Zero and Bit Cloud. The series charts the rise of the Blitz Team through various competitions of the Zoid Battle Commission, and the team's efforts to avoid conflict with the criminal organization known as the Backdraft Group.


The Blitz Team[]

Bit Cloud — Formerly a junk dealer, Bit Cloud joins the Blitz Team after he is responsible for damaging one of the team's Zoids during a match. Bit discovers that he is the only person capable of piloting the rare Liger Zero owned by the Blitz Team. Bit makes both friends and rivals with a number of pilots, including Harry Champ, Jack Cisco, Leon Toros, and Vega Obscura. Bit has a close bond with the Liger Zero, treating the Zoid as a friend instead of just a machine. He is often seen in friendly conflict with Leena Toros, arguing over trivial matters like cookies, doughnuts, and the shower schedule.

Liger Zero — It was initially thought to be useless, not allowing anyone to pilot it. After befriending Bit, it proved to be adept at close combat, using its super-heated "Strike Laser Claw" attack to great effect in many battles. It was equipped with the CAS system (Changing Armor System) to allow switching to one of three addon armors: the blue Jager unit and its ion boosters for speed and agility; the orange Schneider and its blades for close combat; and the green Panzer's heavy armor, cannons, and missiles for beating multiple enemies at once. Over the course of the series, it is learned that the Liger Zero is one of a series of unique Ultimate X Zoids, equipped with an integrated Organoid system and possessing the ability to learn and adapt. This allows it to predict and react to enemy attacks far faster than regular Zoids.

Leena Toros — The daughter of the Blitz Team's manager, Dr. Toros, she is portrayed as a stereotypically loud and bubbly sixteen year-old girl. She pilots two different Zoids over the course of the series, the De-bison and then the Gunsniper, and is regarded as notoriously trigger-happy in combat, bordering on psychotic. She's also known for her sensitivity and short temper, where she physically assaults others in comical fashion (usually Bit). Leena is the target of Harry Champ's continual advances. She doesn't reciprocate his feelings, and isn't above using them against him. For example, in episode 3, she used him just to get back at Bit for finishing off one of her targets in a previous match, or "stealing her prey", as she put it.

Brad Hunter — A pilot who began his career as a mercenary (pilot for hire), and was hired by the Blitz Team before the start of the series to boost their pilot number. He pilots a modified Command Wolf, but is later forced to steal a prototype Shadow Fox from Dr. Laon and the Backdraft Group. After receiving the Shadow Fox, Brad engages in combat with Bit and the Liger Zero. After a brisk battle, it is stopped due to both pilots belonging to the Blitz Team, and the Shadow Fox officially becomes a member of the Blitz team thanks to Brad's deception—his plan all along. Brad possesses a notably high physical endurance, shown in one instance when Laon stuck him in a G-Force-esque simulator and he retained consciousness despite the deadly force exerted upon him. Because of his mercenary nature, Brad will rarely enter a fight without a promise of financial compensation, even if the other team members are in trouble.

Jamie Hemeros — Serves as Steve Toros' assistant, the Blitz Team's strategist, combat controller, and occasional backup pilot of the team's sole aerial Zoid. He is believed by the characters to be an orphan because of misinformation given by Dr. Toros, but in fact his father still lives, and at fourteen years of age he is the youngest member of the team. He initially owns a Pteras, but this was traded in by Dr. Toros for a Raynos, the same kind of Zoid piloted by his father. Jamie is caring towards his fellow teammates, who often annoy him by ignoring his advice and battle plans. It is believed that his surname is derived from Hermes, the winged messenger god. His skills as a pilot are marginal; he crashes his Zoid in almost every engagement he participates early in the series. The supersonic capabilities of the Raynos allow for the exposure of Jamie's alter-ego, the Wild Eagle. Wild Eagle is portrayed as the polar opposite of Jamie's personality, and can be considered a skilled pilot. However, his skill is often counterbalanced by his cocky hubris, which usually results in serious damage to the Raynos, and a period of unconsciousness for Jamie. 

Dr. Steve Toros — The Blitz Team's manager (but also serves as an inventor and occasionally a combat controller in Jamie's place), whose children are Leena and Leon Toros. He, Dr. Laon, and Oscar are old friends, but when Dr. Toros married the woman (Leena and Leon's mother) loved by Laon, Laon developed a grudge against Dr. Toros and refused to forgive him (his feelings do not extend to Leena, whom he says resembles her mother). Laon incinerated the place where the trio used to gather, completely ending the camaraderie between both of them (Oscar seems to be neutral in the situation). Dr. Toros is 38 years-old, he seems to be impulsive (notoriously purchasing weaponry on the basis of being "big" and "shiny"), overdramatic and immature at times, but in all is a knowledgeable man. He built the CAS interchangeable armor system solely for the Liger Zero. He purchased the Liger Zero because white Ligers were rare, but the Zoid was deemed defective because of the scarcity of spare parts for maintenance, as well as its fickled, stubborn personality; it would eject pilots that were forced upon it or deemed unworthy. In many episodes, he is seen playing with model Zoids, of which he's very protective, and frantically panics in comedic fashion whenever he accidentally breaks off a part. He is so fond of them that he's been shown to keep a collection on his bed whenever he sleeps or relaxes.

The Tigers Team[]

Kirkland, Omari, & Lineback — Known as the Tigers Team, and mockingly the Fuzzy Pandas Team, these three pilots have a reputation for being losers. Though they start out as capable opponents, they become "comic relief" characters as the series progresses, further supported by Bit's running gag of nicknaming them "The Fuzzy Pandas". In hopes of breaking their unlucky streak (a rather successful move), they rename themselves the Zabre Fangs. They lose in the final battle with the Blitz Team in comedic fashion, where the Judge also referred to them as the Fuzzy Pandas Team, causing their combat systems to freeze and thus allowing the Blitz Team to win by default.

The Champ Team[]

Harry Champ — He is "a man destined to be king," as he regularly states numerous times with each appearance. He is heir to half of the Champ's family fortunes, along with his elder sister, Mary Champ; but he couldn't care less about his fortune when it comes to his unrequited love for Leena Toros. He assumes that Leena returns his feelings, which is why in one instance Dr. Laon kidnapped him and used him as a hostage, assuming that Leena wouldn't fire on him but was proven wrong. At the end of the series, Harry planned on proposing to Leena but never got the chance. Harry also has two robots named, Benjamin and Sebastian. Because of his wealth, he owns a menagerie of Zoids, claiming to have everything "from a Gojulas to Cannon Tortoises." His main Zoid is a customized Dark Horn, but he has also piloted an Iron Kong, and a Cannon Tortoise. Many more Zoids are seen in his hangar, among them a Red Horn, a Shield Liger, and a Gordos.

Benjamin & Sebastian — They are Harry Champ's personal robots, helping him around the house, in battle, and also in winning Leena Toros' affections (unsuccessfully). Benjamin is the taller, purplish one, while Sebastian is the shorter, greenish one. In episode 18, Benjamin falls in love with a Judgeman, and the entire episode is dedicated to Harry, Sebastian and the Blitz Team attempting to help him get close enough to that Judge to meet him (or her).

Marry Champ — She is Harry's older sister who wants her brother to abandon his obsession with Zoid battles and return home to help their father with their company. After Harry lost all his Zoids to the Backdraft Group, Mary personally arrived at his estate to demand that he return home, threatening to cut him out of the family fortune if he refused. But when Harry explained about his problems with the Blitz Team, particularly Bit, she agreed to meet with them. Upon meeting the Blitz Team, she quickly disapproved of Leena as Harry's love interest but falls in love with Bit's Liger Zero (it was cute). She then challenged the Blitz Team to a battle with the Liger Zero at stake, offering ten times the normal prize money as an incentive. To assist the Champ Team, Mary purchased Iron Kongs. When the Champ Team lost the battle, Mary changed her opinion regarding Zoid battles and decided to leave Harry be.

The Fluegel Team[]

Naomi Fluegel — A female pilot given the alias of the "Red Comet" for being skilled in sniping and long-range combat. She pilots a red Gunsniper with a specialized sniping system that includes a gun within the Zoid's tail. At the beginning of the series, Naomi is a solo pilot, until Leon Toros joins her to form the Fluegel Team. Prior to her defeat by the Blitz Team, it was claimed that nobody ever reached within 1,000 yards (910 m) of her Gun Sniper.

Leon Toros — As Dr. Toro's elder son, he was formerly on the Blitz Team until Bit joined the group. Having been invigorated by Bit's latent potential as a Zoid pilot and confident that in his absence the team was in capable hands with Bit, Leon left the group in hopes of becoming a better pilot. He later becomes Naomi Fluegel's partner. Leon pilots a Shield Liger at the beginning of the series and is later seen piloting a Red Blade Liger.

The Lightning Team[]

Jack Cisco — A talented mercenary (having been stated to have never lost prior to his first battle with the Blitz Team) who pilots a cheetah-type Zoid, the Lightning Saix. His personality is depicted as arrogant and aloof. He was initially a free-lance mercenary, but was shown to be very picky with whom he worked for, and only worked for someone with enough money and "luck." Despite being a mercenary, he generally acts as an honorable if gruff opponent. He later gained two teammates, Kelly and Chris Tasker who also pilot Lightning Saix'.

Chris & Kelly Tasker — Twin sisters who join Jack Cisco to form the Lightning Team. Both women also pilot Lightning Saix'. The two can be distinguished by their outfits; Kelly wears green while Chris wears blue.

The Backdraft Group[]

Dr. Laon — He was formerly friends with the Blitz Team's Steve Toros until an argument between the two involving being the future husband of a woman (Leena and Leon's mother) caused the irreparable rift. He is associated with the Backdraft Group, although he often tries to recruit pilots to challenge the Blitz Team and avenge him (Harry Champ, the Tigers Team, Brad Hunter). It is believed that his reason for joining the Backdraft Group was influenced by alcoholism. Although he hates Toros, he deeply cares for Leena (he claims she resembles her mother), shown in the instance where he shoved all the other Zoids away with his Whale King to shield her from the massive explosion created by three charged particle cannons. The explosion bore a giant hole on his Whale King and severely injured him, thereafter he told Toros he will never stop seeking his vengeance. At the series finale, Oscar is seen visiting Laon in the hospital.

Altile — The Chief Executive Officer of the Backdraft Group. He believes that Zoids known as Ultimate Xs exist and places his reputation on the line to find them. After recovering the Berserk Fury, he is brushed aside. Henceforth, he attempts to sabotage Sarah to jockey for favor again.

Major Polta — Leader of the Gold Team and a subordinate of Altile, often seen wearing an odd-looking mask.

Sarah — A high-ranking member, and also Vega's handler. Though usually cold and severe, she exhibits a maternal side towards Vega; he is the only thing she really cares about. Even after being shot down by the Zoid Battle Commission, she was only worried about whether Vega was all right.

Vega Obscura — An eleven year-old pilot under the command of the Backdraft Organization (Sarah in particular) who pilots the Berserk Fury. Because he is basically a child prodigy, his perspective of Zoid battling is merely of a competitive nature: where the next challenge is and the exhilarating high given from battling. He and Bit eventually meet in the final rounds of the Royal Cup. He eventually reveals he is as cheerful as Bit and loves the rush of battle.

Pierce — She is skilled in aerial combat, defeated only by Jamie (piloting the Raynos in his Wild Eagle persona) and Bit on two separate occasions, and under the direct command of Altile. She leaves the group after her defeat at the hands of Bit, deciding that Backdraft battles are getting old. She has shown to be quite honorable, debating Altile's orders to attack the innocent. She is last seen with Stoller and Sanders. She piloted a Zabat and later a customized Stormsworder.

Stigma Stoller — A senior member of the Backdraft Group, pilot of the Elephander, and highly respected, until he is defeated by Bit Cloud. A man bound by honor, he defects from the Backdraft Group in order to fight a fair battle against Bit. He is last seen with Sanders and Pierce.

Dark Judge — The Backdraft Group employs their own Judges with their own satellites, colored black as opposed to the Zoid Battle Commission's white. They are greatly biased in favor of the Backdraft Group and will only announce an enemy team's victory begrudgingly.


Oscar Hemeros — A good friend of Dr. Toros having grown up together with the joint ambition of entering the Zoid leagues, he had the misfortune of being the cause of the bitter feud between Dr. Toros and Dr. Laon. Oscar was supposed to write a love letter to a woman whom Dr. Toros and Dr. Laon were courting, but he didn't know that the note was supposed to be from Dr. Laon, not Steve Toros. Oscar was one of the greatest aerial Zoid pilots in his day, earning his moniker "Wild Eagle" for his sheer mastery of aerial stunts and maneuvers. However, one day, he lost control of his Raynos and crashed. The accident forced him into early retirement from the leagues, though he still pilots aerial Zoids in more casual settings. He sent his son, Jamie, to join Dr. Toros' Blitz Team, believing that between him and Toros, they could bring out some of that Wild Eagle blood in Jamie.

Judge Robots — These robots serves as the umpires in every sanctioned Zoid battle in the series' world. Aside from having artificial intelligence, Judge robots were developed to be more anthropomorphic as the series progressed. In episode 18, Benjamin falls in love with a Judge (censored in the English dub as a female Judge); in episode 20, the Judge wrestles a Dark Judge while declaring that Brad registered the Shadow Fox as a Blitz Team member; and the final three episodes where the Judge mistakenly calls the Zaber Fangs Team by their Fuzzy Pandas nickname, causing them to lose their balance and crashing their Zoids.

Voice Cast[]

Character English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Bit Cloud Richard Ian Cox Takahiro Sakurai
Leena Toros Kelly Sheridan Ayako Kawasumi
Brad Hunter Samuel Vincent Masaya Matsukaze
Jamie Hemeros Bill Switzer Mitsuki Saiga
Steve Toros Ron Halder Daiki Nakamura
Harry Champ Brad Swaile Wataru Takagi
Sebastian Samuel Vincent Susumu Chiba
Benjamin Don Brown Keikō Sakai
Jack Sisco Brian Drummond Keiji Fujiwara
Naomi Fluegel Saffron Henderson Rio Natsuki
Leon Toros Ted Cole Susumu Chiba
Chris Tasker Kelly Sheridan Ryoka Yuzuki
Kelly Tasker Farell Spence Kumiko Higa
Kirkland Michio Miyashita
Omari Takatsugu Awazu
Lineback Jin Horikawa
Marry Champ Lisa Ann Beley Akiko Hiramatsu
Oscar Hemeros Brian Drummond Yukimasa Kishino
Dr. Laon Michael Dobson Chō
Vega Obscura Alex Doduk Motoko Kumai
Sarah Ellen Kennedy Keiko Aizawa
Pierce Alaina Burnett Sakiko Tamagawa
Major Polta Scott McNeil Kōichi Nagano
Captain Sanders Matt Smith Kentarou Itou
Captain Stigma Stoeller Scott McNeil Shunsuke Sakuya
Altail Don Brown Sōichirō Tanaka
The Count Colin Murdock Nobuaki Sekine
Chainsaw Man Brian Drummond
McNair Michael Dobson Ryuzou Ishino
Fuma Farell Spence Mayumi Asano
Ehga Ron Halder
Koga Scott McNeil
Negola Colin Murdock
Judge Robots Colin Murdock Jin Horikawa
Dark Judge Robots Samuel Vincent Souichirou Tanaka



Color Season Episodes Toonami Premiere Toonami Finale
1 26 November 5, 2001 December 14, 2001

All Zoids: New Century episodes have been released on VHS and DVD in the United States. A total of six VHS/DVD's were released, making up the entire series. The first four releases containing four episodes each and the last two containing 5 episodes each.

The series aired out of order on Toonami. Episodes 11-26 were aired first followed by episodes 1-3 and 5-9. Episode 4 was initially skipped twice during the series' initial run on Toonami. It finally premiered during the Zoids Cubed marathon along with the premiere of episode 10.

Broadcast History[]

The series was broadcast in Japan on the Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS) from January 6, 2001 to June 30, 2001. The series premiered in the United States on Cartoon Network on Monday, October 22, 2001 at 4:30 PM.[5] After 9 of the first 10 episodes aired (episode 4 was skipped) the series moved to the Toonami programming block on Monday, November 5, 2001 at 5:00 PM.[1] The first episode aired on Toonami was episode 11, rather than starting the series over.[5] The series finale (episode 26) premiered on Thursday, November 29, 2001, after which the first 10 episodes made their Toonami premiere through December 14, 2001. After being skipped a second time Episode 4 finally made its Cartoon Network premiere on December 14th, during the Zoids Cubed marathon. Reruns then aired on Toonami through December 28, 2001. It was subsequently replaced in the Toonami lineup by reruns of Tenchi Muyo!.

The series then moved to an early weekday morning time slot (6:30 AM) outside of Toonami on Monday, December 31, 2001, picking up where the Toonami reruns left off with episode 22.[6] While reruns continued to air weekday mornings, Zoids also reclaimed the 4:30 PM afternoon time slot in January 2002.[7] On March 18, 2002, Zoids moved from the 4:30 PM time slot into Toonami's 5:00 PM time slot, replacing Tenchi in Tokyo, and picked up where it left off with episode 13 rather than restarting from episode 1.[7] At the end of March the series lost the 6:30 AM time slot and after the March 29, 2002 broadcast the series was also removed from the Toonami lineup. It would however move back to the 4:30 PM time slot on April 2, 2002.[8]

The series remained at 4:30 PM but returned to Toonami on June 3, 2002, when Toonami absorbed the 4:00-5:00 PM hour and began airing from 4:00-7:00 PM.[3] Zoids aired on Toonami for the final time on July 26, 2002 and was subsequently replaced in the lineup by Zoids: Chaotic Century.[9]

Zoids later began airing on Cartoon Network's Saturday Video Entertainment System (SVES) programming block on March 1, 2003 at 11:30 PM. It was removed from the block following the March 29, 2003 broadcast and was replaced by Samurai Jack in the lineup. The series returned to an early weekday morning time slot (6:00 AM) on Monday, June 30, 2003.[10] The series was removed from the 6:00 AM time slot following the Friday, August 1, 2003 broadcast and was subsequently replaced in the lineup by Zoids: Chaotic Century.[11] The series returned to the SVES block on Saturday, August 16, 2003 at 8:00 PM.[12] It aired for the final time on SVES on September 20, 2003 and was subsequently replaced in the lineup by Zoids Fuzors.

  • Japan (MBS) — January 6, 2001 - June 30, 2001
  • United States (Cartoon Network) — October 22, 2001[5] - September 20, 2003[4]
  • Australia (Cartoon Network) — 2001 - 2002[13]
  • Canada (YTV) —

Toonami Broadcast History[]

Zoids premiered on the Toonami programming block on Monday, November 5, 2001 at 5:00 PM.[1] Due to 9 of the first 10 episodes airing on Cartoon Network outside of Toonami (episode 4 was initially skipped), the first episode aired on Toonami was episode 11.[5] The series finale (episode 26) premiered on Thursday, November 29, 2001, after which the first 10 episodes made their Toonami premiere through December 14, 2001. After being skipped for a second time, Episode 4 finally made its premiere on December 14th, during the Zoids Cubed marathon. Reruns then aired on Toonami through December 28, 2001. It was subsequently replaced in the Toonami lineup by reruns of Tenchi Muyo!.

Reruns of Zoids returned to Toonami at 5:00 PM on Monday, March 18, 2002, replacing Tenchi in Tokyo.[2] The reruns began with episode 13, rather than restarting from episode 1, as the series had been airing at 4:30 PM before the Toonami return.[7] The series was removed from Toonami after the March 29, 2002 broadcast and was replaced in the lineup by Tenchi in Tokyo.

The series returned to Toonami on Monday, June 3, 2002, when Toonami absorbed the 4:00-5:00 PM hour and began airing from 4:00-7:00 PM.[3] Zoids aired on Toonami for the final time on July 26, 2002 and was subsequently replaced in the lineup by Zoids: Chaotic Century.[9]

The series also aired on the Australian Toonami block from 2001 to 2002.[13]

  • Toonami (United States) — November 5, 2001[1] - December 28, 2001; March 18, 2002[2] - March 29, 2002; June 3, 2002[3] - July 26, 2002[9]
  • Toonami (Australia) — 2001 - 2002[13]

Toonami Marathons[]

Zoids: New Century only had one marathon appearance during its run on Toonami, the Zoids Cubed marathon on December 14, 2001.

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